Coconut Oil Boosts Testosterone Improves Sex Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Coconut oil was once on the American Medical Associations, no-no list. Which is not surprising to me. I don’t believe everything I hear or read. I always check in with my own guidance to decide what is best for myself and my health. I suggest others do the same. 


Coconut oil once fed to pigs, that led to the discovery that it caused them to lose weight. Coconut oil will prolong your life, help brain

function as well as cure candida. It is now a must-have for those who know all about it’s anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, never mind the magic of weight loss. I use it to cook my eggs in the morning, curries, and even for a sexual lubricant. Oh yes, coconut oil in the morning, noon and night! Don’t like the taste? I have tons of ideas for you to get your two tablespoons a day here. Just read on…

Here is the list of medically proven qualities of this magical oil:
  1. Burns fat. Yes, it is a fat, but it is wonderful for weight loss while it gives you so many other health benefits. Use two tablespoons a day to reduce belly fat in 3 months. Belly fat is a sure sign that you have fat on your organs which is a sign you will have heart problems down the road. Use coconut oil to alleviate heart issues.
  2. Brain-boosting Oh YA! Alzheimer’s no more with this amazing oil. The brain is about 60% fat. It needs fat to work efficiently. Proven in the 2006 issue of Neurobiology of Aging to have increased brain function within 90 minutes of treatment, due to the chain of 
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Sexual lubricant. Works great, rejuvenates the cellular tissue and prevents candida! It even tastes great. Read my book for more info
  5. Antifungal. Will help reduce overgrown yeast in vagina, brain and fingernails.
  6. Antibacterial. Use on cuts, bruises and painful place on the body. Helps to heal more quickly with less scarring.
  7. Youthing. Stimulates production of collagen. Any woman over 45 knows that as we age, collagen production is reduced. Use it

    all over the body for anti-aging and healing effects.

  8. Anti-inflammatory, fever reducing, analgesic (pain reducing).
  9. Testosterone BOOSTER! In experiments done on rats, reduced oxidative stress on testes, boosting testosterone. NO VIAGRA!
  10. Reduces swollen prostate.
  11. Improves blood lipids. Improves LDL: HDL ratio.
  12. Improves Bone Health. Reduces oxidative stress on bone, reducing bone loss.
  13. Anti-ulcer. Coconut milk is better than cows milk for reducing ulcers. 
Recipes With Coconut Oil
Spinach and eggs. High in protein, yummy as well. This easy breakfast or lunch takes less than 6 minutes to prepare. Way better than a toaster strudel or piece of toast. It is tasty, quick and will sustain your brain, keeping sugar levels from dropping till lunchtime.
Contains 12 grams protein
Selenium for healthy immune system
Vitamin A
Vitamin B and Vitamin E
181 milligrams for Vitamin K – for blood clotting
160 calories (two eggs)
1 Tbsp of Coconut oil contains 120 calories – don’t forget it helps you lose weight, feeds your brain and prevents Alzheimer’s.


2 Tbsp of chopped onion
1 – 2 Tbsp of coconut oil
2 hand fulls of spinach washed (don’t need to chop)
2 eggs beaten
Himalayan salt (full of minerals)
spices to taste: I add a pinch of both ground ginger and curry powder
pinch Himalayan salt (pink salt – because it is full of 84 minerals)
Saute onion in coconut oil till slightly transparent. Add spinach. Let cook for about 2 – 3 minutes. Beat eggs. Add the eggs on top of spinach. Do not stir. Cook for about 2 more minutes, flip. As soon as they are done to your liking remove from pan. I don’t like to overcook my eggs. I take them out after another minute.

Fried Eggs 

Coconut oil
cook over gentle heat
sprinkle with curry powder (goes well with coconut oil)

Smoothie – full of antioxidants, protein and fiber
2 Tbsp coconut oil
1 cup blueberries
1 scoop chia seeds
handful of spinach leaves washed
1/2 lemon – peel on
1/2 apple
honey to taste

About Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

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It is my mission to help others love themselves fearlessly so that they can live happy lives, in healthy balanced relationships. My goal is to help married couples overcome the baggage of yesterday, remind them of the love that brought them together, and help them clear the blocks and limiting beliefs that have them stuck. Relationships involve sex, love, appreciation. I help remind you of those values.


Today, I love myself fearlessly. Yes, I live every day happily in joy, without fear, anxiety, worry loneliness or depression. YES, I can help you do the same. I help men with issues of ED, self love, boundaries and passion. 


In the past, I have been unhappy and miserable in marriage and out. On a spiritual path since 1970.  I traveled to India, then Bali in 2011. I experienced a series of events that led to my awakening and self actualization. These events help my clients, as I am focused on them, rather than myself. My focus in my life coaching and energy healing practice is to keep marriages and relationships together. I have learned what it takes for a healthy relationship to succeed. I do this for all of humanity. Love is what is missing in most marriages. We blame, nitpick, critique our partners, when what we need is compassionate understanding and more love, rather than less!

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Traditional therapy did not work for me. I knew there had to be another way. My sense was that it ends more marriages than it saves. This is due to the fact that old hurts are brought up repeatedly, keeping both parties in complaint mode. When the focus is on the negative and old issues, moving forward, shifting behavior is next to impossible. One party ends up being wrong.  Patterns, beliefs or programming that don’t serve are not cleared. There is often no change in behavior. Staying the same, does not bring healing. We have to shift our thoughts, release old patterning or programs as well as communication style for healing to occur. Shifting thoughts and patterns is where the magic comes in of my work. If you are serious about being happy, making your marriage work, becoming enlightened, or discovering your path, Jennifer is your woman. Experienced, compassionate, understanding, committed to your healing, she will drill to the center of the issue, without blame, condemnation or judgment. She has been where you are and understands what it feels like to have:

low self esteem
lack of clarity
sexual dysfunction
sex addiction
loneliness (even within a marriage)
feeling broken
All of these are just some of the issues Jennifer has healed in her own life. Enlightened in 2012, she is a catalyst for your healing, through her Divine connection. No religion, or beliefs required. Just pure love and understanding.

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