My Twin Flame Love: Part II

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

This is a true story. The first part is also on this blog. If you have not read the first part, I suggest that you begin there. You will miss the meeting, the initial connection and so much if you begin here. This is my story and 100% true. If you long for a Twin Flame, you need to read this. This post is being written to educate, highlight and emphasize what a Twin Flame relationship is and isn’t, all about. After 11 (my math is really bad) years, although detailed in an obscure book, (Odyssey Victim to Victory) I am going public with this story. For purposes of this blog, much has been left out. The longer version is found in Odyssey Victim to Victory.

The parallels and similarities between John Armbruster and I were not lost on either of us. I was a landscaper, he was an earth-keeper. I did Feng Shui in the garden, he did it for the earth. I was born in Toronto, he was born in Cincinnati. I had a theory that northerners did better with northerners. We just understood each other better. There was something about longitude and latitude as well, that I felt intuitively. He cleared people’s energy with his radionic dowsing rod. I learned to clear people with a pendulum. We were both healers. We both cleared people’s energy. Both of us had issues with addictions. We both had issues with our children and ex’s. 

John’s visit to our home in November, coincided with my week to have Ariel. I didn’t want to NOT have Ariel. At the same time, there was a risk in her being in the house, at the same time as John. Rich was a very jealous man. He was also very controlling. Due to John’s travel schedule, I made the choice to have him come and stay anyway. I would pay for this for many years afterward, in many ways.

Ariel and John Armbruster, Stone Mountain, GA 2003

We had fun cooking together. I found out that John enjoyed cooking and we both shared a love for Chinese food. My son, David and his girlfriend at the time came for dinner one evening. They both really were enthralled with him. This was when I began to recognize the brain that he had. He remembered every book and every article he ever read. When I commented on the detail that he could recall he told me he had a photographic memory. I knew not many people had this ability. I later found out that only 2%- 15% have what is called an eidetic memory. It is more common in children than adults. Kim Peek the person modeled for the movie Rain Man was said to have an eidetic. It was another thing about John that was amazing.

I eventually had to go to do a landscaping job. Ariel took the bus to school. I asked them both if they were okay with John being home with Ariel after school. Ariel was delighted to have John all to herself. I knew she would be safe. 

I rushed home as quickly as I could, thinking that John and Ariel would need some intervention. When I arrived home, I found the two of them standing at the door. John sheepishly holding a single red carnation for me. Ariel standing beside him beaming with her own flower. John was like a live teddy bear. He did everything she asked him to. John even played dog and bird on the trampoline. This was a game Ariel made up. Ariel won every game. John had a boyish charm, even though he was no longer a boy. When he smiled he lit up the room, garden or place he was standing in. 

Ariel had a secret. She could not wait to tell me. John had made a wonderful Chinese dinner. While eating the wonderful repast Ariel burst out “John ruined one of your pots!” He had placed a copper-bottomed pot on a burner and forgot it was on. The bottom fell completely off! It was to be their little secret. But Ariel couldn’t keep secrets, she was a child. Ariel was not the least bit hungry. I asked why? Ariel squirmed a little. She looked at John. He said, “I let her have her Halloween candy, she said it was okay with you.” “ARIEL!!!” I admonished her. She hoodwinked John into giving her the whole pumpkin full of candy! John grinned, looking up at me, with an, “I’m sorry” look on his face. I couldn’t be angry. He took a nap on the couch while Ariel watched a movie and entertained herself with her Halloween candy! It was alarming to me how she had him wrapped around her little 7-year-old finger. It delighted her. These days, not much did. Ariel cried every Sunday night, knowing she had to spend a whole week with her father, every other week. 

Rich became very protective of Ariel. John was not allowed to see her. She was not allowed to come and visit me while John visited me. This made John extremely sad. When he realized he would not get to see her on his second visit at all, I was surprised to see him weep. 

After six weeks in Georgia and the west, John had to return to Sedona to make some money. We both knew this time was coming. It was a very difficult parting. While he was back in his RV working he suggested we have a date. We would both go to see the same movie. John was a bit of a liar. He decided at the last minute to see a different movie, I saw Cold Mountain. John had already seen it and knew that it was about his life. In the middle of the movie, my legs began to shake involuntarily. I wept knowing that the lead character was going to die. I could not understand at first why my legs shook. Then I realized that I was the woman and John was the man. John was correct. It was his lifetime. He was shot for desertion as a Confederate soldier. The feelings I experienced during this movie were so real. Afterwards, John and I connected by phone. Our calls dropped as the two of us began to weep simultaneously. Neither of us knew the other was weeping till we re-connected later that night. We compared times, notes and realized that our anguish, our emotion made the call drop. Our emotions were so much more powerful than I ever realized. 

After spending weeks together in November, the emptiness of us being apart was too much. Finally, after two months apart, John flew from Sedona to Atlanta to spend time with me. He looked exhausted when he got off the plane. It was amazing to be together. 

Our third day together, January 22nd was one I would never forget. I told John about hearing an owl right up next to the house the night before. John stopped cold in his tracks. He asked me about the owl. Are you sure it was an owl? I told him I was absolutely positive. He explained to me that the native Americans believed that when an owl calls your name, it was time to return to the Great Spirit. You had no more than 24 hours to live. John skin color may have been white, but he was native in his soul. He traveled with a huge native American Indian spirit. I ran into him one night as I exited the bathroom. Although he was transparent, as I walked into the hall, I could feel a wall of a man’s spirit. It stopped me in my tracks. I didn’t want to think of what John had said. However, I had a very strong feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. It made me incredibly uneasy as I brushed off his explanation. But John looked very grave.

I brought John to visit a Shaman friend of mine in Atlanta who was having an event. John was appalled that she put a CD in her boom box and charged everyone $20. He did medicine wheels in Sedona for free for hundreds of people. He fell asleep on the floor during the meditation. 

When we left her home, John asked if we had a China town, so he could make me Chinese food. It was our favorite. We had fun shopping together and looking at all the interesting spices and herbs. When we got home, we made love and took a nap before dinner. John was very tired. 

John cooked dinner. It was one of the best tasting meals I have ever had. Afterwards, he lay on my couch where I could see him and played his flute for me. He was very talented. While finishing up my meal at the dining room table, my legs began to shake involuntarily. It was a tremor like an earthquake in my body. A foreboding overtook me that I could not explain.

John rested and I cleaned up his mess in the kitchen. He was a very messy cook. It didn’t bother me, it was just John. He was so easy to love. After dinner I donned a cream-colored bustier and cream colored stockings with satin bows at the back. I threw over my beautiful outfit a silk Chinese robe my flight attendant friend from Canada had brought me from a recent trip to China. I looked absolutely beautiful. John’s face lit up as I walked towards him. 

For the first time ever, we made love on the couch that Ariel, John and I had watched his favorite movie on “The Lord of The Rings.” We made love on the couch that the three of us had watched his second and third favorite movies, “Synchronicity” and “A Christmas Story.” After we made love, John told me he loved me. He looked me in my eyes and said, “I will never leave you. You are the love of my life.” With that he left my arms and slipped off the couch onto the floor. He urinated. Laying naked on the floor, I knew beyond all reasonable doubt he was dead and that I could not bring him back. I knew that no resuscitation would return his soul to me. I knew calling the fire department that was less than a mile down the road would not help. But I did it anyway.

I heard the sirens coming as they left the station, they were so close. The firetruck, ambulance, and several police cars showed up. I was still standing dumbstruck after attempting to resuscitate John. I had to cover myself up. I was not thinking. I couldn’t. I was in shock. I watched as the firemen came in and saw his naked body laying on my hardwood floor. They felt bad for him. At the same time, I could hear, “Lucky bastard!” in the back of their minds. 

I called Diana, she didn’t believe me. I called David and he said Ashley would drive me to the hospital. He would meet me there. The hospital scene was horrible. Diana blamed me immediately for John’s death. She thought we could clear the patterns and I should have been able to stop this. I knew differently. I knew when that owl called John’s name, he had no choice. We had no choice. He had to go. The Universe was calling him and needed his gifts and talents on the other side to save the planet. He was needed to do acupuncture for the earth from the other side like he did it here. He was needed elsewhere. I helped him cross over. I helped him go into the light. There was no doubt in my mind, we had contracted for this. Which is why my legs shook in the movie theater. It is why my legs shook right after dinner. It is why we cried together on the phone after our remote date. We both knew our time was short. It was valuable beyond measure. 

David Gates

David met me at the hospital. He was angry beyond belief with Diana’s blame. I knew Diana loved her friend. She could not help blaming me for his death. She was in shock. 

David drove me home and as we pulled into the driveway a very strong wind came from out of nowhere. David, a non-believer at the time in psychic powers and such, said, “John is here!” I felt him too. For days after his death, each time I would go outside to feed the horses, a Great Blue Heron would fly over head and circle around. I knew that John was saying hello from the other side. There would be many such miracles that took place after John’s death. David spent the night with me. For the first time ever, he slept next to me in my bed. He was so afraid I would try to join John. 

And I did. Every time I fell asleep, my soul would lurch out of my body in an attempt to join him. It woke me up several times each night. My acupuncturist came to my home and did a treatment to unblock my heart. My heart was so blocked with grief, he was concerned about me having a heart attack.

I came to realize that a Twin Flame was  a very special event in one’s life. Your Twin Flame came in for a short time to teach you something profound. What John taught me was that I didn’t love myself. He loved me unconditionally. He was the first person who loved me as I was, without trying to change or control me. He loved me with all my broken pieces, with all my insecurities and uncertainties and fears. He loved me more than I loved myself. He taught me this one thing, to love me. 

This is a true story. The entire version is in my book, Odyssey Victim to Victory. To this day, John comes to me. He sends me messages. He will always and forever be connected to me through love. I know also, he has moved on. He is living another life and learning the lessons he did not learn in this lifetime. A deep love connection such as this is never to be broken. However, it is a memory to serve to help us to live fully, from our hearts and accept unconditionally our partners, without trying to change or control them. True Love is – Acceptance.

Jennifer is a life, love and sex coach. Her book, Orgasm For Life is the book that will change your life. It will turn you on, make you laugh out loud, teach you to love yourself and to connect deeply with your partner on a level that is profound. Jennifer understands what love is. She knows what is needed to make it work and that judgment, and non-acceptance of another will shatter trust and impede intimacy. If you are looking for that deep love and connection, you must love yourself first. You must give love to you. Jennifer is unlike any other coach. She is awakened, self actualized, a catalyst for your healing and growth. She is open to receive guidance from The Divine, your angels and guides. She will help you love and accept you, like no other coach can. She has lived it and done it herself. 

Her website is: Jenniter

John Armbruster was born near Cincinnati, Ohio. He was the only, loving son of his piano teacher mother. He was anti-medicine, anti-doctor due to his mother’s death and shaved his head at the time of her death out of respect and grieving the loss of his beloved mother. His mother passed on her love of music to John. As a result, he played the cello, Native American flute, sang, did ceremonies on Schnebly Hill in Sedona Arizona. He ran for mayor of Sedona. During this time he felt his life was in danger. There were those in high places that wanted him silenced. He fought city hall to keep Sedona small, below three stories and to keep it from becoming too commercialized. He loved the earth, the planets, and all God’s critters. 

John had signs that there was an issue with his heart prior to his death. He had pain down his arm when we did the children’s honoring in November. He just didn’t tell anyone. He refused to see a doctor and certainly wouldn’t take more than one vitamin at a time, he was so adamantly opposed to medication. I tried to get him to take Evening of Primrose oil and something else at the same time. He would only take one thing at a time. I felt he could have cleared this, but he didn’t want to. All you can do is offer. The other part of this equation is when the owl calls your name, you have no choice, but to go. 

Immediately prior to his death, he began having dreams about The Universe and The Earth hiring him to do web design and other productions, promotions etc. He wasn’t sure what they wanted of him, but many were contacting him. His dreams were fantastic, vivid prophetic living things. I always had a candle lit and burning when he was in my home. He astral traveled to foreign lands and needed to know where his body was to come back to.
John Armbruster was kind, loving and a visionary. He was an Earth-keeper, lover, teacher, guide. Above all else, he was just a man. He would be the first to tell you this. He was just a man. He never forgave his children for taking their mother’s side. Although I encouraged phone calls and communication with his children, he could not bring himself to do so. At the time of his death, they had no idea what he was doing, or where he was living. If John had one regret, it would be that he wished he had the guts to call them no matter what their response would have been. At least he would have tried. He didn’t even try. His daughter Varsha (Sanskrit for rain) and son, Vajra, (Sanskrit for thunder) were his only children. I commented to John that naming his children stormy names may have contributed to the relationship he had with them, stormy.

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