Ways To Use Mercury Retrograde To Your Advantage

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Whether you study astrology or not, at one time or another the effects of the full moon, sun and the stars have been felt by each of us. The planets exert a unique influence on us in the way we think, feel and communicate. Major changes in our planetary system also are felt by us. 

Just for kicks and giggles, keep notes on all the missed calls, communication break-downs, break-ups, broken contracts, travel issues, lost luggage, computer, cell phone issues during the next three weeks. 

What Does The Planet Mercury Do?

Mercury rules commerce, communication, intelligence, mind, memory, talking, texting, travel, communication devices such as cell phones, texting, computers, Internet.  Arguments and misunderstandings can occur during a Mercury Retrograde more than any other time of the year.

Although I am not an astrologer, I have followed the effects of the planets all the way from my birth to now. Mercury Retrograde is one event which happens three times each year, creating chaos, broken contracts, delayed and cancelled flights. I have even seen haircuts done during the retrograde cause great distress. It is not a time to begin anything new, sign on the dotted line, purchase a cell phone, computer or anything to do with communication. Verbal and texted communication could even be wrought with misunderstandings. 

Looking For Love?

Just prior to the last retrograde period I helped a woman manifest her soul mate. She met him during Mercury Retrograde. She was sure he was the ONE! As soon as the retrograde period ended, so did her feelings for this man, as she recognized his emotional unavailability and inability to commit. A Mercury Retrograde is NOT, I repeat NOT THE TIME to find a mate. By the end of the retrograde situations and character will come to light that will change your mind or their’s.

Read on and find out what benefits a Mercury Retrograde brings.

My Personal Experience 

Over the years I have experienced many retrograde periods. At first, I did not take my astrologer, Sherry Henderson, of Oracle 20-20 fame seriously. Eventually, I saw how writing any kind of contract, travel, marriages, meetings, haircuts, business deals could turn sour during retrograde periods. 

Hairy Trip To India Affected By A Retrograde

I traveled to India for the first time, during a Mercury Retrograde. My first flight to Chicago to connect with my flight to India was cancelled. I had to run through the Atlanta airport to hop on a very full flight. I got the LAST seat on the plane. Had I not run, I would not have gotten to India. My luggage was lost on the same trip. I arrived in India, a foreign land without underwear, makeup, a change of clothes or any of my personal belongings. 

House Sales Affected By Mercury Retrograde

My ex-husband Rich Resuta was a home-builder. During our marriage I witnessed contract after contract signed during a Mercury Retrograde fall apart, turn sour or drag on and on without closing. Over the 12 years we were together, I witnessed this over 30 times. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do, sign on the dotted line and hope for the best. Yet, each and every contract signed during a retrograde period created havoc, distress, loss and major issues. You can learn the hard way, or take my advice and read carefully. Even a marriage or engagement during a Mercury Retrograde could have devastating results. 

My weekly newsletter went out to my clients yesterday. I mentioned the coming retrograde over a week ago. Several people have already reported two house sales, missed flights and delays in contract signing. 

The Shadow Point

In my own life, I will not begin a new radio show, a webinar, a book signing or anything else during this time. Even the shadow point which occurs 7 days prior to the beginning of this retrograde, which is October 4th, can be felt up to two weeks or even more before the retrograde begins. There is also a shadow point at the end of the retrograde of 7 days.

What is A Retrograde?

A retrograde is a period of time during which a planet can appear to be turning backwards. A retrograde can be three weeks, 3 months or even 10 years or more in someone’s chart. During this time, all the benefits that a planet provides are taken away. If a planet rules communication, like Mercury does, all things relating to communication, contracts of any kind, including marriages, travel, communication devices, like computers, cell phones planes, trains, automobiles are affected – negatively. 

Why Should I Care?

Life can be challenging. Astrology can help you navigate your life effortlessly and help you avoid beginning businesses, relationships, contracts, travel, moves, starting a new job, dating, marrying etc. during difficult periods. My middle son, David married during a Venus (the planet of love) Retrograde – which means there was no love on the day they married. Their marriage ended with his wife being unfaithful within 3 years of their wedding. They were very much in love when they got married. David wedded the love of his life.

Venus Retrograde

I was born during a Venus AND Mercury Retrograde. I have spent almost my entire year working through issues of love and communication challenges. Now I teach love, self love and self esteem, because I learned – finally how to love myself. Did my birth time and date influence my life? You betcha! Many people are born with great challenges astrologically, while others have few. 

Who Uses Astrology?

The Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Celtics, Druids, movie stars, presidents and royalty have used professional astrologists and have done for thousands of years to predict the best outcome of a given situation. The best date to build the pyramids, inaugurations, weddings, and meetings were among some of the reasons astrologists were hired. Nancy Reagan and Ronald used an astrologer for the entire term of President Reagan’s presidency.

Your Chart and Personal Destiny

I recommend getting your chart done by a professional. One such person I recommend is Cheney Hall. Cheney was trained by Lynn Hammond Gray. She is known as one of the all time greats in Astrology. Over the years I have had charts done by 6 different astrologers. You need to have a consult with him to get all the high points and low points explained, unless you can read an astrological chart. I can say without a doubt that Cheney’s were the best and most detailed.

Cheney and I have been friends for several years and met when I lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He did a full set of charts for me, with transits (how the planets move through your chart) and a consultation.  Cheney’s delivery was the most comprehensive I have ever had. In the full consultation, you get the long explanation of what the planets were doing and how they would affect all aspects of your life, love, success, wealth. He does charts for people with great detail and explanations. Don’t try to cut corners and omit the explanation – you need it, unless you are an Astrologer. He is excellent.  I highly recommend him. You can read his blog here: www.CHIRON2000.blogspot.com

Cheney always over delivers and is very insightful with his recommendations. He was the one I consulted before moving to California. Cheney Hall’s information proved invaluable to me. He said I would be more financially stable and make more money in California. He was correct. He can do charts to detail moves, suggested places to move to (Cartology), as well as progressed charts. Don’t quote me on all this, as I am not an astrologer. He will be able to tell you what works best for your situation. You can e-mail Cheney here to set up your appointment, or ask him questions about pricing etc. Here is Cheney’s e-mail for contact. Tell him his cooky friend Jennifer sent you.

What To Do During A Mercury Retrograde

  1. Re-write your book.
  2. Re-organize your closet, home, car, business.
  3. Re-think anything.
  4. Re-work a project.
  5. Re-do your taxes.
  6. Re-group
  7. Re-think anything.
  8. Re-view your life, your relationship, your business successes.
  9. Re-new your fruit trees with pruning. 
  10. Re-visit family and friends. 
Ways To Navigate The Retrograde Period

  1. Make sure your communications are clear to avoid conflict.
  2. Use care while driving. Accidents happen more frequently during Mercury Retrograde because people are not thinking or in a hurry. 
  3. Avoid Arguments and fighting.
  4. Delay the purchase of boats, bikes, cars, trucks, or airplanes.
  5. Do not purchase a cell phone or computer.
  6. Do not take communications devices in for work.
  7. Delay taking your car in to the mechanic.
  8. Wait to begin a new project.
  9. Delay signing up for a dating site, or meeting a new person.
  10. Avoid travel if you can. Flights can be cancelled, or missed, and luggage can be lost.

Jennifer is an author of Orgasm For Life, she is a life, love and relationship coach. She helps you find the love inside of you, to live a fulfilled, happy and wealthy life on all levels. She has helped countless people find love through her coaching. 

Self love is the foundation for a happy life. Anxiety, depression, confusion, chaos, drama, low self esteem, illness are all things she healed in her own life when she began to love herself completely. Jennifer walks the walk and talks the talk. She lives the life that she helps you open to. Jennifer is unique in many ways. She became enlightened in 2012. She reads the Akashic Records, is an Intuitive, Mystic and is a certified hypnotherapist with The National Guild of Hypnotists, A certified life coach with and is a Master Energy Healer. She sees and senses energy. She has healed her own fears, anxiety, worry and negativity. She is a master at knowing what works best for you, personally. She tailors her work for each client individually. Her website is: JenniferElizabethMasters.com

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