From Fantasy To Fetish And Then Some!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Open your mind, be clean and open to receive!

50 Shades of Gray was a huge success. Why? This book indulged our imaginations, taking readers into experiences in their minds that titillated and tantalized. 50 Shades was all about wild and kinky (Orgasm For Life has a chapter called 50 Shades of Purple my tongue in cheek title for my erotica.) Sex begins in the mind. Both men AND women want to be tantalized. Are you talking about what turns you on? Do you know what turns you on? Most people are afraid to divulge their deepest darkest secrets and fantasies. 


Kinky sex can add a new dimension to your love life. Explore. Discover and expand your mind. Try something new. Opening the door of discovery could allow you to ask for what you want as well. Staying silent about your sex life does not improve it or get you what you want. As long as the experience does not hurt you, trying something new could deepen your relationship. Developing deep trust between you and your partner can allow you to express your true desires. When we say, “NO!” we often close the door out of fear, before we even try. Try and see how it goes. Even adding a vibrator could create an amazing experience for someone who is non-orgasmic. This is an opportunity to change things up, just think for a moment about something a little different, even if it is a different room, or the backseat of your car.

Joke: We had kinky sex on the patio last night. 
           “What’s a patio?”

If you haven’t heard Linzi Levinson’s show, Linzi’s Life Secrets, here is a great opportunity. Linzi interviewed Jennifer for a two-part series recently. Here is the second show that sizzled the airwaves! Linzi is a wonderful host. Voice America is an open broadcasting system where we were able to say pretty descriptive words. We were quite open in this interview. It is a great opportunity for you to explore and learn. We have great charisma together. We talk about anything taboo. Kinky is what this show is all about. We dig deep and give you the scoop about all things kinky. 

From Fantasy To Fetish And Then Some

Kinky sex can turn you on, whether you are in a new relationship, or have been married for years. A simple blindfold, costume, for role playing can ignite the fire and bring some fun into your bedroom. I suggest that you open your mind. If your sex is dull and boring. Listen to this show by clicking right here. If you aren’t having sex at all, listen to this show! Everyone is different. Judgment about doing something that you haven’t experienced can block you from trying something new that you might really enjoy. Exploring something new can be an experience that changes your relationship for the better. Kinky could be having sex in the shower, or grabbing your husband under the table while at a fancy restaurant.

K is for KINKY

What is considered kinky?

  • Sex on the kitchen counter, or the back seat of your car.
  • Playing dress-up (Dr. and nurse)
  • Sex with a blind-fold
  • Tying up your partner
  • Foot sucking
  • Toe Sucking
  • Fetishes
  • Golden Showers
  • Anal Sex
  • Whipped Cream and chocolate
  • Talking dirty (doesn’t have to be four letter words), could be whispering to your partner what you are doing to them

Engaging All Our Senses

We want to engage all our senses to heighten our sexual experiences. The senses are, hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell, pressure, hot and cold. Beyond the five senses we also have our intuitive senses, thought, light and color. I bet that most of you are only using two! Whispering in someone’s ear what you are about to do to someone, could be enough to tantalize

someone into experiencing tremendous sensations. Think about the other body parts that we have that we forget to make love to. Kissing eyelids, shoulders loving every inch of your body, that is true love-making. Taking sex to a higher level, involving all the senses and all the body parts, not just the genitals.

Take time to savor your sexual experience. Enjoy each moment. 

Is Kinky Sex Healthy?

Talking with your partner about trying something new is key. Set boundaries about the parameters of your experience to deepen trust.

Kinky sex is healthy as long as both parties say yes. No one should agree to be hurt by sex, or do something that feels uncomfortable to them. The healthier that we are, the more definitive our boundaries need to be. We need to have a signal, word, or tap out when we begin an activity that is unusual, so that we feel safe. If we don’t feel comfortable we need to be able to say, “I don’t like this, let’s stop” with our signal.


Prostate Massage For Erectile Dysfunction

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Prostate massage could be normal to some, but kinky to others. Prostate massage can cure an issue with erectile dysfunction. Prostate massage is done through the anus, gently, rather than poking. 

For some, the anus is a gross body part that is for outbound processing only. Yet, looking at the way our bodies were created, why is it that we have so many nerve endings surrounding the anus? Why do some women have anal orgasms through vaginal sex? 


However, like the joke where two male friends are hiking and one stops to relieve himself and have a pee on the trail. He is bitten on his exposed penis by a poisonous snake. His friend hearing his screams comes running to see what the commotion is all about. He checks his phone to see what the cure for poisonous snake bite might be, to save his life.

After he reads the remedy is sucking out the poison from the wound, he tells his friend he is going to die!~ Prostate massage to some women might be like snake bite to the friend – forget it you are going to die of prostate cancer

Here is the link to the show: From Fantasy To Fetish And Then Some!

Hygiene Before Sex

Cleanliness before sex is so important. It is respectful to yourself and your partner. To show up clean with fresh breath and body parts shows reverence for your partner. Shower, brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Showering prior to sex also makes the act of having sex, sacred. Being clean for sex recognizes the initiation of an experience of closeness and intimacy. Note to those who like to cut corners: Febreze is not for body parts! No household cleaners! 

Oral Sex

50 years ago, oral sex might have been seen as kinky. Today, oral sex is common place, to the point of one of our presidents saying, it wasn’t sex at all! Most men love oral sex, but don’t always return the favor. Many women don’t like giving oral sex to their partners because they find it disgusting. Yet, for those men who love oral, it is a terrible disappointment for them to NOT get what they truly desire. 

Overcoming Fear of Sex or Oral

For those women who would like to get over the hump of not liking oral sex, Jennifer does NLP to overcome this issue. I have been very successful using NLP to help men and women overcome erectile dysfunction issues, fears or deep seated negative thinking. NLP reprograms the mind. Like eating something you don’t like, you might force yourself to eat something served at a party so you don’t disappoint your host. So too can you overcome the thought process that makes oral sex disgusting to you. Men feel so loved and accepted when we perform oral sex for them. When we focus on the negative, that is all we will experience. Ask me about NLP to overcome fears, or thought processes or blocks about sex.

There is much to integrate within ourselves at our deepest level. Through exploration we expand our self awareness while growing our self esteem. Exploration can allow us to reach our highest potential on all levels. Our self esteem comes from getting to know ourselves well.

Special thank you to Linzi Levinson for having me on her show for these very special shows. 

For Men With ED – even sometimes

I work with men and have been very successful in person or over the phone in helping men overcome their issue of erectile dysfunction. One gentleman whom I met had an issue after an event caused him to doubt himself. It kept repeating. One session was all he needed. Although your situation may require more sessions, the work I do is powerful and life changing! E-mail me to set up your phone or SKYPE session. And, no, this does not involve me having sex with you. I am en educator, healer, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, not a surrogate. E-mail Jennifer now to set up your session. 

About Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Today, I love myself fearlessly. Yes, I live every day happily in joy, without fear, anxiety, worry loneliness or depression. YES, I can help you do the same. 


In the past, I have been unhappy and miserable in marriage and out. On a spiritual path since 1970.  I traveled to India, then Bali in 2011. I experienced a series of events that led to my awakening and self actualization. These events help my clients, as I am focused on them, rather than myself. My focus in my life coaching and energy healing practice is to keep marriages and relationships together. I have learned what it takes for a healthy relationship to succeed. I do this for all of humanity. Love is what is missing in most marriages. We blame, nitpick, critique our partners, when what we need is compassionate understanding and more love, rather than less!


Traditional therapy did not work for me. I knew there had to be another way. My sense was that it ends more marriages than it saves. This is due to the fact that old hurts are brought up repeatedly, keeping both parties in complaint mode. When the focus is on the negative and old issues, moving forward, shifting behavior is next to impossible. One party ends up being wrong.  Patterns, beliefs or programming that don’t serve are not cleared. There is often no change in behavior. Staying the same, does not bring healing. We have to shift our thoughts, release old patterning or programs as well as communication style for healing to occur. Shifting thoughts and patterns is where the magic comes in of my work. If you are serious about being happy, making your marriage work, becoming enlightened, or discovering your path, Jennifer is your woman. Experienced, compassionate, understanding, committed to your healing, she will drill to the center of the issue, without blame, condemnation or judgment. She has been where you are and understands what it feels like to have:

low self esteem
lack of clarity
sexual dysfunction
sex addiction
loneliness (even within a marriage)
feeling broken
All of these are just some of the issues Jennifer has healed in her own life. Enlightened in 2012, she is a catalyst for your healing, through her Divine connection. No religion, or beliefs required. Just pure love and understanding.


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