Semen – Nature’s Superfood!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

What’s in your morning protein shake? Today Huffington Post headlined with an article that semen has as much protein in it as a protein shake.  

What are the benefits of semen, you ask, besides making the man in your life very happy? There are many. Heather Locklear a beautiful young looking 51 year old actress who looks as young as her 15 year old daughter, says that semen on the skin smoothes out wrinkles. The Town House spa in New York, will put semen on your face professionally for $250.00. I know there are men living with you, who would be delighted to donate theirs for free, for your beautiful young-looking skin!
What is so special about semen? Think about what semen does. It provides fertilizer for the ovum. It is rich with protein to help create a baby. Any fruit with lots of seeds in it is especially good for you as well (papaya, figs, pomegranate). Sperm is exceptionally nutrient rich with the following ingredients in, (I had to say it) one shot!
  • fructose sugar
  • water
  • ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
  • citric acid
  • enzymes
  • protein
  • zinc
Each ejaculation contains between 5 – 7 calories. 200 – 500 million sperm. For those of you who are single, safe sex practices apply. Unless you know your guy is monogamous and STD free, use a condom.

When you are deciding whether to spit or swallow, besides the fact that you will make your guy feel completely loved and accepted by doing so, there are many protein and health benefits!


Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, passionate inspirational speaker, radio host, sex coach and educator. She also helps women find themselves and love themselves fearlessly. She is a catalyst

coach, which means just the act of talking to her, shifts you automatically. She is a gifted healer, NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist and mother of three. She has been married and divorced 4 times. Certified in over 5 different modalities, she works with people in different ways. She is funny, direct and compassionate. Jennifer is a master at helping women overcome shame, guilt and other blocked emotions. Her radio show launched from the BBM Global platform in February 2015. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE will be found on Tune In and is all about sex. With a foundation of love, connectedness and compassion sex can become a vehicle for your enlightenment and deeper connection with your partner.

She helps men with the following:
  • codependency
  • boundaries
  • ED
  • HTP – Hair Trigger Penis or Premature Ejaculation

Jennifer’s book, Orgasm For Life, is available on Amazon. It is a no-holds barred guide for sex, pleasure and conscious sacred sex.

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