Looking For The Perfect Opportunity

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Life inspires me. I notice things. I look around me and watch what my animals do, what other people do and I consider what is happening with the and the world. My brother talks about winning the lottery. He talks about it a lot. For him, winning the lottery would be the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY!

Recently, I have noticed how many people are waiting for the perfect opportunity. Even my dog, Karma waits for the perfect bush to take a dump on. She waits so long for the perfect bush, that she often misses out on the opportunity all together! She usually waits until we are about 100 feet from our car and gives in to the moment. The perfect bush keeps eluding her.

Every day I work towards something. I do energy clearings for my clients. I promote my book. I write a blog. Each thing I do, advances me forward. I expect that my book will be hugely successful. But I am not waiting for an opportunity to fall into my lap. I am working to promote my book. I am doing radio and television  interviews. I talk about my book to everyone I meet. I am making my own success. 

The same thing goes for relationships. I hear people, especially women looking for the PERFECT RELATIONSHIP. Women hope for and wish for the perfect man. They pass by some lovely men, waiting for the perfect one to show up. I am not sure what perfection you can find when men and women both have issues. There is no such thing as a PERFECT relationship. If we wait for the perfect thing to come along, we may miss the bush altogether. Take each moment with gusto. Live each second of your life as if it is your last. This way, you won’t feel that you missed out. You won’t be wishing you had lived more fully, or loved more completely when you had the chance. 

If you have someone who loves you. love them back. If you have someone who wants to make love to you, love them back. Grab them, and show them how much they mean to you. Stop trying to control every moment and make it perfect. When you do, you squeeze all the joy out of the moment. There is no perfection. There is just this moment. You are the one being present who makes it perfect. Enjoying each moment is where the perfection comes in. Loving fully when you have the chance, rather than telling your husband to go to hell, is living without regret. Love like there is no tomorrow! Live with gusto. You will be so glad you did. Live your life passionately.

I live each moment with passion. I love life. I love myself. I certainly love the world that I live in. I love you also. I did not used to feel this way. I used to be negative. I was depressed and in physical pain. What I know you can’t find in a book. What I have learned through my own life experience you can’t find in a workshop. If you are ready to live life passionately and look 20 years younger than you are, like I do, call me. You will be so glad you did. If you want to live life with Joy – when do you begin, tomorrow, next year, or right NOW!??? This October I will celebrate an earth shattering 60th birthday. I have been told I look 45. I certainly feel better than I did when I was 40! I have no body pain, because I released my emotions. I can help you do the same. Find me on FaceBook or connect with me here via e-mail

What People Are Saying About Jennifer

I woke up this morning & am feeling calm, light & fine. My hands are not shaking anymore. All you wrote were correct. I gave you my name & photo & you cleared those who attached to me. I don’t feel them. My nightmares & seeing ugly creatures have stopped. Thank You Very Much!A+++++


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