Feeling Like 18 At 60!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

On October 27th, of 2014, I turn 60. I am amazed. Not that I don’t remember the passage of time, or all that I have experienced. It is an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the life I have, the work I do each day and the people I help.
I am happy, content, healthy, vibrant and feel like I am still eighteen inside. Only when I put my glasses on and stand in front of the mirror do I remember and see the aging process occurring. It is then that I wonder who it is that is looking back at me! I will not hide my wrinkles with surgery. Nor will I have a staple or band placed in my stomach. I treat my body as if it is my temple. I love and take care of it.
I know many others who like me, don’t take Asprin, Advil or Aleve, not even when a headache occurs. We don’t eat much sugar, wheat or processed foods. We rarely drink alcohol or do anything to our temple that would harm it. We love ourselves and are grateful for the lives we lead. The more gratitude we express, the better our life becomes. I recently was writing a thank you note to a couple who had been long-time clients. As I thought about this couple, my heart opened and expanded. At exactly this moment, my cell phone rang. It was a new client this same couple had referred to me because of the work I had done for them. How great is that? Expressing gratitude for the good in our lives is the very fuel which brings more of what we desire.
Living a life awakened is a beautiful thing. We are still growing, but the pain has diminished. The anguish that used to be so familiar is gone. The anxiety and depression, a distant memory that we only mention to those we know we can help. Even the trauma which caused our deep soul searching is something that we recognize as a gift. The lessons are the very thing that spurred us on to seek a better life. The wisdom gained along the path makes us feel very full and fertile, even though the thought of giving birth makes us roll on the floor in uproarious laughter. I remember when I was first going through menopause, feeling sad that I wouldn’t be able to have another child. I love where I am. I love my empty nest. I would not change it for the world. Instead, I wait for grandchildren secretly, not wanting to pressure my adult children, the way I was. I want my children to live the lives they desire and love, rather than the one I want. I manage to keep my very opinionated mouth shut for once. I know they are each having their own personal life experience. I allow them to do so, mostly without my interference. I am afterall still a mother! I do have thoughts and feelings about what they do. I may voice them, but I don’t try to shove my ideas or beliefs down their throats any more.
When we love ourselves through the aging process, we eat well, consuming organic vegetables and fruits daily, avoiding wheat, sugar and packaged foods. This way Diabetes, heart disease and obesity are diseases we side-step. Instead of aging quickly, we age slowly. Our thoughts also keep us looking youthful and vibrant. The more positive we are, the better our organs work. The slower we age. We think ourselves healthy, every day. Instead of looking 60, we look 40. The better care we take of ourselves, the more balanced we are. Living a life well beyond 100 is not only possible today, it is probable.
Retirement is not something we think about. When we do what we love, our work is our joy. Feeling passionate towards our vocation gives us a tremendous sense of fulfillment. We give back to the world and humanity through our writing, example and lives.
For me, it is my wicked sense of humor and ability to laugh at myself that gets me through any sticky situation. Just today, I checked. Backing out of a parking spot at Alfalfa’s market, in Boulder, Colorado, I did not notice the car that appeared on my left, seemingly out of nowhere. Talking and driving maybe too much for me with my daughter and her boyfriend in my car, I was focused on our conversation. I live in the present. Rather than blame the woman for mysteriously appearing, I apologized profusely to her then laughed at myself for the near miss, I narrowly escaped. I am protected, guided and loved. I look forward to my next 60 years of giving, teaching and joy!
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Happy Birthday
October 27, 2014 6:30 AM
Happy Birthday Jennifer, It’s Your Day… Relax with your ‘feet-up’! .. Well done.

Oh!! Don’t forget to keep inspiring us all being an ‘Outstanding Woman’. You really are so significant to so many – even people you don’t even know.

Thanks for being you and delighting us.

Feel free to use these wishes on your own testimonial page and tell the world what we all think about you.

Michael and Marianna Whitenburgh x
Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment
United Kingdom – Namibia – South Africa – Dubai

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