Things I Don’t Understand – My Rant

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

What goes around comes around. What goes in must come out. What goes up must come down. Styles come and they go, but there are some styles, I just don’t get. What about exposing your drawers is nice, attractive or respectable? Absolutely nothing! I don’t understand why men think that shuffling along the street with their genes around their ankles is manly, sexy or even interesting. I just don’t get it! Seeing someone’s underwear AND butt crack does not turn me on. I may be a thrill seeker, but this is one thing I find anything butt thrilling!

I live in California. I have lived around the world in foreign countries and travelled a great deal. California Walmart is certainly the land of what not to wear. I have seen more boobage in the 20 months I have lived here than I have seen in all my years on earth. I am not sure what women think is alluring about

exposing their breasts while they shop? I just don’t get it. When you expose yourself to the world, what are you leaving as sacred with your partner in the bedroom? Absolutely NOTHING! I just don’t get it!

When did underwear become outerwear?

The other thing I don’t get is why women think it is attractive, appealing or even sexy to show off their undergarments. If your underwear is being shown to the world, how can undressing be a turn on to your partner? Some things need to be sacred. Our bodies are sacred. When we expose our nakedness, our underwear and our cracks to the world, we show our disrespect for ourselves. 

Sexy Is Good

Feeling sexy is good. Feeling sexy is healthy. It shows that you have a good body image.  What is happening today, however shows a complete lack of self esteem, and self respect. When you love and respect yourself, you keep your body sacred. You revere yourself and your body. You treat your body as if it was your temple, because it is. You treat it with respect by eating healthy foods and covering yourself up when in public. Exposing your half naked body to the world while you shop shows the opposite. You don’t care. You don’t care about yourself and you feel filled with self loathing. When you respect yourself, you know where the limits are. You know what is too much and what is just enough. 

Appropriate Attire

There is a time and a place for beach attire. The beach! There is a time and a place to expose your thong underwear – in the bedroom! Not in a public place. If you are practically naked in public, there is no sanctity in your relationship. There is no reverence for yourself. Nothing is kept private. Sex is a private matter. Exposing your naked body in public, keeps your private life and sex out for the world to see. Sex is sacred. Your body is sacred. You are sacred.

I wrote Orgasm For Life to bring the sacredness back in sex. I wrote Orgasm For Life because we have extremes today in our world. We have people exposing themselves in public places and married couples not having sex. People that have taken vows to love and honor each other are not. What is loving about that? NOTHING! 

What makes me sad is the disrespect that is being shown of ourselves in the world. When we expose ourselves in public we disrespect our bodies, ourselves and all those we meet. Life is sacred. Living life from a higher level means treating yourself and others with respect. Revering your body and your partner’s body. Loving yourself, no matter how big or small you are. Acceptance of self – all of you, is what unconditional love is all about. The attention you are seeking walking around half naked only shows the pain you feel inside. It shows how angry you are with your life and how you feel. The acceptance and validation you are seeking needs to come from within. It comes from lovingly accepting who you are. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters an inspirational speaker, teacher and author. She is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist and Master Energy healer. She works with those committed to living life from a higher place, in peace, joy and love, with passion. 

Jennifer is an authentic healer, catalystic coach. Being in person, on the phone or Skype with Jennifer brings up and moves energy that has been stuck for years. Often in your first session you may cry, laugh or feel better than you have in years. Most people report that they sleep better than they have in years after a session with Jennifer. Some have reported that their depression is completely gone in one hour. She works with suicidal issues, depression, sexual function and self esteem issues. She uses energy medicine in her coaching sessions. Her website is:

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