July 1st, 2014 Mercury Retrograde Turns Direct

This post is written by Cheney Hall, stellar Astrologer



Mercury completed its second retrograde journey for 2014 today, July 1st, and stationed back into direct motion at 8:50 AM EDT – do I hear a BIG SIGH OF RELIEF out there ??? … hopefully the emotional and mental disorientation and confusion while Mercury was retrograde in the “water” sign of Cancer and then in the “air” sign of Gemini will now begin to clear as it is time to ease back into the forward swing of things on all levels … over the next few days to the next few weeks or even months, there will most likely be some “a-ha” lights coming on in regard to decisions made during the retrograde period from 6/7 through today 7/1 and possibly as far back as 5/22 when Mercury entered its shadow point – the point where it would come out of the retrograde journey today which was at 24 degrees of Gemini … or did issues and complications or questioning arise in regards to things done during the last retrograde period from February 6th – February 28th ??? … or maybe even as far back as the retrograde period from October 21st – November 10th, 2013 ??? … if you’ve had a natal chart done, you should look to see in what house or houses 3 degrees Cancer back down to 24 degrees Gemini falls – what kinds of issues did you have to deal with in the areas of life governed by those houses ??? … how many of you went with the flow and how many of you tried to swim upstream in the raging current of Cosmic confusion ???
The recurring question we may find ourselves asking now that Mercury is back in direct motion is “WHY” ??????? …What actions did you take or were taken against you that you may now be regretting or simply wondering why you chose to do or wondering why you were the victim of that particular course of action, and why didn’t you or the other person wait a little longer or are simply now trying to figure out why it happened ???? …. did you make any major purchases – homes, cars, electronics – that now don’t seem like the best thought out course of action ??? … there could be problems regarding any purchases made with anything where electrical energy and/or computers were involved …. relationships may have come to an end – some needed to and others may have jumped the gun and you are now wondering, or will be, why did I do that or end things at this point … and how many of you got married – OOPSIE !!! … all of these scenarios are possible as the energy of a Mercury retrograde is one where communications and mental energy is going “backwards” …
While Mercury was retrograde in Cancer did anyone have issues arise including : your home, parents, family, foundations, psychological roots, personal security, property – houses and/or real estate, for some the closing years of life, and endings of any kind … these are all issues addressed in the 4th house of the zodiac naturally ruled by Cancer …
While Mercury completed its retrograde journey in the sign of Gemini, which it reentered on June 17th, did anyone encounter issues including all forms of communication, as these surely got crossed and frequently especially since this is what normally gets affected in a Mercury retrograde regardless of the sign it is in ??? … with the keyword of the 3rd house being “awareness”, were there times when you seemed to be “lost in a fog” and not processing clearly ??? … in addition, did anyone have issues regarding your local environment, brothers and sisters, all means of transportation especially in relation to short trips, and the adaptability of ones mind to learn and understand new ideas ???
In regards to overall health, remember Mercury is the natural planetary ruler of the 6th house which rules health, so in addition to health issues in general during which are quite possible during a Mercury retrograde, while in Cancer did anyone have issues in the areas of the breast and stomach ??? … while Mercury was retrograde in Gemini did anyone have health issues flaring up regarding the hands, arms, shoulders and lungs ???
Gemini and Virgo born, yet another period of review and reflection for you has come to an end … how have you been enlightened ??? … your ruling planet now resumes forward motion and much to your delight so will you !!!
Just a reminder of what the energy of Mercury in Gemini is all about :
“Mercury in Gemini gives a mind and tongue that can be very restless but very good at absorbing and learning information easily and then sharing it … one can be quite articulate but sometimes have the tendency to talk or even gossip too much … there is a skill for verbal expression and the ability to communicate quickly and cleverly … often the ideas and manner of speech come off a bit superficial due to the urge to communicate perceived information immediately or because one is covering too much ground … this energy is all about learning and communicating … there is a high degree of curiosity about everything coupled with an eagerness to learn as much as possible – the world is ones school of life and therein exists a sumptuous, endless and delicious banquet of knowledge !!! … the mind is likely to be logical, rational, and able to offer information on most any topic … friendly interchanges are frequent along with the tendency to ask a lot of questions … there is a high degree of nervous energy which can flow into speech, gestures, writing or manual dexterity in some fashion … there is also the possibility of physical dexterity and flexibility …
Those born with Mercury in Gemini, as well as the rest of us that are subject to its transiting influence, can be very hard to pin down … one often holds down more than one job or may work on a number of projects at one time … quick, versatile and interested in the world at large, one tends to live mostly on a mental plane … one MUST have facts and information – there is a basic need to KNOW … this energy frequently makes one good at languages and math, gives one a love of reading, studying , traveling, and talking with new people about what you have learned or are thinking about … there is also the potential for a lack of being able to stick-to-it as well as a lack of order in ones life … usually this energy can produce one who knows a little bit about everything but not a lot about anything !!!
Mercury in Gemini teaches us to learn to think through communicating … the mind is fed and nurtured through making contact with as many people and as many subjects as possible … the intellect is wired up and ready to go … it must constantly be stimulated otherwise nervous irritability or restlessness can occur … the mind is efficient due to its ability to be quick and acquisitive, but the quality of the mind is only as good as what is being fed into it through social, business and educational pursuits – input becomes just as important as output !!! … there is the capability of thinking on two or more levels at one time … but one must guard against not having a definite direction to move in or else there can be the result of great mental confusion …”
Mercury remains in direct motion until October 4th … it remains in the sign of Gemini until July 12th/13th, depending in which time zone you live, and then reenters, to complete its full transit through, the sign of Cancer …
Mercury is now moving forward to exit its retrograde zone which will occur on July 15th when it returns to 3 degrees Cancer … Mercury is indeed back in forward motion gaining momentum to return to full speed at that point …
Now that Mercury has resumed forward motion, the Personal Planet (Mercury,Venus, Mars) Retrograde Flip Flop sequence, which I addressed in my blog back on September 30th of last year, is now concluded for all intents and purposes … both Mercury and Mars still have to exit their respective retrograde zones – Mercury on the 15th and Mars on the 21st … nevertheless, it is time to begin to move onward and upward and what good timing this is … we enter the month of July which is going to be full of multiple planetary energies that will certainly require our attention and sharp focus in order to process and positively incorporate into our lives … SO … if you missed my post yesterday appropriately entitled “Aspects & Ingresses & Stations … Oh Myyyy”, or simply ignored it – FOR SHAME !!! – now would be an excellent time to go back and read it … and why ??? … because, as Mercury surely understands, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !!!

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