Are You Truly and Completely Happy With Your Life?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Life is good. I love what I do. I feel fulfilled and wake up feeling that life is great! I feel healthy, positive and am living my life on purpose. My life was not always this way. For years I suffered from depression, body aches, illness and neediness. I didn’t feel good about myself. I felt as if I had a bid hole in my gut the size of Texas, or maybe Canada!

It took me well into my late 40’s for my life to begin to improve and then really hit full swing in my 50’s. I used to try to change people. I felt that the men in my life could use a little make-over. So I tried to “fix” them. Even with my adult children, I would try to get them to change, like I knew better what was best for them. Rather than allowing them to have their own experience. They had their own lessons to learn.
Today, I am delighted to have a fabulous guest on my podcast at 8:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM Pacific who has been working with people struggling with addictions for over 24 years. A medical doctor Winn Henderson is knowledgable and in many ways, on the same page as me. The following is an excerpt from his book:
Freedom From Addiction – Foreward
“Are you truly happy with your life?    If you can truthfully answer, Yes, then return this book for a full refund with our congratulations!  People who get up every morning and  can say, “What a wonderful day!  It’s great to be alive!  I can’t wait to get going and fulfill another piece of my destiny, are on purpose and probably don’t need this book. But what if you’re not so satisfied with your life?  Are you nervous or depressed? Are you lonely, fearful, or bored?  Do you feel insecure, resentful,or angry?  Do you think you’re unappreciated or unloved?  Is there an empty feeling, a void in your life?  Do you suffer with feelings of guilt or shame?  Do you have a lot of pain of either the physical or emotional type?  Are you a worrier or a procrastinator?  Do you have the idea that you’d be better off dead?”

Dr. Henderson has identified 24 addictive behaviors in his latest book on the subject: Freedom From Addiction, and 20 psychological symptoms of addiction. The most common are anxiety and depression. Other symptoms include pain, loneliness, lack of love, a void, emptiness, unworthiness, a sense of failure, insecurity, guilt and shame, unhappiness, lack of acceptance, lack of energy, sorrow, fear, boredom, resentment, self-pity, the need for immediate gratification and pleasure, and suicidal thoughts.

Winn Henderson goes on to say that all of the above symptoms are from one disease. He has a cure that has worked for thousands of people. 
If you have been following my posts, you know that codependency is one of the subjects that I talk about quite a bit. When we heal the codependency our life turns around. We become happy with ourselves and our lives. 
Join us tonight for our discussion about addictions. Winn’s four questions are quite interesting to get you to look at your life differently.
(605) 475-4000 PIN 939401# at 8:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM Pacific.
Jennifer is a catalystic life, love and sex coach, inspirational speaker, teacher and author of Orgasm For Life. Jennifer’s website is:


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