By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

A kiss is the first part of any sexual contact. Kissing transmits a sexual charge and connects two bodies. A kiss lets the receiver know whether sex is a possibility. A kiss can be like an electric bolt of energy culminating in the genitals. It releases oxytocin from the brain.


Women still remember the first kiss after men have forgotten the last. ~Remy de Gourmont


There is nothing like the feeling of the anticipation of the first kiss, having someone cup the side of your face and pull you to them. Your lips part, you open receiving theirs. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they kiss. Do they draw you in? Do you feel an electric charge? If a kiss does nothing for the receiver, the kiss could signal the end of a physical exchange. It can also signal just how wonderful this person could be in bed. 

We remember the ones who DID it for us. We remember our best kisses. We also remember the sloppy kisses, where we felt someone kissed us like a St. Bernard slobbering all over our mouth dripping onto our chin and plunging their tongue deep inside our mouths. I apologize to all the St. Bernard’s out there. I do love dogs, just not sloppy kissers.
There is a delicate balance between enough and too much. Slowly move forward as if smelling this beautiful face. Drink in their energy. At first, when you kiss someone you want your lips to touch ever so softly, brushing their lips with yours. Nibble the lower lip gently, before going in for the big kiss. No tongue at first. This is the first kiss. You don’t want to push through if lips are closed. There is so much one can do with your delicious lips. 
Anticipation is the key to great sex
Anticipation is the key to great sex. So it is with kissing. As you go in for the first kiss, move gently. If she pulls away, she is either not into you or you moved too soon. 

The slower you move, the better. Let the other person anticipate your kiss. Rub noses, hold their face in your hands. Look them in their eyes. 
For now, sit there holding them, locking eyes. Wait. Build the tension between you. 
Sexual tension is a good thing. Let it build. For those of you who have been in a relationship a long time, kisses are often forgotten. I remember being in a marriage where we stopped kissing entirely. Kissing is the precursor to so many wonderful things, like oral sex, great sex and a whole lot of wonderful sensual experiences. Kissing needs to be a part of your repertoire. Make sure you know how to do it well.
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