Belly Dancing For Passionate Sex and Libido

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Recently my daughter and I dined at a wonderful, Morrocan restaurant, Tajine Alami, in Manitou Springs, Colorado. We chose this restaurant for it’s food and atmosphere. After being warmly greeted, were asked to remove our coats and shoes in the coat room. It was a little chilly at first, the restaurant was large and open. I am sure their heating bill was almost as large as their mortgage payment during winter. 

We had a couple of hours to kill while my son and his girlfriend visited family nearby. The meal and service was a sensual experience, complete with hand washing at the beginning and end of the meal. The whole evening was a sensual experience. It was my kind of place!

Sitting on cushions on the floor, eating with our hands (forks optional) was fun adventurous. A wonderful change of pace. So often we get stuck in our little box of a world and life, looking up and choosing differently can bring new and exciting experiences, in life as well as in the bedroom!


We began to get up to leave after our meal, when the owner told us with a smile, “You will miss the dancing!” We sat back down on our cushions, and got comfortable. We were not disappointed. I am as straight as they come, I have to say, I admired this beautiful belly dancer. She had me mesmerized. The woman was graceful, sexy and amazingly talented. By the end of the evening, both my daughter and I were determined to learn how to belly dance. We were both so motivated by her control of each separate body part. She was able to isolate parts of her abdomen, rolling, undulating. I remarked how great the movement is for sex, my daughter, rolled her eyes, saying “Geeze mother!” 

How Belly Dancing Helps Turn Women ON!
Belly dancing, hula dance and other primal type dancing gets the hips moving. Our sexual center wakes up when we move our hips. Pelvic thrusting, circles, and shaking it, will help get your estrogen moving and wake up your sexual center, the root and sacral chakras. 
The Importance of Movement 
Our sedentary lifestyle is not good for our health, or our sex lives. Yoga is a wonderful exercise for stretching the body and staying limber, but it does not excite, turn on or tune us into our sensual sexual selves, like belly dancing does. You got it, I am currently looking for a belly dancing class in my area.

Belly dancing focuses on hip and pelvis movement which awakens sleeping sexuality. Moving the hips is healthy. Our kundalini is much more likely to awaken when we are active, moving our hips, gyrating and shaking. This movement only helps to improve sex in the bedroom. Being physically fit, with regular exercise, with pelvic movement will help you getting your groove on. Your partner will love all your new moves!

Sitting in a chair all day can cause stiffness, joints to seize up and weight gain. Belly dancing is a fun way to enliven our natural sexual center and feel happy and alive all at the same time.

Belly Fat

Belly fat is a common complaint of Americans, or their spouses. Eating a diet of GMO wheat, fast food, soda and other highly indigestible foods has caused Americans to be obese. Fat stomachs mean that we have fat around our organs. When we have fat around our organs, our circulation suffers. We need good circulation for healthy sexual function. For a penis to become erect, blood needs to flow to it freely for engorgement to occur. Women too need to have healthy circulation for their vagina to become engorged, ready for sex. Without the healthy flow of blood, sex can be difficult and even painful for many.

Smoking, drinking soda, alcohol, eating processed foods will eventually cause difficulty getting your member (men) to stand at attention. A stiff penis is required for penetrative sex.
The Benefits of Sex
Even for those too tired to have sex, remember that great sex calms your nerves, is a pain reliever and helps you sleep so much better. Forgo the fifteen minutes of reading tonight and make love instead. Your husband will thank you for it! You will sleep better and wake up with a smile on your face! 

Why You Need To Have Sex 

Remember rejecting your husband over and over gives many men the excuse to cheat. Men often feel justified to have sex with someone else, if their wife just won’t, especially when it is a historic, “NO, I’m tired,” or “Not tonight I have a headache.” Sex relieves migraines, stress, and brings the two of your closer together. What’s not to like?


Long-standing sexless marriages are not healthy, loving or balanced. If you are not having sex with your partner (most of you are women) you are opening the door to an affair. You are giving your silent permission for your partner to cheat. 
Horrifying Truth
  1. Half of all American children will witness the the  breakup of their parent’s marriage. (Furstenberg, Peterson, Nord and Zill, “Life Course”)
  2. Of the millions of children who have seen their parent’s divorce, one out of every 10 will witness three or more divorces. (The Abolition of Marriage Gallagher.)
  3. Of all children born to married parents this year, half will experience their parents divorce before their 18th birthday. (Fagan, Fitzgerald, Rector, “The Effects of Divorce on America”)
Of the millions of children who have seen their parents divorce, one out of every ten will witness three more divorces of their parent. Children perform better in school, achieve better results on SATs, are more apt to graduate from college and stay out of jail when they have two parents. Children of divorced parents are more likely to not get married or have repeated divorces. 40% of children today in the US are living without fathers. I know, I have been divorced 4 times. Two of my children experienced three divorces.  Thinking that you can do it alone, is folly. Look at your man. If he is not out carousing, beating you up or abusing you, you have a decent man. No marriage is perfect. Everyone has flaws and faults. Focusing on their flaws, means you focus on your own as well. There will always be challenges. Denying sex to your partner repeatedly is abusive and cause for divorce. E-mail Jennifer privately for questions or help.
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About Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Today, I love myself fearlessly. Yes, I live every day happily in joy, without fear, anxiety or worry. YES, I can help you do the same. 


In the past, I have been unhappy and miserable in marriage and out. On a spiritual path since 1970.  I traveled to India, then Bali in 2011. I experienced a series of events that led to my awakening and self actualization. These events help my clients, as I am focused on them, rather than myself. My focus in my life coaching and energy healing practice is to keep marriages and relationships together. I have learned what it takes for a healthy relationship to succeed. I do this for all of humanity. Love is what is missing in most marriages. We blame, nitpick, critique our partners, when what we need is compassionate understanding and more love, rather than less!


It has been my experience that traditional therapy breaks the marriage apart. This is due to the fact that old hurts are brought up repeatedly and there is no clearing of patterns, beliefs that don’t serve or change behavior. Staying the same, does not bring healing. We have to shift our thoughts as well as communication style for healing to occur. Shifting thoughts and patterns is where the magic comes in of my work. If you are serious about being happy, making your marriage work, or discovering your path, Jennifer is your woman. Experienced, compassionate, understanding and committed to your healing, she will drill to the center of the issue, without blame, condemnation or judgment. She has been where you are and understands what it feels like to have:

low self esteem
lack of clarity
sexual dysfunction
sex addiction
loneliness (even within a marriage)
feeling broken
All of these are just some of the issues Jennifer has healed in her own life. Enlightened in 2012, she is a catalyst for your healing, through her Divine connection. No religion, or beliefs required. Just pure love and understanding.

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  1. Linny G says:

    Did you ever find a belly dance class with a teacher that inspired you to take lessons, Jennifer? Signed: “Late to the program ?”.

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