Women Only THINK They Know What They Want

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Having been a woman myself, for most of my life, I can attest to the fact that most women have no idea who they are. When we don’t know who we are, we don’t know what we want either.

When I embarked on my healing journey after a particularly difficult marriage, I began to look at how I created the issues within my marriage. I began to look at myself. This was really new to me, since most of my life I blamed others for my life. I have since learned that we are not victims AND they Universe and God is orchestrating our lives FOR us. Everything that happens happens because it is a reflection of our inner most thoughts, fears and beliefs and teaches us a lesson at the same time.
All that said, I will repeat most women do not know what they want. I see it all the time. Women sit down to order in a restaurant. We all pour over the menus choosing carefully. Sometimes, we even ask everyone at the table, “What are you getting?” We choose our meal. Then when everyone’s food arrives, we wonder why we didn’t choose differently. 
Same thing when it comes to choosing men. Most women think they know what they want in a man, but the details are fuzzy. What is important and works for them could be entirely different than what they manifest.
We often focus on looks, money and financial security. Then our guy arrives and he is abusive, boyish, untidy and screws around on us. He might even be emotionally unavailable and totally incapable of an independent thought. Why do we do this? 
Most women do not sit down and write down what they want in a man on a piece of paper. I recommend you do this. Carefully. Write all the things that you WANT in a man. Most women focus on what they DON’T want, rather than what they want. Whatever you focus on is what you will bring to you. Also, if you are asking for a millionaire and you are penniless, that won’t work either. You have to BE what you are trying to attract.

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