Twin Flame Lessons

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Twin Flames come in for a very short time. to teach us something profound. Often our Twin Flames are married to someone else, which means we can’t be together. A Twin Flame relationship is very different than a Soul Mate relationship. A Soul Mate relationship can last years. A Soul Mate relationship is often tumultuous, bringing up your deepest issues. 


The connection of a Twin Flame relationship is unsurpassed. A Twin Flame connection can be felt coming for years. You know the instant that you meet that there is something very special. When you finally embrace, magic happens. The love overwhelms you.

I have had many women and men ask me, “Why would I meet my Twin Flame if I am not to be with them?” Usually, your Twin Flame comes in to teach you how to love and accept yourself AS YOU ARE! 
John Armbruster was charismatic, sexy, intelligent and loved me unconditionally. I found out after his death that he was with another woman when he traveled north to meet with the Native American council. This confirmed my suspicions. There was some missing time in John’s travels. I felt something wasn’t right. I asked him about it at the time, but he hedged and avoided.
John Armbruster admitted to being a sex addict. Although he had worked on this issue, it still plagued him. He couldn’t be faithful. He lied about other things as well. I caught him smoking while we were on the phone. He told me he only smoked the ceremonial pipe. I knew he was smoking other things. He thought I couldn’t tell. I was very aware and observant. It was difficult to put something past me. He commented on that fact many times.
He did not overcome his issues with his children. He had difficulty with forgiveness. John was very evolved. When I brought up an issue with him, he listened. He would admit his faults openly. He knew himself well. He had daily spiritual practice, which helped me recognize that I needed to meditate daily, pray more and be in touch with the earth and God’s creatures for messages. Birds, deer and other animals give us messages. John reminded me to be observant, notice and feel what they were telling me. (I was already doing this, but his teachings took it a step deeper.)
For two years after John’s death, Blue Herons would be present in the sky, on my pond and around the places I traveled to. He continued to send me messages through the Blue Herons.
What Does A Twin Flame Teach Us?
  1. They often help you see what your path is.
  2. They teach you loving acceptance of self.
  3. They teach you that although they are very special, they aren’t perfect. No one is.
  4. They teach you that we all have issues, but you need to love yourself anyway – ALL OF YOU. Not just the parts that are easy to love and accept. 
  5. We all have a shadow self. This part needs special love and attention to be completely integrated within the self, rather than cordoned off and segregated.
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a catalystic coach. She helps you see your issues and come to loving acceptance of the self. She is self-actualized and awakened. You can reach her for a discovery session or interview here
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