3 Powerful Reasons To Shake Your Booty For Health

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

If I had not experienced the powerful benefits of shaking it, I would not have believed it! Writing, teaching and coaching women and men about sex, I consider myself quite open-minded. However, the twerking, shaking and focus on women’s butts left me cold, until two weeks ago. Remember the old phrase “Try it, you’ll like it?” It is true. As humans, we often judge others before we reach understanding. When we sit in judgment, we can’t see what is before us. We simply close our minds and hearts. I propose that you open your mind, and your heart and try it for yourself.

Why Zumba?

Zumba is a worldwide branded fitness trend consisting of Latin-inspired music, hip hop with exercise and choreography. Alberto Perez, better known as “Beto” is the founder of Zumba, hailing from Miami and begun in 2002. The choreography draws from cumbia, salsa, merengue, bachata and reggae, fusing them together with cardio aerobics. 

The hip and booty shaking awakens the kundalini and sexual centers for both men AND women. Predominantly attended by women, not only does it help you become more fit, increase cardio-vascular health, lose weight and lose inches it also can awaken the sleepwalking women who have not had sex in years.

Uptight and Self Conscious?

I was raised in a very stiff upper lipped family. My father’s parents were British. My mother was raised by her grandmother right off the boat from The Ukraine. We didn’t shake anything in my household and certainly didn’t watch or talk about anyone who did. In fact, when Elvis was on television, we didn’t watch him, because my mother found him vulgar. 

I was not allowed to wear short skirts at home, and certainly was not allowed to reveal cleavage, nor did my mother. These old ingrained patterns can be hard to break. If you want to live a long healthy life and have fun doing it, loosening up is definitely to our advantage. Breaking free of patterns and social regulations can be immensely freeing. Letting go of what others think of us, is key to enjoying an abundant, wealthy, happy and fulfilling life.

1.Benefit: Smiling From Ear To Ear. JOY!

Once you let go of trying to be perfect on the dance floor, you relax and fall into step, maybe not always on the same foot as the instructor, but in time to the music. After getting your feet in step your confidence is raised your arms begin to work better when your feet know what they are doing. The next step is falling into joy. Pure unadulterated joy. The last class I did I smiled from beginning to end. 

2. You Become Healthier

The women I interviewed that have been doing Zumba told me that Zumba classes did the following:

  • Helped one woman heal from back surgery
  • Helped one woman tone her body and lose 30 inches all over (she is 49) in one year
  • Helped countless women get and stay fit because it is so much fun, it keeps them coming back for more
  • Helped one young woman heal depression
  • Freed one woman to become multi-orgasmic
  • Brought joy to thousands who previously were depressed
  • Awakened the sexual center in all ages of women

3. Shaking Your Booty Awakens Your Sexual Center

No matter how long it has been since you have had sex, the moves in Zumba get your pelvic region moving. When your pelvis moves, so does your sexual energy. Sexual energy and emotions can become stuck. When sexual energy gets stuck, you can become bitchy, closed-minded and controlling. Sound like anyone you know? Moving the pelvis has the added benefit of opening up your sacral chakra as well as your root chakra, which allows your creativity to flow as well as sexuality. The root chakra is located in the perineum (between the anus and vagina in women, and anus and base of the scrotum in men).

There is an added bonus of awakening and opening your sexual energy center: you become more confident and step into the being that you truly are. Women often feel more Goddess energy once they begin moving their sexual energy fully. Orgasms can be easier to achieve, or more powerful. 

Why Do You Want Your Sexual Energy Awakened?

Having blocked energy is not good for anyone. When there is a blockage, illness can occur. When you have blocked sexual energy you can also have issues with finances and security. Living a balanced life involves having our sexual center opened. Zumba is a fun way to open your sexual center and empower your Goddess self. 

My Zumba Teacher – Lucy Harris

I love my Zumba instructor. She is fit, sexy, fun and energetic. Moreover she has got some moves on her that would make 

Beyoncé jealous. Lucy who began dancing at age 4, took 4 – 6 classes a week till her later high school years. She then gave dance a break and played basketball. Lucy’s mother, Kathy Hart supported her then by paying for and taking Lucy to all  her dance classes.

She continues to attend her classes, often taking over for Lucy, and well able to hold her own in moves and endurance. Kathy is fit and youthful. Clearly Zumba has kept her body in great shape. I have yet to see anyone who regularly attends Zumba classes look dour or miserable. Zumba brings back the HAPPY! When we are happy we thrive. Everyone I have talked to about their experience with Zumba has said that feeling happier is the number one benefit.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life, The Sex Bible for the New Age. She is an empowerment coach for women. Her website is JenniferElizabethMasters.com

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