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By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I recently received this courageous question. I felt that the question and my response was worth sharing. My personal journey is an open book. I share quite openly in my book, Orgasm For Life.

I hope you remember me, forgive me for asking this question ! You are all this and that but you are single and how are your fulfilling your sexual desires ? Do you have a partner ? or what is it ? have you overcome those needs in your process of attainment of wisdom in life ? or did you simply choose to be guru for others benefit ? what is it ? thanks for letting know your secret.

On 10/25/14 5:17 PM, Jennifer Elizabeth Masters wrote:
I have to say that my spiritual journey had led me to be much more spiritual than sexual. This truly is where the human race is heading through enlightenment, self actualization and evolution.The wisdom I receive is heavenly – Universal in nature. I am still very human, but the sexual desire although can be ignited, takes a back seat to teaching, coaching and healing. Meditation and the work I do keeps me very satisfied and fulfilled. The longing that once was present is not as prevalent. This does not mean that I am dead……
I am currently single. I had had a partner recently, however, it is very difficult to find someone that resonates with me on all levels. Tantra, spiritual and sacred sex is what is needed for a high level creative and synergistic bond with a partner.
I hope that answers your question. I appreciate your courage in asking.

His reply:
I always knew something about you is very special. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I am not enlightened by your thoughts and mastery of your countenance. I am humbled to know you and be your friend. It is an honour to be friend.
Best regards
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