My Orgasm For Life Valentine’s Gift To You!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

From my heart to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day to you! As a special gift to you, I have recorded the Preface and Chapter One of Orgasm For Life for you. Yes, it is in my voice, with additional sidebars and my personal commentary. I hope that you enjoy this preview of my book. Orgasm For Life. I suggest that you order your copy so that you can read along. This way, you will hear it, read it and the information will sink in causing you to understand the information better. 

I will be doing a workshop about the subject matter in Orgasm For Life, to deepen your understanding. Having the book will be very helpful to you and your partner.

Here it is. Please give me your feedback, as to the sound quality, speed, and any additional comments or questions. Without further adieu, here is the Preface and Chapter One of Orgasm For Life. This audio is 50 minutes long. As I have another chapter recorded, I will add it to my blog. Let’s get Orgasm For Life to go viral. Everyone needs to read this book. Let’s heal the world, one orgasm at a time! Or maybe multiple orgasms at a time!

I apologize for the delay. I had to find a work around. I created a You Tube video for the purposes of listening. The photos, were a work around. I have run into complications uploading the Mp4 file. The video will be up shortly so you can listen to the Preface and Chapter One. Thank you for your patience.

Why I wrote this book:

I had been on a healing journey for over 30 years. I had healed low self esteem, self loathing, depression, fears and a slew of other things, when I experienced an awakening in 2012. I had come into my own in every way except sexually.

I was non-orgasmic into my fifties. I knew if I had an issue getting there then there were other women who did also. I did my own research about women and orgasm and found that over 40% of women are non-orgasmic. 70% of women do not have orgasms through penetrative sex. What does that mean? Penetrative sex is a penis in a vagina. Men still make love to women in this way – even though women don’t have orgasms through penetrative sex. Are you listening yet?

Did I ever have orgasms? Yes, but rarely without self stimulation. If made me feel depressed, insecure, like there was something wrong with me. I didn’t feel complete. I was frustrated and resentful. The men I was with were coming, and I wasn’t. Something had to change. As a Spiritual person, I was told to write a book about sex in 2011. “Sex???? YES, SEX! Millions of people would come to spirituality through sex. Sex is what motivates millions of people. Especially men!” 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a sex educator and coach as well as a radio host and inspirational speaker. She empowers women to love themselves. She also assists women to find the love that they desire through loving themselves fearlessly. 

When women love themselves fearlessly, they become a magnet for all things wonderful – especially LOVE. They become a LOVE MAGNET! If you would like to work with Jennifer and become a love magnet also, you can e-mail her here:

If you have sexual dysfunction HTP, ED, POM issues, you can also make an appointment to work with Jennifer Here:


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