A Caring Man

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Did you know that your programming from your family of origin is what attracts the type of mate you end up with? If your household was balanced, nurturing, loving and accepting, you will have a much better chance of attracting someone who is nurturing, loving, and accepting. If your home life was dysfunctional, involved lying, cheating or addictions, you are much more likely to attract a lying cheating alcoholic or drug addict. Having your energy cleared and your brain re-patterned can assist you to move beyond those childhood programs so that your relationships are more balanced and beneficial.

Looking for a caring man? How loving, caring and accepting are you? We attract what we are, not what we want. There are just as many wonderful caring and loving men out there as there are caring loving women.  

Men, fortunately for us women are different than women! They are motivated by different things. Most men are direct and to the point in their communication style. Men are fixers. Given them a problem and they will find a way to fix it. They say what they feel without much beating around the bush.

Men’s hearts are 25% larger than that of a woman. You could say that is because men are typically larger. But that is not always true. Men have a large capacity to love, be open, warm and caring. 

A man has a beautiful body. Strong and vital. He is created to fit so perfectly into the body of a woman. To regard your man with adoration, love and respect, reveres him. Appreciating your man is loving. 

Be Prepared!
I have been asked by a client to remind you ladies and gentlemen to use protection. Unprotected sex can gift you with a double-whammy. STDs and unwanted pregnancy can be like jamming the spokes of a bicycle wheel – unpleasant. I am also reminded that if you can’t see yourself having a child with someone, don’t have sex with them. There is always that risk. You could wind up co-parenting with someone who is hardly mature enough to be a steady partner, never mind a parent, if you are not careful. When passion arises, protection can go by the wayside and shouldn’t. 

For The Lifers
Sadly, so many women in long-term relationships have given up on their true sexual nature. Instead of coming together in union with their man, they reject him. Or perhaps even ignore, criticize or demean him by controlling, dictating, or withholding love. Rejection is not love. 

Often women say no, or don’t approach their man because they don’t feel like it. With some compassion and understanding, giving rather than rejecting will keep your man feeling loved, accepted, and satisfied. Men have sexual urges that are different from a woman’s. If we were exactly the same, what fun would that be? Men think of sex an average of every 52 seconds. Women think of sex on average, once a day. Some women say they never think of sex! The older women get, the less sex motivates us. That is when we have to go outside of our comfort zone to keep our man feeling loved. If you aren’t interested and can’t bring yourself to have penetrative sex, a hand job, or oral sex goes a long way to keeping a man feeling cared for and revered. We have to work through our differences and give sometimes when we would rather read a book. The more frequently we have sex the more regulated our hormones are. Yes, ladies…..  regular sex can keep your estrogen levels higher, which keep you looking more youthful. At the end of the day, if we are thought of as cold-hearted bitches because we won’t have sex with our husbands, where is the love? It probably took you about 52 seconds to read this paragraph, you can bet a man is thinking of sex, about now! 

A healthy balanced relationship is between equals, rather than one person being in control of the purse strings, or chore list. A relationship needs to offer nurturing, acceptance and love. When we control we are in fear, rather than in love and acceptance. 
Will this be you in 30 or 40 years?

Living in fear of life is no way to live. Check out this senior couple, still wild and crazy after all these years. Spontaneity needn’t wane just because you have retired. 

Life is always and in every way working FOR you. Situations happen to help us each grow and evolve. Getting out of our heads and into our hearts is what it takes to keep the home fires burning. If you have to scrape the ice off your bed sheets before getting in, your man is not feeling loved and cared for.

Men – this is for you

If you aren’t bringing your woman to orgasm each and every time you have sex with her, you need to buy my book. I give you step-by-step instructions on what to do. I will teach you how. Don’t assume, ask her. I know of some men who get on, get off and don’t bother to even ask if their lady had an orgasm. This is not kind, loving or considerate. A caring man cares if his woman has had an orgasm and will find out how to bring her to one. 

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