Sex As Medicine

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Grammy award winner Marvin Gaye sang about sexual healing back in 1982. What most people are unaware of is that sex heals. We know of sex as a release from the build-up of tension for men. Women also, reap wonderful health benefits. What most people are unaware of is that sex leads to mental, physical and spiritual health. When our bodies relax post coitus, we sleep better. Resentment, anger and agitation are released. It is hard to stay angry when your bodies are entwined in surrender.

Surrender, is the art of letting go. In order to have an orgasm you have to let go of thoughts, stress, anger and your long list of to-do items. You can’t orgasm hanging on for dear life to control, manipulation or fears.
Friend and sexual educator, Devi Ward has written and talked about sex as medicine for some time. She shared her thoughts with me. I have included a whole chapter on the medicinal qualities of sex (Chapter Six) in Orgasm For Life, my new soon to be Global Best seller! Following the previous link will take you to to purchase it.

Sex is Fun

Because of the way I was raised, it took me a long time to realize that sex was not always serious, but could be fun, a time of laughter and connection between two people that deepens intimacy, creates a stronger bond between two people and makes you feel amazing, in ways nothing else could!

A Touch Of Enlightenment

Wanting to increase energy in your pineal gland? Have an orgasm. When you follow the energy that rises up through the central channel through the spine and culminates in the frontal lobe of the brain, you experience a touch of God. Which is why so many people say, “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!,” when they are in the throws of ecstasy. 

The Health Benefits of Sex

My 92 year-old mother suffers from migraines. I tell her all the time, that all she needs is an orgasm and it would take care of the pain. She laughs, but doesn’t take my advice. Here are some great health benefits you probably didn’t consider when you said “No!” the last time it was offered.

Sex helps you live longer. Men who have sex twice a week have been reported to live 50% longer than men not having sex at all.

  1. Sex increases cardiovascular health. 
  2. Sex lowers blood pressure.
  3. Natural pain reliever. Sex reduces pain up to 50% and will not cause liver damage like other pain meds do.
  4. Tightens the abdominal muscles better than a gym work out.
  5. Relieves stress. 75% – 90% of all health issues are stress related. Sex is 10 times more effective than Valium for relieving stress in the body.
  6. Better than drugs! An orgasm activates the same part of the brain as pain, releasing the natural FEEL GOOD hormones of the brain. 
  7. Neurons get excited too! Endorphins flood the space between the nerve cells and inhibit neurons from firing. This acts as an analgesic for the body.
  8. Regular sex keeps the male and female genitalia from atrophy. If too much time passes between sexual encounters, sex hormones drop in production. Regular sex keeps the hormones actively producing.
  9. Sex keeps your penis and testicles from shrinking with age.
  10. Sex provides much needed touch to keep us humans thriving. Sex calms the nerves, lowers anxiety and generally makes us feel good.
  11. Immune Boost. Kissing provides the body with an immune boost. Kissing keeps a couple connected but also boosts your immunity to certain diseases. Kissing is also a stress reliever.
  12. Reduces risk of heart attack.
  13. Reduces risk of stroke.
  14. Relieves depression – better than an anti-depressant.
  15. Burns calories.
  16. Increases intimacy.
  17. Keeps menstrual cycles regular. Yes it does ladies!
  18. Couples who have regular sex have better relationships and happier lives. They just have more FUN!

For those who are not in the mood, it is time to get that stick out of your ass and increase your life span. Enjoy life more – and improve your bitchy mood!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a catalystic life, love and sex coach. She is offering a 6 week group coaching program with 90 minutes of live coaching. This is a Love Yourself Fearlessly program designed to step into your power, connect with your high self and unblock limiting beliefs, boosting self esteem. Most people report by the third week a pronounced change, that lasts. Where else can you get these types of quick and permanent results?

The tentative date of this 6-week bust through your negativity program will begin in late August. There are limited spaces available. The cost of this program is $497. Considering Jennifer’s private coaching sessions go for $250 an hour, 6 x 90 minutes of group coaching for $497 is a deal! You will receive the benefits of hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Avatar Training and Energy clearings. You will have the opportunity to ask questions that pertain to your own issues. Jennifer will coach you on the air and walk you through the resolution process.

You can e-mail her for questions about how this can help you get your happy on! Her sessions are like no other coaches, as she includes the following: hypnotherapy, Avatar training, Neurolinguistic Programming, energy healing and clearing of limiting blocks and patterns (from past and current lives) the Akashic Records, Divine Guidance.

As a catalystic life coach, Jennifer innately brings up your inner most issues. It is a gift of healing which helps you move through your healing process more easily. 

Check out her website:
Jennifer has a weekly radio show on Wednesday nights at 5:00 PM PST and 8:00 PM EST. This week’s show is about how crazy women are. Yup, we’re freaking nuts! I am a woman and I speak for myself. Want to hear my take on just how crazy we are and why men can’t understand us? Join me this Wednesday. “WOMEN ARE CRAZY” is the title of this week’s show. The week following is entitle, “Men are Stupid!” Yup….  each sex has their day in court. Join me for fun. Life is short – live it up and laugh at yourself at the same time. 

I invite your comments and questions. E-mail me, suggestions for blogs or questions here.

Jennifer can be found every Wednesday morning on WRN Radio with host Eric Jones.  It is an unlikely match, that works well, with Sonya, Quincey, Eric and I. I am the white girl. Every Wednesday we talk about sex, how to make it better and deepen your relationship at the same time. You can find Eric and his crew on FaceBook HERE.

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