Is A Facelift in Your Future?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Aging is a part of life. However, how we eat, live, think, speak and feel has as much to do with the speed at which we age. We have seen many aging actors and singers who have had multiple face lifts. Then there are those who choose not to have surgery. Each person can choose what is best for them. What a face lift says to me is: I am not happy with who I am and where I am in my life.


I used to fight with life, partners and parents. I was the rage against the machine. I blamed others for my unhappiness and what was happening in my life. Not any more!

Since I began to take responsibility for my life, the chaos and drama has disappeared. Life is peaceful, joy filled and calm. I see myself aging with grace and ease, slowly. My body is healthy, and I have been told I look 45 rather than 59, but many women would already be booking an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Not me! Why? you ask? Good question. Here is why:

A face lift signifies to me, I am not happy with me. It telegraphs to The Universe that you want perfection. You want to look perfect, be perfect and will stop at nothing to look that way. A face lift changes the way you look significantly. A second face-lift changes you exponentially. 

Being happy with ourselves is more than half the battle in this life – it is ALL OF THE BATTLE. When we are happy with ourselves, we feel good about ourselves with each passing decade. We radiate the love we feel for ourselves out into the world and it boomerangs right back to us. When we are filled with love, we look younger than our chronological age. We feel better than people who are not happy with themselves. When we aren’t beating ourselves up with acid and critical thoughts, we don’t have body pain or aches. We feel vibrant while looking vibrant and fully alive. When we are in touch with what we are passionate about, we live from a place of passion and do what we love. Helping others in some way, fulfills our soul’s purpose. It fills you to overflowing.

Not Happy With How You Look?

If we aren’t happy with who we are, how we look and the life we live, we look for things outside of ourselves to make us happy. These are only temporary fixes. It could be a better job, success in our business a relationship or a face lift. For me, I’m okay with my age. As a matter of fact, I feel better turning 60 than I did at 40. I am happier. I look more relaxed. I am good with where I am. I love the work I do. It fulfills me. I have a passion that burns inside of me. I get new ideas for books, projects and workshops all the time. Writing books, blogs, catalystic coaching, doing Akashic Record readings for people makes me feel good. I am giving back what I have received and continue to receive more in exchange.
We need to be honest with ourselves rather than in denial.

I am honest with myself about how I look. I am always surprised when I put my glasses on in front of the mirror and see a whole lot more wrinkles with them, than I do without them.  I am quite happy with how I look for just 2 months away from being 60! I feel well, healthy and vibrant. A few wrinkles on my face shows that I have experienced life. There is some mileage on my tires and I am okay with that. I earned those wrinkles. My photos aren’t touched up, because I want people to see the real me.

Untouched – taken with my Mac no touch ups,6/14
Our Life’s Work
Being happy with ourselves is really our life’s work. Getting there is a journey. This is why we need to stay in the present, so that we experience each and every moment fully. We will always be working on bettering ourselves. Growing, learning until the day we die. It helps us to feel alive. Our imagination and expanding our consciousness, learning and growing stretches us. Learning new things helps us to feel good about ourselves. We’ve heard it said before:

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.


Dreaming Of The Perfect Partner?
The people I work with are often looking for a relationship to fill a void. They may be dreaming and hoping for the perfect partner to come and sweep them off their feet to make them feel whole. Dreaming is good. Wishing and hoping for a perfect man or woman to show up is what we read about in fairy tales as children. The perfect prince does not exist. The better we feel about ourselves, the more that we love ourselves, the more balanced a person we will attract. We attract what WE ARE, not what WE WANT. A soul mate connection may come in, but you will attract someone with similar issues to help us resolve ours. A soul mate connection is all about resolving our issues. Sometimes a soul mate relationship is wrought with strife, struggle and derision.
My mom aged 92 no surgery

What I have discovered is that if you aren’t right with yourself (loving yourself without fear) and have a deep connection with the spiritual, your soul purpose and a mission for your life – you will look for something else to fill you up. After a while the relationship you wanted so badly will not make you happy, because it is merely a reflection of the unhappiness you feel inside you. You will blame or critique your mate and could begin looking for an affair, or some other “thing” to take your mind off how you feel about you. When we are in this state, we often look for men to be our projects. You know those fixer uppers. We aren’t happy with our manifestation, so we set about to make them into what we think we want.

If you are ready to live life fully, feel fully loved from the inside, so that you become a magnet for love, success and prosperity, it is time to connect with me. I help codependent women who are tired of the same old relationship with men they can’t trust, don’t have jobs or security. I empower you to move beyond the liars, cheaters and philanderers. beyond fear, anxiety and depression and step into your Divine Power, where you feel confident, safe and respected. When you love and respect yourself, others will too. I did this, I used this very system to move beyond fear, depression and illness into the fullness of who I am today. You will have men knocking down your doors! Instead of you doing the chasing – they will be following you in the gym, grocery store and parking lot!

I have helped hundreds of women become empowered, confident Goddesses who know who they are and what they want. When you know what you want – The Universe has no choice but to send it to you!

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This is what our radio show this Wednesday is all about. Asking for what you want. Detailed, exact and clear. The more clear you can be, the easier it will be for the Universe to fill your order. Remember The Universe must create a win-win situation. Orchestration must take place. This is where the fun comes in.

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