The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


The Scientists at The Institute of Heart-Math have done some amazing work to shed light on the power of the human heart. 

The Institute of Heart-Math is an international non-profit organization that works to help people live consciously from their hearts, rather than their minds at home, school and play. They have some amazing tools and workshops to help us do just that. This study has proven that the magnetic field created by our hearts is far more powerful than that of the brain.

The Torus Pattern that our hearts send out is like a beacon into the universe.

Every thought we think, every feeling we feel is sent out from us into the Universe. The earth is surrounded with consciousness. This field is filled with everyone’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. Each time there is a riot, an argument between two people those emotions are emitted and sent out into the soup of thoughts and emotions that surround us. Conversely when loving thoughts are sent out by a group, as in prayer the consciousness of the planet is positively affected.

It has been thought for decades that the human brain was the most

powerful organ in the human body. This study proves otherwise. The human heart creates an electromagnetic field. When a fetus begins to develop, it is the heart that is first developed, not the
brain. The heart is an electromagnetic broadcasting device that sends signals to the cells of the body as to how the baby will develop.

According to neurocardiologists 60 – 65 percent of the cells in the heart are neuron cells, not muscle cells. The studies that they have done show that the heart works similar to the brain, and is in some ways superior to the brain. 20 days after conception, the heart begins to function. The brain does not begin to function until 90 days after conception.

The heart gives us universal characteristics and the brain provides personal characteristics. Since the heart gives us universal characteristics and is the key to bonding with others, listening to our hearts, rather than our minds will create more peace, love, compassion and understanding in our world. 


What we feel is transmitted out of our hearts into the universe. It brings back to us energy that matches how we feel. When we are angry we attract angry people. When we are compassionate and loving, we attract compassionate and loving people. 

Our Auric Field

What the scientists found is that our emotions are encoded into our magnetic fields. By shifting our emotions and how we feel we change what is coded into our field. Have you ever met someone and instantly taken a dislike to them? Or have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection with them? You like the way they are coded. It feels good to you. Which is why we want to be expressing happiness, joy and gratitude, because these emotions change the coding of our magnetic field.

Trust Our Hearts – Not Our Minds

What all of the spiritual teachers teach is living in our hearts, rather than our minds. We do this because our mind is ego based. Our hearts are connected with the universe. Hearts are what connect you and I together. We are all interconnected, brothers and sisters. We are all part of the whole. When we connect with our hearts we recognize the divinity in our brothers and sisters and see the love between us, rather than the hate. It is this connection we need to focus on and expand. Connecting with our hearts and trusting our hearts to know what is best for us takes trust. 
Building trust can be as easy as trusting your body. Trusting your gut instinct. I recommend that you ask questions. Questions will bring you guidance. Rather than making a statement – will only make you right. 
We can tell we are in our heads and minds when we use phrases like, “I have to FIGURE OUT……..” Figuring out things is not what you want to do. Trusting your heart, following your heart and trusting the guidance you receive is the way to go. Often we choose an ego-based decision and end a relationship because we are either afraid of opening up, or we are angry. Either way, our ego is running the show. When your heart is trusted, you will follow your desire. Your heart knows what it wants. All you have to do is learn to trust.

Broken Hearts Are Real

There are many things that break our hearts. Having a loved one die before their time, is one of the most heart-breaking events that we can experience. I recently spoke to my dear friend, Diana Davis’

mother. Diana left her body September 22nd, 2012. She was one of the most lovely women I knew. She was a fellow healer, and the reason I began doing energy healing. She held the workshops at her home in North Georgia.

Bonnie talked to me about two weeks ago and recounted the last hours of Diana’s life. She and I cried together while she told me that they could not regulate Diana’s heart beat and blood pressure. Diana could not speak, because she was on life support, but was able to send a message through her eyes to both her mother and her son Forrest before she passed. She told Forrest she loved him through her eyes. Diana shared intense emotion through her eyes with her mother as well. Bonnie told Diana she would make sure Forrest would be well taken care of. Forrest was 16 at the time. Bonnie was heartbroken afterwards, understandably. Her life has not been the same. 

About a year later she was rushed to the hospital because one of the two ties that hold the heart in place in the chest cavity, had been literally broken. Her heart was truly broken from the experience of grief of her daughter’s death.
When my beloved, John died, my acupuncturist made a house call. He told me had I not had acupuncture to clear the blockage, I would have most likely had a heart attack. My heart was broken also. Time does not heal all wounds. Our inner work is what does the healing. 

Bad Marriages – Cause Heart Disease and Heart Attacks in Women
A recent study by Michigan State University has found that older women that stay in bad marriages have a higher risk and incidence of heart disease and heart attacks than those who are in happy

marriages. This study found that women who remain long after they recognize they are unhappy are at a higher risk. Men however, were less affected. The study looked at couples in their 50’s and up.

Men’s health was less affected by their bad marriages than women’s. Why? Because women take care of their husbands, watching their diets when they are sick. Men do not take care of their wives in the same way. In fact, in many marriages once a woman gets sick, some husbands leave. Which is another reason that women who file for divorce are less likely to remarry. They are not inclined to find another man to take care of.
Dr. David Cziner of West Med in White Plains, NY, also cited a phenomenon called takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as broken-heart syndrome, is much more common in women than it is in men.
Remember Your Emotions Are Like A Magnet
The bottom line is what we feel, we send out. What we send out comes back to us. Think of what you want. Then think of what message you are beaming out through your heart megaphone into the Universe. If you want to be loved. Then LOVE yourself. If you

want to be accepted, then accept yourself. If you want peace, then find peace within. It all comes down to us. How we think, feel and treat ourselves. If you work tirelessly, giving to everyone but yourself, you are not loving yourself. You are doing to try to manipulate people to show love to you. If you need constant pats on the back telling you what a wonderful job you have done – you  need to take a look in the mirror. If you need constant validation from others, it is because you don’t love and accept you.

Love begins and ends with ourselves. 

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