Is There Only One Love?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

All over the Internet we see workshops “Calling In THE ONE,” women looking for their Twin Flame, or ONE TRUE LOVE, or soul mate. Have you ever asked the question, “Is there only ONE person out there for me?” 

If The Universe is abundant and infinite possibilities are possible, does this mean that when it comes to love that there is only one possible person?

I am here to tell you the answer is that when you open up to love, be loving to yourself unconditionally, then the world is your oyster. There are many people that you can love and that will love you also. The key is that most people neither accept themselves completely nor do they love themselves

Case in point: twice this week I had interactions with professional coaches who are guiding others. Both of these coaches have serious issues with self-love. If the blind are leading the blind, how can we find love?


When we love and accept ourselves, we no longer strive to be perfect. 

We see ourselves as already having arrived. We are already perfect, whole and complete. Stepping into our personal power happens when we love and accept ourselves unconditionally. When we do, we become a magnificent magnet that draws wonderful experiences and success to us in all areas of our life. 

When our focus is looking for love, we are emphasising lack – the fact that we don’t have love. All we bring to ourselves is our focus, not having love. Love continues to elude us.

Most people look at things upside down. They feel lonely, lost and unhappy. Therefore they look outside of themselves for someone to complete them and MAKE THEM HAPPY! You gotta love this, but it is backwards. 

As long as you look outside for someone to give you love, you are missing the bus. The train has left the building without you on it. You are the love. You have to turn it all around and make yourself the focus. Loving someone else puts the focus on the outside. We have to get to know and love ourselves. We need to have a soft focus with ourselves, loving all parts of the self as we are. Because some of us never change. If you keep striving to be perfect, you will never, ever love yourself completely.

If you are looking for The Perfect Love to be without issues of their own, you will never find love. 

Are You One Of These? 

Do you hold a baseball bat in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other? Are you ready to beat yourself up for the slightest imperfection or error? 

Do you second guess yourself and your choices all the time? Do you look at your past and feel that all you have done is make mistake after mistake? Repeating the same relationships again and again – just with different faces?

If so, you neither love nor accept yourself. Unconditional love means that you love all of you, even those flaws and imperfections. You may not be at your perfect weight now, but that does not mean that you should hate your body. Instead, you love your body. Looking at your naked reflection in the  mirror with eyes of love. I love you naked person. I love you just as you are. 

How Can You Love And Accept The Flaws

The need to be perfect is a flaw. We have been programmed by society, parental units, information in books, educational systems, and business associations to strive for perfection. Yet, how could our creator who is perfect, create anything less than perfect? It is not possible. When you begin to look at yourself as already enough, already having everything you need within yourself, there is nothing to be done. 

Acceptance is all about loving ourselves and others the way we are, without having to have the perfect job, be the perfect weight or have the perfect love. 

The key is our thinking. How we think about ourselves is what we believe to be true. If you think you are perfect, you will begin to feel already enough, already perfect. 

I Used To Feel Broken But Searched For The One Perfect Love

I used to be the cheerleader that was insecure. Although I looked pretty, I didn’t feel it. Although I looked fit, I felt I was too heavy. I didn’t feel smart. I had teachers who told me all the time, “You can do better!” I had some dyslexia and ADD. I felt broken. I had been traumatized in early childhood and felt like a victim. I was always wanting someone to rescue me. School was difficult for me. 

I felt a huge void inside of me. I used to feel I needed a man to make me complete. This void and pain I felt, led me to search for answers. I found them. When I did, I also found myself. I found the joy and passion inside me. My past and the pain of my past no longer defines me. I no longer feel depressed, anxious or lonely. 

Here are some of the tools that I use with my clients to help them feel and recognize that they already are enough. they just need a refresher course.

  1. Spend time getting to know you. Write down a list of what you like about you. C’mon, you can come up with 10 descriptors or parts of you that you like. I know you can! Even if it is, “I have great nails.” Or, “I have great hair.”
  2. Write down a list of what you love to do. Most of us spend time getting to know the person we are dating, but don’t have a clue about what we like, or what we like to do. 
  3. What makes you feel happy? When do you feel happy and fulfilled? It could be being at the beach, or helping an elderly person tie their shoes. Or maybe you love babies. Being around animals or rescuing an abandoned animal.
  4. What are you passionate about? What lights your internal fire?
  5. If you were given a magic wand that worked, what would you change about you? This may sound backwards; when I talk about unconditional love, but everyone has some place that needs a little more kindness, a little more acceptance, or perhaps a little more attention. The parts of you that you want to change is where I suggest that you give yourself more love and acceptance. 
  6. Every day upon awakening and right before sleep use the following mantra to change your thoughts about yourself. Using this mantra daily will focus on the positive, amplifying it and also will access your unconscious mind which you have allowed to run amok. 


You did not come to this place overnight. It takes perseverance and courage to continue to work on yourself. Most people need to have someone to guide them weekly. This is what I do for my clients. I am a natural catalyst. Being on the phone with me each week causes issues to bubble up to be processed and healed. 

I help you through different modalities to let go of the past, forgive those who you feel have hurt and harmed you and begin to see life for the experience that it is. Life is always and in every way working FOR you. It is the way that we view life, or react to it, that changes our perspective. I help you change your perspective. You don’t change, it is your lens that you see life through that does. You are already perfect, whole and complete. I just remind you that you are. 

I have the solution to your problem! I am the solution person for your life issues. In 2012, I became self-actualized and enlightened. What does that mean to you? It means I no longer take things personally, my ego is quiet and I come from a place of complete acceptance and love. I have done over 30 years of inner work, healing, study, and recovery. I love myself completely. 

Become happy with yourself, like me!

I am no longer anxious, depressed, lonely, worried or fearful. I can help you find your path. I am your spiritual pathfinder. I am the guide that you need. If you know someone that can benefit from this post, pass it on. You might be helping more than just one person, in this way.


The National Guild of Hypnotists. 
The Spiritual Response Association, Advanced energy practitioner. Meaning she can clear past patterns, limiting beliefs, negativity, attachments, control issues, etc. 
Coach Training Alliance, a 22-week coaching training that cost thousands of dollars. Jennifer is so much more than a coach. She is a healed healer and catalyst.
Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, meaning that she has the ability to eliminate fears, triggers and things that make you feel like you can’t cope.

Jennifer is a Georgia Master Gardener. Now she helps you tend the garden of your heart. She is an animal lover, communicator, and channel. She is compassionate, direct and honest. She is one of the most authentic people you will ever meet. Don’t ask a question you don’t want the answer for, she will tell you the truth. Some people are not ready for the truth. You can connect with Jennifer through her private e-mail here:

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