Love And Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Be good to me, I’ll be good to you. Walk away with victory! Love and Happiness! I just love Al Green. Sexy, talented. 

Today my friend Cheney Hall is offering his wisdom, talents, insight, humor and abilities to let you know what is happening

on the horizon. Cheney uses punctuation the way I use photos. Take it away Cheney. By the way, my next post will be an audio of CHAPTER ONE of OFL (Orgasm For Life), in the author’s voice. Sexy, exciting and certainly informative. Stay tuned.

The following article is from Cheney Hall: 

Venus began its transit through the sympathetic, emotional sign of Pisces yesterday, 1/27, at 10:00 AM EST … Venus was last in Pisces from April 5th – May 2nd, 2014 and the entire time Mars was retrograde in Libra which, of course, is ruled by Venus … anything come to mind from that period ??? … this Venus is all about dreams and wishes, fairy tale endings, love at first sight, and happily ever after … Venus is exalted in Pisces – a planet that is exalted in a sign expresses its energy more harmoniously and visibly, especially since Pisces ruler Neptune is the higher vibrational octave of Venus …

Venus in Pisces enjoys being compassionate, tenderhearted and helpful … often one relates to others by taking the role of either the rescuer or a person looking for help … affection is usually expressed idealistically, romantically, sympathetically, or sometimes evasively … there is a deep desire for magic and romance in love … one of the obstacles here can be a lack of clarity about what you want or a failure to be objective in regards to others which can ultimately set you up for disappointment, disillusionment, or possibly deception … it is very easy under this energy to idealize love and loved ones, and one must guard against

putting people and love on the proverbial “pedestal” as when reality sinks in the results can be devastating … sometimes a lack of discrimination can lead to highly frustrating attachments … in this energy, one often wants a beautiful dream in their love relationships, yearns for a true soul mate, or can be psychically attuned to ones partner … since Pisces is a water sign, Venus traveling here is especially subject to the emotions being a large part of the drive – even more so than usual!!!

Venus in Pisces can give great sensitivity to hurt that makes one feel as though they are being picked on … one must guard against clinging to illusory loves just because they are far more beautiful than real life … and this could ultimately prevent one from finding

true closeness with another … the bottom line here is that this Venus wants to experience the perfect, unselfish love … tastes are frequently very refined here … music is usually a natural means of self-expression as well as art …

Venus in Pisces teaches us to love through accepting – the love of all … in fact, LOVE IS ALL … this energy sees the Eternal Life principle flowing through every manifestation and therefore

uniting the soul with all of life … it is said that this placement of Venus most likely has more innate ability for inspired artistic creativity than any other … also at heart one knows and feels that love is everything … everything is regarded as being alive and sacred …

Venus in Pisces can yield a complex love nature … this is due to having a highly evolved sense of love as unconditional and of beauty as a healing property, but on the other hand the fears and doubts that can accompany this energy can make one inclined to see love as something one “needs” and beauty as something to “get” or to “own” … the truth here is that each one of us is a thing of love and beauty, but if one begins to doubt this, then one can open them self up to being used and abused … and in the end, it comes down to the fact that you can only love the world and those in it as much as you love yourself as a part of the world !!!

Check out my blog to find out the positive and/or negative manifestations possible from this philanthropic yet at times hypersensitive Venus energy …

Venus remains in Pisces until February 20th … Venus now joins Mars and Neptune in this dreamy swim through the emotional “waters” of Pisces … BUT – beginning a new relationship during this transit of Venus, even though it may seem “perfect” and just what you have been searching for, is advised against until after February 11th as Mercury is currently in its first retrograde journey for 2015 … and given that Pisces planetary ruler Neptune often causes us to seek the ideal, sometimes too much so, while at the same time blurring boundaries and making things subject to lack of clarity, in the end what we value, who and what we love, and how we earn and spend our money could change greatly or become the victim of very challenging, confused and irrational decisions …
Pisces born individuals, this is the time when Venus shines its beautiful “love light” upon you … it is usually a good time to ask for what you want, even given the conflicting planetary energy with Mercury retrograde, as you’re still likely to be pretty much irresistible !!! … for everyone, it’s time to keep “carefully” searching for the perfect “ahhhh” and seeking love with all the trimmings … and it may be waiting – all for YOU !!!

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