Awakening The G-Spot

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

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If you have never seen this face on your partner, it is probably because she is not having orgasms. 

According to research, to this day, the male dominated Scientific community is still arguing that the highly sensitive area, donned the “G-Spot” does not exist. Ask a woman who has found her own G-Spot (like me) and we will tell you otherwise.

The Grafenberg Spot, was found by  German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who studied this erogenous zone in his work with the urethra. Other doctors doubted the validity of it’s existence because most women did not have this type of orgasmic experience with ejaculation. His research found that the excretion of fluid from this area had many health benefits. Dr. Paul Tinari has done research and validates his findings regarding alleviating cancer and other diseases.

Usually, penetrative sex between a male and female lasts between 2 and 10 minutes. This is barely enough time for a woman to become aroused, never mind get her G-Spot stimulated. If your sexual encounters are lasting 10 minutes or less, change it up, use other methods to stimulate your partner. A woman needs at least 20 minutes to awaken the G-Spot, which is why this erogenous zone is so elusive.
Since most sexual encounters are over in less than 10 minutes, you see the problem?
Penile penetration inside the vagina is not enough for most women to have an orgasm. Most women need clitoral stimulation, through fingers or a good tongue lashing to be able to achieve an orgasm. Oral sex is certainly the best way as well as the fastest way to get your woman to orgasm.
Why Would You Want To Achieve A G-Spot Orgasm?
As a woman, there is no greater pleasure than to receive a G-Spot orgasm. The intense waves of pleasure that surge through a woman’s body with a longer period of manual stimulation make it one she will never forget. When this occurs, many men shame their women saying that she peed. An orgasm with ejaculate for a woman is the most intense type of orgasm she can have. Be sure to enjoy the moment rather than cause her shame. You have done a GREAT JOB here, both of you should celebrate!
So Where Can I Find It?
The G-Spot does indeed exist. It is located on the upper wall (anterior) of the vagina. It is located approximately an inch and a half to three inches inside, towards the navel from the vaginal opening. It becomes engorged, becoming raised and enlarged with stimulation as it contains erectile tissue, like that of the clitoris and penis. It feels spongy to the touch. It is said to be the root of the clitoris, hence the intensity of the pleasure. The clitoris has twice the number of nerve endings than a man’s penis, which means that the root (or G-spot does also). The G-Spot is incredibly sensitive and will respond to direct stimulation. The G-Spot is said to be the female version of the prostate gland.
Ways To Create A G-Spot Orgasm
  1. Bring your female partner to orgasm through oral sex. Once she has experienced an orgasm and recovered you can begin.
  2. Digitally stimulate the G-spot. Use a come hither motion with an upturned finger.
  3. After 20 minutes of stimulation, the G-Spot will be in evidence. (This is why the Scientific community has failed to find it – they don’t stimulate long enough). 
  4. What works wonders is five minutes of amazing oral sex, followed by thrusting, pulling out and then 5 or 10 minutes of more oral sex, a few more thrusts and more oral sex. The arousal she will feel with these alternatives can bring her to a G-Spot orgasm.
  5. Using a G-Spot wand, or G-Spot vibrator can save your energy for more sex play. Because you have to torque your hand upward, this can be fatiguing.
For Those Who are Smoking Their Post-Coital Cigarette 
If you have never lasted 20 minutes find a way to do so. Pleasure your woman first. It will be so worth it for both of you. Watch my video, read my book, check out the chapter on Sexual Healing. Most women who have been molested, raped or sexually assaulted have the trauma stored in the G-Spot. This requires care, sensitivity and time to heal it. I go into great detail as to why women can’t experience orgasm until this area is healed. 

The Scientific Community Findings

Knowing what we know as women, that we can have an ejaculatory orgasm and have felt our G-Spot, we don’t need to have a urologist to confirm or deny that it exists. God isn’t seen and many believe in God’s existence. For those interested in hearing what this urology student and his team of researchers found I have provided his theory for you. Dr. Michal Kilchevsky did his research in a sterile laboratory, under the scrutinty of his watchful medical team. They found no such spot in the female anatomy that resembled what we call the G-Spot. Kilchevsky’s study was published in the January 12, Journal of Sexual Medicine.  

Dr. Barry Komisaurek who also studied female orgasm says the G-Spot should be called the G-Zone, rather than just a spot. The entire area of the anterior wall (towards the belly) is full of delicious and sensitive nerve endings and tissue. He feels that there is no sense in looking for THE ULTIMATE in orgasm, but rather just enjoy it all.
Here are clear directions on what to do for a G-Spot orgasm to occur. 

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