Tantra: White, Red, Black What The Heck?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Tantra is the original vibrational medicine. Tantra is the concept of liberation or enlightenment via Shakti. 

The Sanskrit word Shakti can be translated as power or energy. It is the Divine force manifesting to destroy demons and restore balance. All Gods in Hinduism have Shakti. It is what gives them their power. 


Shakti is the mother Goddess, the universal Source energy that is present in all living things, from plants to the movement and tides of the ocean. Shakti is what makes the earth turn and the sun rise and set. Shakti is everywhere. Shakti is the universal destroyer, preserver and the giver of life. Shakti represents the manifest, while Shiva represents the unmanifest. The Divine Feminine and the Divine masculine together represent duality. They are inseparable. Shakti is change within changelessness. Shiva is changelessness and at the same time the root of all change. The dissolution of this duality is the root of Tantra and therefore Yoga. 


Tantra, mantras, mudras and yantras are all part of spiritual practice. Not all tantra relates to sex. Traditional tantra was taught by a guru who initiated you. 


Yantras, Mantras and What? Mudras?


White Tantra has nothing to do with sexual expression. It is a spiritual practice using (chanting) a mantra in meditation, mudras (hand or body poses, i.e. thumb and index finger in the OM or Gyan Mudra position) sometimes while looking or meditating on a


yantra (powerful symbol). Chanting can change your vibration, clear your energy and focus you. Chanting daily soothes the soul, connects you to The Divine, raises and expands your vibrational frequency. 

According to Tantra each individual is an entire universe. Everything that is within the cosmos is also in each human being. The human body is the most powerful and absolutely perfect Yantra. It is viewed as the perfect tool for inner awareness. A Yantra can help the seeker to focus inward to obtain enlightenment by turning away from the world of multiplicity, focusing instead on unity.
When Do You Talk About Sex?
Tantra is a complex subject. To understand the power of Tantra and it’s ability to enlighten, I would be remiss if I did not take you step by step through what Tantra could mean to you should you begin to practice in earnest. Tantra is not something that you pick up and study a few articles and become a master of. Tantra involves raising your consciousness, awakening your heart and communicating from that awakened heart, rather than from a place of unconsciousness. 

All of the subjects in this article are important and part of the

awakening process. Sex is so much better when both partners are awake, aware and conscious. Our senses are awakened when our hearts are open. Tapping into the energy of The Divine and all that is, crosses the barrier of mundane to extraordinary. So keep reading, your life may change for the better. 


Chanting changes your brain waves from erratic to congruent, therefore soothing the body chemistry and causing you to feel calm, grounded and focused. I have provided an example of the Gayatri mantra by Deva Premal. 



Mudra translated from Sanskrit literally means seal. It is a symbolic or ritual gesture in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Although a mudra can include the entire body, most are related to fingers and hands. Mudras regulate the five elements in the body. As we have five fingers, there are also five elements. Using mudras can heal the body. Your own health is literally in your own hands. 

  1. Thumb – fire
  2. Index –   air    
  3. Middle – ether or space
  4. Ring –     earth 
  5. Pinky –   water 


Anjali Mudra

A hand mudra can heal the body, help you become focused and grounded. A mudra is best used in a sitting position. I use the Anjali Mudra before a presentation, radio show or appearance. The Anjali Mudra is for cerebrum equilibrium. It brings me into my heart center and helps me focus my energy from that heart space. It calms me down and helps me center. We often use this mudra in greeting saying, “Namaste” or “Namaskar.” Which translates to, “I see the Divine in you.

Gyan Mudra

The Gyan Mudra is the mudra of knowledge. This mudra connects the thumb and index finger together. It increases air in the body. Most often used when in meditation, this mudra sharpens the brain, increases concentration and memory power, prevents insomnia. If used regularly this mudra can relieve psychological disorders like anger, depression and hysteria. So why aren’t you meditating every day and using this mudra, you ask? Good question. It is never too late to start something new. I have a YouTube video of the Divine Presence Process Meditation which will help you begin to meditate, from your heart, rather than your head. 

Red Tantra For Beginners

The key to Tantra is mindfulness. Rather than throwing your partner over the back end of the couch and boinking him while you watch, How I Met your Mother, Tantric Sex involves being completely present, slowing down your breathing, eye gazing and slow meditative pleasure. If a heated rush is all you are after, forget Tantra! This is all about heightened awareness and increasing consciousness.

From a sacred shower to clean sheets, mindfulness is at the core of Tantric practice. The focus is on giving and receiving pleasure, rather than on getting off as fast as you can. How often do you currently make love in the dark, forgo kissing or body massage and

are rolling over to fall asleep after sex? 

The focus is on being in the moment. Experiencing each second of pleasure as you feel it, rather than thinking about what you need to do next, or how quickly you wish it would be over. The true purpose of Tantric Sex is to expand your consciousness and achieve higher awareness.

  1. Let go of expectations. Don’t worry about what you should be doing or what goes where. Just feel. Experience and Enjoy.
  2. Ask and Appreciate your partner. Before touching your partner ask, “Is it okay if I touch your breasts?” This honors your partner especially if it is the woman being asked. Women have been expected to give it up, do for others and take one for the team. Asking if it is okay to touch her will be an amazing and reverent experience. Appreciate your partner for who they are. Can you imagine the world without them? What would that feel like? Breathe. Now appreciate them while they are here.
  3. Know your own body and what you like, where your pleasure points are. The better a woman knows her body, the more connected and present she will be.
  4. When you know your own body you are able to describe what you want
  5. Slow down. Breathe. Connect. This is not a get to the finish fast event. 
  6. Engage all the senses. Gorgeous Egyptian cotton sheets, candle light, fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate, scents, oil, music, all will heighten your experience. Taste, touch, smell, look, and listen. A whisper in your lover’s ear can have a greater impact than speaking out loud. It can send shivers down their back, igniting their desires.
  7. Open Your Eyes. Making eye contact and staying present, rather than disconnecting can be unnerving at first. When your

    eyes are open you are looking into your lover’s eyes and they are seeing into yours. You can’t escape. It can feel intense at first, but the love-making is so much more intense when you are looking at each other, watching their expressions and really seeing them.

  8. Focus. Turn off the television and cell phone. Texting during sex or answering the phone takes you out of the moment and breaks your concentration. Some guy friends even text their buddies to let them know they are gettin’ it on! A cell phone has no place in the middle of a sexual experience. 
  9. Open Your Mouth and Breathe! Slow breaths, continuously like in Yoga,  will move the pleasure throughout the entire body, rather than keeping the sexual energy focused in the genitals. Begin and practice breathing starting with 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out, gradually building to 20 seconds in and

    20 seconds out. This slow steady breath helps to keep the kundalini (sexual rising) energy moving, spreading throughout the body rather than getting stuck in one place. Tantric breathing involves exhaling while your partner inhales and then vise versa. If you have difficulty rubbing your tummy while you pat your head, you may need some practice.

  10. Say Thank you.  Gratitude is not just for Thanksgiving. It is amazing how wonderful it feels to have someone say thank you after giving you amazing pleasure. 

Black Tantra

Black Tantra is a lesser known version of Tantra. Unlike other forms of Tantric Sex that do not culminate in ejaculation of the male, black tantra does involve ejaculation. Ejaculation is thought to deplete the male chi, or energy, shortening his life and reducing life force. 

Black Tantra is utilized for thought projection and altering mental reality through various techniques. The pursuit of orgasmic release can cause cravings and suffering. Using tantra merely for pleasure and prolonging sex just for the sake of sex without using sex to achieve a more enlightened state is thought to lead one astray.

Kundalini Awakening
When you are completely present during your orgasm, you can feel the kundalini energy rise from the base of your spine, follow it upwards till it reaches the frontal cerebral cortex of the brain. This tingling surging energy can continue to circulate after an orgasm. Breath is the best way to balance this powerful energy. 
Some people reach enlightenment through a kundalini activation. Holding one’s breath can stifle the movement of the kundalini. Once awakened, it must complete it’s cycle. Breathing will keep the kundalini from being blocked.

The upcoming article is pertaining to semen retention for health, vitality and longer lasting sex.

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