Stairway To Heaven, Or Highway To Hell?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Life is what we make it. We can choose to make life the best life we can, focusing on questioning what we think, rather than believing all those crazy thoughts rolling around in our heads.  In this way we grow from what we did yesterday. The flip side of this proverbial coin is to focus on the negative, pinpoint all the things we can’t stand about other people. This negativity will create hell on earth for you making your journey long, hard and full of challenges. When we complain, bitch and moan about our life circumstances,  constantly looking over our shoulders wishing we hadn’t done what we did or made the choices we made, we are resisting. The choice, is always ours. 

Each of us is having our own life experiences. Lessons come along the way. If we don’t learn our lesson, we end up repeating similar experiences until we do. I write about the experiences I have, or about what I am guided to write about. Sometimes, these stories or articles hit home for you. I would like to hear from you when they do. Your experiences can help others with their journey. 

This Christmas for me was challenging because of logistics. I had to take the slow road – or longer route to Colorado to avoid bad weather and to be safe. It added a significant amount of driving to my already long trip. In total, I drove 4,000 miles and flew a few more to Toronto. The first week was spent with my

adult off-spring. My youngest, Ariel was delighted as this was the first time in 13 years that she woke up in the same house on Christmas morning as her brothers. There is a 12 year gap between Ariel and David and almost 15 between Ariel and Adam. Naturally, their life paths took them off on their own journey before Ariel was out of middle school. We are a very close-knit family. Getting together on a regular basis helps to maintain that closeness. During our time together we painted, ate, hiked and just spent time together. We were not busy doing anything else other than visiting with one another. 

My trip back to Canada was one I had put off for over 2 and a half years. My mother is 92. To those who know me, I refer to a trip home as a “Button Pusher’s Convention.” I have had so many

My mother, aged 92

experiences over the past three weeks that I have enough to write another book, or at least three weeks of blog posts. I will share the stories one at a time.

I am very happy to say, that I was able to visit with my mom, peacefully. It has not been that way in the past. I was able to speak my truth with compassion and love. We enjoyed our time together. My mother showed her love for me by baking 16 different types of squares, cookies and Christmas cake. I broke my sugar fast and enjoyed my mother’s baking.
On my way home I travelled through intense fog for over two hours. I could not see more than 50 feet in front of the car. I heard, “TRUST.” So I did. It was like driving with my eyes closed. I arrived in Williams, Arizona, near the Grand Canyon to check into my hotel. When I got out of my car and looked in the backseat, I saw my little dog Yoda was not with me. I shrieked, “YODA!” I searched under all the blankets and dog beds. He was not in my car. I had stopped in Williams, because I was tired. This meant an immediate drive back well over 100 miles! I thought back to all the places I had stopped to take photos and left my car door open. I stopped at the Meteor Crater near Winslow, Arizona. That stop was 6 miles off Interstate 40. In the middle of nowhere. There could be coyotes, foxes or cars that could endanger him. I never thought he would jump out and adventure out on his own. I certainly did not see him get out, or around the outside of my car. I also stopped at an abandoned Native American store, where there were still tipis and a huge dream catcher. Both of my dogs were out running around there and peed. I remember putting both dogs back into the car. After I turned the car around I got out one more time and took a photo of a huge dream catcher. Probably the largest in the world. I walked into the abandoned store where someone had smashed all the display cases and taken what was in them. The store felt very sad. Outside the store were huge petrified tree logs. I took photos there also. Maybe he was there? 

Near Big Guns, Arizona

By this time, it was pitch dark and I had not eaten all day. I had to eat and stay awake. I stopped to pick up some food and found the couple that had checked in at the same I had, sitting in the Pines restaurant in Williams.  They were kind. They told me they were from Calabasas, California. Andy invited me to sit with them. I had ordered my food to go, as I had to find Yoda. They said they would pray for Yoda’s safety. I called all my children and asked them to pray for Yoda to be found safely. I knew I needed everyone’s help. I felt strangely calm. I called on all those who had crossed over recently. I asked for my friends on the other side; John Armbruster, Rich Resuta, Diana Davis and Joanne Butler to assist. I asked them to put a holy bubble of Divine White Light around Yoda and keep him still. I didn’t want him wandering towards the highway, or being eaten by another animal.

250,000 year old wood Petrified Zuni forest

I drove like a bat out of hell, praying the whole time. I kept thanking the angels and God for keeping Yoda safe. I said my prayers as if I had already found Yoda, safe and alive. I stopped first at the Meteor Crater road. I got out and whistled and yelled for Yoda till my voice was hoarse. I heard, “He’s not here.” I headed back to 40 East, towards Albuquerque and stopped at the abandoned store. I never stopped praying. I drove in, parked and quickly got out looking all around in the dark for Yoda. Fortunately, there was a light still lit on the top of the abandoned store roof. I called and called Yoda as loudly as I could. Nothing. I began to walk towards the petrified wood in front of the store. I called him again. “It’s mommy Yoda!” He came barreling

from behind one of the tipis. At first he ran close but would not come right to me. I felt he might have been fearful that I would be angry with him. I called him again and he came to me. I clasped him in my arms and hugged him. I immediately said a prayer of gratitude. John the angels, God and all my deceased friends had kept him safe.  I was so grateful. I cried while I hugged him. I picked him up, placed him in the back seat then called everyone to say thank you!

The Moral of This Story
And The Lesson

I took a selfie, one that I will never forget. This was my lesson about being present. Had I not been so distracted by the beauty of the setting sun and all that was around me, taking photos, I would not have lost Yoda. Our cell phones cause us to be distracted. They ring when we are in the middle of hauling groceries to our cars, or when we are having important conversations. They don’t need to be in our hands 24/7. Being present means paying attention to our surroundings and our loved ones. I am making a course correction to drive when I am driving. I will stop and take photos, making sure that the doors are closed and my dogs are safe. Learning is what life is all about. Making changes

along the way helps to keep us and our loved ones safe and protected.

Jennifer is a life, love and sex coach, author, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Master energy healer. She became enlightened in 2012. Since that time she has been fearless, happy, joy filled and never ever lonely. She no longer feels a longing for a hole to be filled. She will help you do the same. Jennifer works with those committed to spiritual, mind-body growth. Whether you suffer from addiction, co-dependency, challenges attracting a healthy relationship or just plain suffering, Jennifer can help you. She is a healed healer. She will help you let go of resistance so that you don’t suffer any more. She will help you love yourself and others unconditionally, so that you can live a life fulfilled and joyful. Her work benefits people from all walks of life and all spiritual beliefs. 
Jennifer will be at the Burbank Holiday Inn, January 11, 2015 for the New Earth Expo. She will be speaking at 11:00 in room ONE. Her talk is on Power Manifesting for Love, Wealth and Happiness. Book a strategy session for free here: [email protected][email protected]

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