Is Celibacy Ego-Centered?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Last week on Jamillah A. Shabazz radio show I ruffled quite a few feathers by saying that being celibate was ego centered. 

Jamillah A. Shabazz  a channel of John Christopher in LA, asked me to return today. There was a flurry of e-mails, requests and a bunch of upset women, who preferred that I not return to her show. She told me, nobody was going to tell her what to do.  We talked about celibacy, spirituality and tantra. 

Jamillah also invited comedian Darryl Moody, also a life coach who practices the art of Tantra to join the show today. 
On the show several women expressed that they were waiting for THE ONE to show up. When we sit waiting for THE ONE, how do you know when the perfect man (for you) does show up? When you expect him to appear in a certain form and he shows up, shorter than you wanted, with less money than you dreamed of and maybe younger, or older than what you had envisioned what then?

Holding Out For THE ONE?

We miss the boat when we are holding out for ONE person. There may be several for you that you ignore or turn away, because they don’t appear before you dressed in the clothes you imagined. The Universe knows far better than we do what we need. We always get what we need, not necessarily what we want.

Are You Missing The Boat, The Helicopter and The Rescue?

There was a joke about the man who’s house was flooding. He prayed for help. He climbed up onto the roof and refused to climb into a boat that came by to assist him. He also refused the helicopter when it was offered, thinking that God would rescue him. He also refused to climb into the life raft that came by. The waters continued to rise. When he reached the pearly gates of Heaven, St. Peter asked him, why did you not get in the boat, helicopter or life raft. The man said, I was waiting for God to rescue me. St. Peter asked him, “Who do you think sent the boat, the helicopter and the life raft?”

It has been my experience that many women often bypass the best men, thinking that the bad boys are preferable. Then later wonder why these men cheated on them. Sometimes the best men are right in front of you, but you pass them by thinking that they are not perfect or right for you. 

Sometimes, we are sent just the person that we need to open our hearts, allow us to soften and grow and maybe have some fun along the way. Yet, we fail to see these people as “right” for us. I have witnessed women who go through my Love Yourself Fearlessly program and after week 4 notice the man that was right in front of them the whole time. When they love and accept themselves they begin to open up to accepting others more easily as well.

Being Right and Losing Out

Of the many women that I have interviewed who were holding out on their husbands, they felt that they were superior in some way to their husbands. Or they felt that their husband was not doing what they wanted him to do, or not being who they wanted him to be. Sometimes, women are just angry for reasons unknown to even themselves. We sometimes have irrational feelings that we focus on our men. It isn’t even anything they did. Sometimes it has to do with who they remind us of. Thinking that we are right, can leave us disconnected from our hearts. Being right or thinking that we are right, is also ego centered. 

Acceptance is Loving

What if we are just supposed to be accepting? What then? What if our partners are accepting us the way we are, and we are not accepting them the way they are? What does that say about us? 
What if, we were to die tonight while we sleep? What would we then feel about our lives? Would we feel good about the way we loved and accepted our partners, or would we wish that we had allowed ourselves to open up more, be more authentic and accepting?
Life is short. Thinking that we are better than another, or superior in some way, is simply ego centered. Keeping yourself apart from the opposite sex and celibate could mean that you hate men. It could mean you have resentment that needs to be healed and let go of. Holding onto resentment can cause cancer and other diseases. Instead open up your heart. Make love and allow yourself some pleasure. When your husband gives you that look, smile at him instead of pushing him away. Reach out and embrace him. Pull him to you, rather than rejecting his advances. Your conversations afterward will be so much deeper, loving and move you towards deeper intimacy instead of away from one another.

Lighten Up And Enjoy Life A Little More

Sex can not only bring you closer together, but can enhance your health. Sex can be fun. Sex can relieve depression. Sex can reduce pain, eliminate migraine headaches and help you sleep better. 
Jennifer is a life, sex coach and author. She uses Neurolinguistic Programming, energy healing and hypnotherapy to help people overcome sexual dysfunction, lack of desire and emotional blocks that can get in the way of intimacy, deep connection and acceptance.
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