No-Holds Barred Guide For Creating Bliss

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Devi Ward Tantra teacher, sex educator is hosted me on her LIVE radio show. Devi has had me as a guest on her show three times. It seems to be the magic number for me. I am grateful to Devi, the consummate professional when it comes to making sex sacred, she is talented, knowledgeable and a delight. The show will be recorded, here is the link to listen the show. 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Pacific.


Author Sam Ornstein, of Atlanta says, “Orgasm For Life is THE SEX BIBLE, it is the best guide out there for sex, sensual relationships and instruction.”

This is exactly what he said about Orgasm For Life:

Hi Jennifer,
……..I’m only half way through your book.
……..I’m only half way through your book.
It’s a masterpiece, truly! 


Without a doubt easily the best bookI ever read on human sexual practices and sensuosity. Your insights into sexual relationships are extraordinary, insightful and very helpful. I’m enjoying your writing style, your phraseology and your communication skills. You’ve a lot to say to a vast population that sorely needs your help.Sam Ornstein

Whether you are in a relationship, married, single, straight, gay, lesbian, Orgasm For Life is a must read. It helps you understand the workings of our brains, the way we think, communicate, or don’t about sex. Many people do it, but don’t discuss it. They have difficulty talking about something as intimate as sex, what they like and don’t like. It is a very sensitive subject and one that is an enigma to many (the thought, not the group!).

Other Shows Recently:

Linzi Levinson, graciously hosted me for a two part series on sex. These show links are below.

If you haven’t heard us together on Linzi’s show here are the links to the shows that ignited the fire for thousands:

It’s Time To Talk Sex In The Bedroom

Part I – Exploring Sexuality On Our Own

Part II – Bringing Sexuality Into Your Relationship

Is It Possible To Truly Have An Orgasm For Life?

If you have not yet purchased Orgasm For Life, it is available on Amazon in the above link or here: PURCHASE ORGASM FOR LIFE

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, sex coach as well as a sex educator. She works with men and women to overcome issues with relationships, self love as well as sexual dysfunction or addiction. She helps empower women and men to love themselves as self love is the foundation for ALL healthy relationships,

even those with family members. When we don’t love ourselves, we have health issues, can suffer from depression, migraines, Fibromyalgia and even cancer. Jennifer had all of the above and now lives a life in joy, pain free. She is celebrating her 60th birthday this October and has never felt more vibrant, youthful and alive than at this time in her life. She is a guide, pathfinder and a visionary. Her coaching work is like no other. She is a catalyst for healing allowing other’s issues to come up naturally. She will help you move forward into love, joy and inner peace. 

For testimonials from her delighted clients click here:
Jennifer offers a free open session for first time clients to allow you the opportunity to explore what working with Jennifer would be like. You can work on an issue, or just ask questions. You can e-mail her questions you would like answered on the STRAIGHT UP SEX TALK SHOW HERE: JenniferElizabethMasters@gmail.comYou can leave a confidential voice mail here:

(770) 480-5500

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