Attracting Love Fast

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Knowing what love is and isn’t is important. Often we think we are in love, when it is sexual attraction, or infatuation. A lot of women have the idea that love should be felt the way it is in Disney movies. Where we are the princess and our prince will come and take us away from our debt, problems and issues. Last night on my Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio show, my guest was The Love Doctor from Atlanta, Georgia. Shaneetha and I have talked on her blogtalk radio show about Twin Flames several times. I have provided the recording below for you to listen to. The show was full of amazing insights and wisdom for men and women about love, what it is and what it isn’t. I have included some of our discussion for you to read as well. Following is a list according to Shaneetha Akinlana what love is not:

Here is the download from Love Yourself Fearlessly Radio:

Fallacies About Love
  1. Easy
  2. Passion and jealousy
  3. Everyone has the right to obtain happiness and love.
  4. Should be selfish.
  5. Based exclusively on finding the RIGHT PERSON.
  6. Explosive and overwhelming.
  7. Blind. Without power or reason.
  8. Euphoria.
  9. Dependent on physical beauty.
  10. Sexual union.
  11. Romantic and fantastic.

How Do We Manifest

  1. Through the spoken word
  2. Through thoughts
  3. Through our emotions
  4. With our imaginations
  5. With our own energy
We all have lessons to learn in this life. Our relationships are the fastest way for us to learn and grow. Recognizing that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason, whether it feels positive or negative. We learn. Usually the biggest growth comes from adversities rather than the easy and fun times. When we are challenged the most, we have the most personal growth. Each relationship teaches us a lesson about ourselves. Some of the more challenging relationships teach us the most profound lessons.

What Love IS:

  • unconditional
  • accepting
  • generous
  • giving
  • kind
  • makes life seem worthwhile
  • the ultimate nourishment of the soul

You Attract What YOU ARE, not what you want

You may want a wealthy partner. However, if you are poverty stricken with debt up to your eyeballs, you will attract someone who is LIKE you, rather than different from you. You attract what you are. If you are codependent and needy, you will attract someone else who is addicted in some way. Codependency is an addiction. You are addicted to people, relationships and need to have someone in your life to feel whole and complete. Until you feel fulfilled and happy with yourself and your life, you will continue to attract others who don’t feel whole and complete within themselves. Those people could be abusive, jealous, controlling and fearful. This is not love. This is the absence of love. When you love yourself completely – you will then attract others who also love and attract themselves completely.

In my 6 week workshop, I assist women and men to love themselves unconditionally. Doing this workshop has helped many people attract a partner either during the workshop or immediately afterward. These are some of the steps I recommend.

How To Manifest Love

  1. Get clear on what it is you want. What is important to you in a mate?
  2. Write a list of criteria for your partner.
  3. Focus on this list.
  4. Envision what life would be like with this person in bed with you, drinking your morning coffee together, enjoying life together. Make this vision BIG! Envision every detail.
  5. Take a deep breath, hold it and then let it go.
  6. Say a prayer with emotion (example below)
  7. Release your creation out into The Universe
  8. Trust that it will be returned to you in Divine Timing
  9. Stop pushing and just BE.
  10. Forget it. Don’t continue to pull it back and change or add, or try to help God to his/her job.

Manifesting Prayer (Example)

Mother Father God, I desire love and sexual pleasure. I am now ready for my Divine Partner. I am irresistible to my mate. I do not know how this will happen. I just know it will be so. I know that miracles happen every day and I am ready to receive mine! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

  • Be grateful for the gift of this relationship
  • Unconditional love accepts. It does not try to change or FIX the other person. 

Remember we often ask for a relationship and then reject what we are given. Be ready to accept the love you are given. Many people ask and then are not open to receive. Your heart must be open to love. We often push love away unconsciously. Are you being compassionate to yourself and others. Is your heart open, or closed? Are you self critical, condemning? 

Jennifer is the author of Orgasm For Life. This book was written from her personal experience and includes data from hundreds of interviews with others, married, single, gay, straight and lesbian. Love knows no bounds. 

If you are looking for better sex, and a deeper connection, this book is for you. Wise, witty and inspirational. This book will turn you on and fire up the passion in your bedroom. Jennifer is a catalystic life, love and sex coach and educator. She is available for private sessions, Intuitive counseling and healing sessions. Her expertise is in sexual dysfunction. Her phone number is (770) 480-5500 to schedule your 30 minute private discovery session, to see if her work is right for you. Jennifer works with committed individuals who want to grow and evolve profoundly. If you prefer, you can reach her through her website or E-mail her HERE:

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