15 Ways To Love Her Every day

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I was sitting in meditation this morning asking what I needed to write about. I considered a post about the things I don’t like about Valentine’s Day. Maybe, you, like me don’t like being told what to do. I don’t like being told my taxes need to be done by a certain day, I don’t like being told I have to love someone more on a particular day. And I certainly don’t like being told that there is only ONE day to show love!

Showing your appreciation, generosity, acceptance and respect for her, will allow her to feel loved and accepted by you. Giving her kudos for all that she does for you everyday, brings love to the forefront. Gratitude for your partner will open your heart and hers. Being grateful for what you have in your partner, helps you both recognize what you have together.


No one is perfect. Not even you. You might be darn close, I am sure. Remembering that each of us has faults, we all fart, have bad breath at times and sometimes say things we shouldn’t. Accepting your love as she is shows unconditional love for her. When we stop trying to fix or make our partner wrong, we are in acceptance. If you are hell bent on trying to prove that you are RIGHT, you, my friend will lose. You will lose your opportunity to receive love, be loved and have love. Acceptance is the way, to true love, not only of others, but the ultimate love of the self. If you love and accept yourself COMPLETELY as you are, others will love you as you are too.

On that tangent, here are ways to show your gorgeous, sexy woman that you love her EVERY DAY!

  1. Put a little red bow around her toothbrush with a note attached, I love your mouth. I love the way you smile. I love the way you speak. I love the way you kiss me goodnight. I want you to always remember how much I love you. Make your note your own. Tell her you love her in your own way.
  2. Make her coffee or tea before she does. Bring it to her the way she likes it. Give her a kiss on the cheek, or her shoulder a light

    touch and smile. You know her better than I do, whichever she would prefer.

  3. Make the bed. There is nothing worse than going back into the bedroom and finding it unmade, if she is the first person out of the sack. Leave a note on her pillow for her to find later. “Can’t wait to be with you tonight!” She will be thinking of you all day.
  4. Clean your shavings out of the sink. She will be delighted that she didn’t have to clean up after you. Yes, you should do this every day.
  5. Put the toilet seat down. Maybe this should be number one on the hit parade! I don’t care how old men are, they seem to need to be reminded that we women sit down to pee! There is nothing worse than walking sleepy eyed into the bathroom in

    the dark and falling into a cold, wet toilet bowl! EWWW! Yes, do this every time you pee. Not just on Valentine’s Day.

  6. Buy her some new underwear. Women on a budget just don’t spend money on pretty lingerie. I hear men complain about the granny panties. Don’t just complain, do something about it. Buy her something SHE would like. This lingerie is for her, not you. When she feels pretty, sexy and in something new, you will benefit too.
  7. Buy her flowers. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show her how much you love and appreciate her. It doesn’t have to be a huge bouquet. Buy her a single rose. Women love to receive flowers any day. This shows you were thinking of her.

    Valentine’s Day is nice, but expected. Do the unexpected. This will win you more brownie points than doing what is on someone’s calendar.

  8. Wash her car. Most women get in and drive. We love our car cleaned, but rarely take time to do it ourselves. You could also take your shirt off while you are washing it, as added incentive, nothing like looking out the window to see your handsome hunk of a man washing your car! She will love you for it.
  9. Pick up your clothes. Expecting someone else to pick up after you is irresponsible and disrespectful. After your shower hang up your towels and pick your clothes up. Dirty clothes go in the laundry hamper, in case you forgot.
  10. Cook her dinner. This could be a fun sexy prelude to your

    desert in the bedroom. Don’t know how? You have a smart phone or a computer. Search for simple recipes. There are plenty of cooking shows you can watch to learn something easy to replicate. Most women love to have a man cook for her. Honestly, this is one of my prerequisites for a partner. “Must be able to operate a kitchen stove, dishwasher and juicer!” After years of cooking for you, let her have a night or week off. She will love you for it.

  11. Do the dishes. Oh Holy Mother of God! This would make most women have an orgasm. A man that can clean up the kitchen after dinner is my kind of man. Think of all the meals she has

    prepared for you. Turnabout is fair play. Time to give back to her.

  12. Give her the spa treatment at home. Don’t know what a spa is? Spas do pedicures, facials, wraps, body scrubs and some even

    provide baths. A bath prepared with a few drops of essential oils and Epsom salts (use only one essential oil at a time) like lavender, which relaxes and helps her sleep better. To top off the bath buy some rose petals and drop them onto the top of the water. There is nothing like a bathtub filled with rose petals. If she will allow you, use the rose petals to massage her shoulders and arms. Then leave her alone to luxuriate. 

  13. Give her a massage. Tie up her hair. Use coconut oil, with a towel underneath her. Light candles, play soft music and begin with her back. Massage her arms, hands, fingers, shoulders,

    thighs, leave her genitals alone, but get close. Massage her buttocks, all the way down to her feet. Massage each toe. Cover her body that is not being massaged with a towel, so she doesn’t get cold. 

  14. As her if you can pleasure her. May I touch your breasts? May I touch you here? When you ask first, rather than just taking, you are showing respect for her. Even if you have never asked her before. Asking if you may touch her first allows her to feel completely safe. It is an amazing feeling. Try it and see. 
  15. Ask her if you can pleasure her orally, or any other way she wants. Most women will have an orgasm from oral or clitoral stimulation. Don’t expect anything in return. Think of all the times you have received and she did not. This one is for her. If she decides to return the favor, that is another thing entirely. Allow her to just receive. She has to feel clean, safe and comfortable to be able to receive oral pleasure. Buy my book, I give you detailed instructions on how to bring her to an orgasm this way. Every woman is different. She has to be comfortable. Trust is a big part of this experience. Most men rush, get impatient and it is translated to her. If you try to push her, she won’t get there.
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, inspirational speaker sexpert and sex coach. She helps women and men to love themselves fearlessly so that they can lead empowered, happy lives and balanced healthy relationships. The more accepting of you that you are, the more open to receive love you will be. Jennifer empowers men and women to live authentically. Her wit, directness and compassion will help you step into non-judgment and self love. Her book, Orgasm For Life is available on Amazon. 

She is a credentialed hypnotherapist, life coach and energy healer. She is also certified as a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner. If you have any of the following issues, Jennifer has overcome these herself and is a master at locating the root of the issue helping you recognize and release your negative programming and blocked emotions. When we have blocked emotions, we continue to attract the same types of people into our lives. Jennifer became enlightened and self actualized in 2012. She shares her love for helping others through energy healing, teaching meditation, and manifestation.

Just some of the issues Jennifer helps with: 
anxiety, stress, illness, pain, depression, insomnia, conflict, sexual dysfunction, addiction, issues with self worth, worthiness and money. You can schedule your free self discovery session here: JenniferElizabethMasters@gmail.com

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