Why You Need To Read Orgasm For Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Feeling Sexy in Atlanta
Orgasm For Life is about love, relationships, communication and making sex sacred. Divorces are happening at an alarming rate. 48% of women are unhappy with their sex lives. 46% of men are unhappy with theirs. The divorce rate in the US hovers around 51%. In other countries like Russia, for example it is almost 70%. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that something is rotten in Denmark. Marriages are void of sexual connection. Women and men are at war with each other instead of in love. As a result of our disconnection from each other, sex becomes dull, boring and many women just say, “NO!”
This book was written to help bring people closer together. Sex is the glue. Sex is NOT the foundation, but it is the glue. When couples are engaging in regular sex, they communicate better. Their conversations are deeper and more meaningful. They have a deeper connection and bond that allows them to weather the storms of life as they come up, and they most certainly do.
Sex can be wonderful when it’s great and horrible when things don’t go well. I wrote this book to help men understand women better and women to understand themselves AND men better. Women can be confusing at times. One day we like one thing and the next day, we yell at you, “Don’t touch me there!” Orgasm For Life explains the whys and wherefores. I demystify sex. Since I am a woman, and have had lots of sex I know what works and what doesn’t. 
I am a triple Scorpio. For those of you that don’t follow horoscopes, Scorpios are noted for being extremely sexual and sensual people. We are often driven by sex. We have a tendency to explore what we are interested in. I happen to have 5 planets in the sign of Scorpio. Ask my astrologer Cheney Hall what that means. He will tell you. What I will divulge is that I have had lots of sex. I have had sex in public places, like airplanes and under the Eiffel Tower. 

The data for Orgasm For Life was not garnered from a sterile laboratory, or loaded with reports and studies. It was written from personal experience. MINE!
Most people are unimaginative when it comes to life. I have included fantasies to help turn you on. I have written erotica for you to read together or alone. There are tons of different solutions to people’s issues in this book to help bring back the magic and the fire in your relationship.  I am a lover of life and I enjoy all aspects of it. Because I am fearless, I have written about sex from a fearless place, without shame and guilt. The way sex was meant to be. I wasn’t always fearless. That change occurred in 2012. 

Women can’t have orgasms when they are in fear. I know this, because I was one of them. I never knew if my husband was going to hit me, shoot me or hug me. I was terribly afraid of him. When there is abuse in a relationship, we are afraid of the men. We can’t let go and enjoy ourselves, because we never known when it is safe to let down our guard.
I have been married and divorced four times. I have had lots of sex. Some of it was good. Some of it wasn’t so good. Over time, in a long-term relationship, sex can become dull and cursory. The sex I had when I was single was decidedly more exciting, usually because it was new. Although, I have to say, having a partner that knows you well can be the biggest turn-on of your life. When your partner knows you and what you like, sex can be better. It can be more meaningful with the depth of love, intimacy and connection of a long-term marriage or relationship. Sex is so much better when there is mutual respect and trust.

Orgasm For Life was written because, I had an issue with sexual dysfunction most of my life. After interviewing hundreds of men and women, I discovered that I was not alone. Many women do not have orgasms through penetrative sex. I thought I was the only one! I discovered I wasn’t. Many women have difficulty reaching an orgasm and their partners have no idea. I knew this needed to change.

I heard complaints from men, not having enough oral sex. Yet I also heard that men wanted oral, but many don’t reciprocate. You have to give to get. Sometimes it is better to GIVE than to RECEIVE! Maybe, the best Orgasm For your Life is the one you GIVE, rather than the one you receive!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a life, love and sex coach. She is a inspirational speaker, author and workshop facilitator. Her private coaching sessions are like no others. She is a catalyst for healing. She has a gift for causing other’s issues to come up to be healed. Sometimes people cry as soon as they get into a session with Jennifer. Crying is healing. It softens your pain. It allows you to move what is stuck. Jennifer’s website is JenniferElizabethMasters.com You can contact her via e-mail here.  

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