The Art of Semen Retention For Vitality And Power

sex before a competition will deplete you.

Louis Smith – Olympian

Any athlete who has ever competed knows that sex before a competition will deplete you. As a matter of fact, many prize fighters and other athletes will forgo sex while in competition. The eastern world has known that ejaculation causes the body to be depleted of strength, vitality and even mental concentration.

However, orgasms will deplete your life force and over time can even cause challenges with kidneys and other physical issues. Taking a little pill to get it up, only increases physical ailments to the point of risking death, if you have heart or blood pressure issues.

Why then is the western world so focused on orgasms? Simply put, PLEASURE. An orgasm feels good. It relieves stress and can help you sleep better. Women receiving the gift of semen

internally become energized, giggly and happy. Your loss is our gift

There are ways to change the loss into a gain. Tantric Sex is definitely one of them. Holding onto your precious life giving semen up to an hour or more is enough to change the tables from a deficit to a amazing energetic increase.

I have consulted a long-time friend and Tantra teacher for this article. Being a man, he is much more able to translate what happens in the man’s body than I am. Prem Sarovara agreed to assist with the details of this article. He is a teacher for Ipsalu Tantra in Atlanta. 
The Origin of Sex and Ejaculation
Primal man wants to survive. In his innate nature, he has a built in desire to procreate. He does this by wanting to inseminate as many young fertile women as possible in his lifetime. We cannot fault men for something that is a natural state within them.
Primal women have an internal desire to find the strongest male with the most resources to impregnate her. You cannot fault a woman for having the need to find a man who will be strong and able to take care of her and her children. It is programmed into her DNA and therefore innate.
Rising Above
Retention of semen rises above the primal urges and imprint. There are distortions of the primal urges, where men continue to sow their seeds long after they have procreated a-plenty. There are also women who continue to look for the most handsome and well financed man to support her long after her children are out of nursery school.
When Ejaculation Begins
Semen retention is not about stopping the process once it begins. That is not healthy and can cause pain in the testes and abdomen. There are several methods that people use for this like pinching the top of the penis, OW! Or pressing on pressure points in the perineum. What’s a perineum, you ask? I will get to that. Neither of these are what we are discussing here. You can breathe a sigh of relief!

A Man Post Orgasm

Man post ejaculation

After 2 – 7 minutes and an ejaculatory orgasm it is over. After an ejaculatory orgasm that occurs too soon, men feel depleted, sadness and even a little depressed. Their energy wanes. They usually fall asleep immediately after sex. Men may even feel exhausted for several days afterward till their life force is regained. For this reason alone, athletes refrain from sex before try-outs, competitions and races.


Why would you want to retain your sexual energy by non ejaculatory sex?

Answer: To transmute it.

Think about rising above the primal man’s urges. This will match with the female rising above her primal nature. Primal man doesn’t want to prolong lovemaking – he wants to ejaculate.

What Tantra Will Do For Your Relationship

  • allow more time for stimulation of the woman
  • give you both higher heights of ecstasy and pleasure
  • longer lasting sex allows both partners to reach multiple orgasms
  • allow the man to keep his vitality and energy
  • no depression or sadness after orgasm
  • better concentration
  • more power
  • deeper intimacy and closeness

The 3rd Chakra – Power

Tantra moves and transmutes sexual energy upward into the higher chakras. Rather than allowing the energy to remain in the genitals it is transferred upwards first into your 3rd chakra, the solar plexus or power center. 

Once you have moved the sexual energy up into the third chakra your sexual energy amps up your power center. You are retraining the energy. Rather than allowing your sexual energy to stay in the genitals through the use of breath (instructions below) you move and transmute the energy upwards. After sex with non-ejaculatory orgasms OR orgasms after 1 hour or more: you will feel empowered instead of depleted. One day later you feel empowered and vital. Two days after sex you will still feel strong and empowered. There is no recovery time.

When you retain semen you feel empowered. Giving your woman an orgasm will also make you feel empowered. 


Retain your sexual energy (semen) a little longer and you bring the energy up into the heart chakra (the center of your chest). The energy can be circulated through all the chakras to achieve balance. 

The man receives through the heart as she pours that energy back

into him, through her heart and breasts. As she pours her energy into him, the relationship is deepened. A stronger connection is achieved.

The longer you retain your semen, the higher you can circulate your sexual energy. Moving the energy up into your throat chakra you lose all concepts of self. This is where the two of you blend into one. A blissful union of ONE. The feeling of bliss at this point is incredible and may last minutes, rather than the seconds of a “normal ejaculatory orgasm.”

The ultimate is achieved when the energy is moved above the heart chakra. This is where you disappear into blissful oblivion.


Maintain an erection and sexual energy for at least an hour; your sexual energy is maintained, even if you do ejaculate.

The penis (lingam) may become softer and then become hard again, from moving your sexual energy upward, but the woman can contract her internal muscles to build and transmute the sexual energy and heat within the vagina (yoni). 

Soft Penis – 

The penis (lingam) may become soft, and then regain it’s vigor again. This it temporary and still pleasant and enjoyable for both. The energy becomes a full body experience, rather than just a genital one. The woman can contract her PC muscles and her vaginal muscles which can heighten pleasure for both parties. The advantages of extending pleasure beyond 2 – 7 minutes are exponential. Both may experience multiple orgasms through extended pleasure and transmutation of the sexual energy.

Transmutation Breath

Contracting and relaxing the anal muscles generates heat. Breathe in and touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth to complete the

circuit. Contract and then relax the perineum for men. Men sometimes tease their mates by making their penis move by contracting muscles. These are the very muscles that you want to contract and relax, as well during this transmutation breath.

In women, it is the back wall of the vagina (yoni) contracting and relaxing the vaginal wall muscles. Contract and relax the clitoris. This one really requires some introspection to accomplish.

OBO – Orgasm With Bliss and Oblivion

Once you have mastered the breath and transmuted the energy, doing your contractions simultaneously, you will be able to move your sexual energy upwards into your throat chakra. the energy will just take over. What this means is that your orgasmic state can last as long as it wants to, rising and peaking then reaching a plateau, subsiding into a high plateau, rising again. The prostate will contract automatically, giving you multiple orgasms, similar in intensity to a woman’s multiple orgasms. This state can be maintained for hours. What a trip! 

Benefits of Tantric Bliss

  • a deeper connection
  • higher plateau
  • you are no longer moving the energy
  • beautiful state of ecstatic bliss
  • a man will experience what a woman does when she has multiple orgasms
  • great for prostate health
  • increased energy and vitality
  • increased mental focus
  • tremendous feeling of empowerment

This energetic state will take you to places you have never been before. This is a great time to have the kids visiting their grandparents and your cell phones off. You will not want to be interrupted for anything!

Cobra Breath

This breath work has been secret for a very long time, in fact my friend could not share it with me. The Ipasalu Tantra Institute teaches the Cobra breath when the student is ready. The purpose of Tantra is enlightenment. Great sex of course is a result of Tantra. The breath that is taught awakens the kundalini when the student is ready.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an enlightened and self actualized being. What does this mean for you? She doesn’t take anything personally. She lives in her heart, rather than her ego. She is in constant contact with her High Self and The Divine. 

Jennifer is a natural catalyst for your growth and healing. Being in her energy whether it is in person, on or phone, you will shift without doing anything. She intuitively gets mantras for you to heal

the issue you are encountering in the moment. Keep repeating the same relationship with different people? Jennifer is amazing at helping people find real love, rather than the addictive self destructive kind. 

If you are depressed, lonely, angry, anxious, feeling stuck, disempowered, feeling small and want to meet and step into your Divine self, Jennifer is the one to guide you there. As a Spiritual Pathfinder, she will help you find your way. 

If you want to truly work with a master of energy, Jennifer is the one to work with! Not only is she a master of her craft, she is professional, genuine and caring. She makes sure your experience was everything you were expecting and more…plus she gives you tools to keep help you on your journey! L. Roosevelt

The average woman needs more than the two minutes of sex she is currently receiving to have an orgasm. Even if you manage to go the distance of SEVEN minutes, you are on average 33 minutes shy of arousing most women enough to even get close to having an orgasm. 

Most women need 20 – 40 minutes of stimulation to get close to an orgasm. The sad thing is that 70% of women rarely or NEVER have orgasms with intercourse. Why? Because it is over before they have gotten enough stimulation to get there.

For those men out there that feel they are doing their job right and this paragraph does not apply to you, think again. A recent study found that 85% of men think that they did a good deed and got her there, when less than 64% did. 75% of men climax every time. Maybe Tantra is the answer to get more women to the pleasure zone that men are enjoying all by themselves?

You have to read my book. As it details the issues facing men and women today. Women want more intimacy. Men want more sex. Men become more intimate after sex and need sex for intimacy to occur. We have a stand-off. No one wants to budge. This is causing a huge rift. Love involves giving and receiving. Men feel loved when their women love and accept them through sex. Women need to feel loved to have sex. We are wired differently. 
In over 16% of long-term marriages today sex is a serious issue. To the point that men are not getting sex at all. This is sad. Read my book to help overcome obstacles standing in your way of healing your relationship and call Jennifer for a session. 

Hanna Katz-Jelfs has a wonderful video which talks about Tantra and pure bliss which goes far beyond what the regular sex act can achieve. Her description is beautiful.

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