Life’s Game Changer

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Each of us have experienced events in our lives that are game changers. These events wake us up to a higher purpose and change the course of our lives. For some, it is an unexpected divorce, cancer or some other health crisis. For others, it could be an untimely death of a loved one. Whatever the event, our lives are never the same. 


Living and Loving on Purpose

Being consciously loving changes life. When we focus on the good in ourselves, we see the good in others. When we begin to view each person we encounter as our brothers and sisters in Oneness, we also recognize our personal Divinity. Seeing our own Divinity allows us to be more loving, accepting. We begin to find ways to give back. When we do, our life really begins to raise us up. Instead of looking at the way we screwed up our life, we see how we can better it. Seeing the win-win solutions for our friends, family and clients changes the playing field completely. 
Infinite Possibilities
Our horizons instead of being bleak are multi-colored and amazingly diverse. Even in the midst of rain, the rainbow appears. We begin to see that there is always more than

one way to get there. The possibilities are endless. Asking questions opens the door to infinite possibilities.

Discovery of our gifts and talents sets us in a forward motion and the spiral of self sabotage ends. Pain and suffering becomes a thing of the past. Illness and aging slows. We are thriving instead of existing. What a concept! The more positive we are, the more energy we have. The more energy we have, the more people we can serve and help. The more light we can hold in our body the greater our life becomes. The spiral in reverse, is an ever uplifting one. The more we live on purpose, and serve humanity in some way, the more happiness and fulfillment we experience. Giving to others becomes fuel and food for our soul.

Haven’t Experienced Yours Yet?
Sometimes, it is pain that we experience. Physical, emotional, even mental pain. Anxiety, panic attacks and depression occur when we can’t move forward. Sometimes, we feel stuck feeling that there is no possible way out. We seem to be laying at the bottom of the forest unable to see the light of day, never mind seeing the forest for the trees. Pain can be what you need to spur you forward, into taking the first step towards meditation, mantras, or prayer. Pain is often the catalyst for change. 
I remember how lost I felt when I did not experience The Divine. I wondered about the existence of such a being. I certainly knew that God was not the white haired robed being who was angered when teens or even adults masturbated, or didn’t attend church. I knew that God was false. Finding a connection with a superior being who is loving and accepting caused me to have a transformation that cannot be removed or withdrawn. It is permanent. The game-changer for me was to be in conversation with Source energy. To have my questions answered, was amazing! It was like completing a circuit. The elevator went all the way to the top floor! The missing components simultaneously lit up. Writing for me became one of ease. Rather than having to think of what to write, all I had to do was ask. What do you want me to write about today? What do people need to hear? Writers block does not occur when you are in the flow.
Being In The Flow
There are many ways to experience being in the flow. The easiest way for me is to go into meditation. I begin with prayers of gratitude for all that I have, all my clients, my family, friends and pets. Gratitude for me opens up that connection, with all that is. It is the greased lightning. When I sit in silence after expressing my gratitude, I simply ask a question. Once asked, I wait in silence for the response. Sometimes it is a wildly funny response. The one thing I know to be sure, the guidance is never wrong. Sometimes, I get involved in other things and don’t act on what I received, immediately. My reaction is delayed. When I delay, others have received the same or similar information. They may beat me to the punch. That is my issue. I am human. Sometimes, I don’t feel like creating 5 videos a week, or writing 8 blogs in 5 days. 

Law of Compensation– The Universal Law is the Law of Cause and effect applied to blessings and abundance that are provided for us. The visible effects of our deeds are given to us in gifts, money, inheritances, friendships and blessings.

Maintaining Balance

Meditating daily is the way I maintain balance. Not only does it ground me spiritually, it helps clear my mind, get connected and give me direction. When we go off trying to figure out what to do, we are coming from our ego minds. Instead connecting to our higher power gives you clear insight and aligns you with Divine will. In this way, we are guided rather than using our own mental constructs to run our lives. Life becomes easy, effortless when we are not being run by our ego-mind. I begin with prayers of gratitude, and requests for healing for my clients. I may do another mantra before beginning this meditation. The Divine Presence Process Meditation was given to me – I did not figure it out. I did this meditation every day, sometimes several times a day for 11 months without fail, the year I became enlightened. It was instrumental in my enlightenment process.

The more we give, the more that is given back to us. Leaving a generous tip at a restaurant will bring generosity to you. It might be from a police officer who lets you off with a warning. It could be

that your spouse is extra loving to you. Giving to others opens the door for others to give to you. Energy moves in a circle. Whatever you send out boomerangs back to you, whether it is positive or negative. My sense is that anyone who helps animals is rewarded in one way or another. The joy of the love that they share with us is just one way we are repaid.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, life, love and sex coach. Orgasm For Life can be found on Amazon. She also is wonderful at helping you focus, get organized and become empowered. Her early life was challenging. She struggled with low self esteem and codependency. Now Jennifer is a powerful, strong woman who empowers women and men to get to know, love and accept themselves. This is the source of true happiness. When we love ourselves, our capacity to love and experience JOY grows also. Jennifer can be reached through her private e-mail here: [email protected]  or visit her website: You can become a part of her community on FaceBook here.

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