Sexy Songs To Heat Up Your Love Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Music feeds our soul. Music can illicit an emotional response and change our mood. From one song to the next we can go from crying to feeling happy, or maybe even hot. Music can also turn us on. It is a known aphrodisiac. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut in our relationships and in our choices. If your love-life is dull and uneventful, make some changes. Add some rock and roll or some R&B. 


How about expanding your musical repertoire and trying something new or maybe old for a change.  Listening to the same music you don’t expand your horizons. Why not play music that turns you and your partner on. I have chosen the sexiest songs for your play list. Everyone has a song that matches their sexual relationship. I thought it might be fun to light a fire under your proverbial butts in more ways than one.

Music can set the tone for your sexual play. It can change the mood with the flip of a switch. Playing the right music can make the difference between ho hum, and a real hummer!

Everyone has their hot buttons. Find out what your partner’s is and crank up the heat! Music can light your fire faster than you can take your clothes off. Listen and feel what happens to you. If you listen to all of these…..  you will think somebody left the stove on! Have some fun with it. You might even remember some of your old favorites that really did it for you in your past. Try those today and see just how music changes your mood.
I want to hear from you which song best describes your relationship. This first one, is just a warm up. Some of us like to feel loved, not just desired.

Daryl Hall and John Oates were two of the sexiest white guys back in the day, in the music industry. From “Your Kiss” to “One on One.” They still will turn on most women. 

One of the best known songs about wanting it fast! “Are you thinking of another guy? That’s why you call me in the middle of the night…… I’m not looking for a love that lasts……”

Or do you have to take matters into your own hands like Cyndi Lauper, in She Bop? 

Or maybe you are like Van Morrison, who wrote the original song that King Harvest made into a hit. Are you dancing in the moonlight and never fight?

Exile had one hit that went through the roof. I Wanna Kiss You All Over. This romantic, rock ballad, will warm your body and get your mind in gear. “Show me everything you do, no one does it quite like you…..Love you, need you….”

Maybe you are “so excited,  and just can’t hide it! I just can’t get enough, and if you move real slow, I’ll let it go……”

Newer to the scene is Adina Howard. Freak In Me…..  you can guess. “I’ll take you around the hood. … anytime of day.. 


I love the Pointer Sisters because they know what a woman wants and make no bones about saying…. I’m just sayin….. I want it all night, if we’ve got the time, I want a slow hand, I want a lover with an easy touch, not a lover that comes and goes in a heated rush….. “

Or maybe you are more like Roberta Flack……… “That’s the time, I feel like makin’ love to you….and in a restaurant holding hands by candlelight……  and I’m touching you, wanting you with all my might…..”

Or maybe you are more like Donna Summer, in this hot Disco classic, I Love to Love You Baby……. reminds me of hot summer nights…. listen to the guitar riff at the end. If you can’t have sex, at least get up off your chair and dance! Moving those hips can do a lot for awakening the sleeping tiger, come on, you know you want to. It is at your very core….

Marvin Gaye has always been a favorite of mine. “I can’t hold this much longer, it gets stronger and stronger…..sexual healing makes me feel so fine, sexual healing is good for me…”


Reverend Al Green is an amazing musician, talented and smooth. You want to feel loved, have your lover repeat these words in your ears…. loving you whether or not times are good or bad, happy or sad…..”


R. Kelly is talented, sexy and has it down. He sees nothing with a little Bump and Grind. 

Sexy, Barry White does it best. “My darling I, can’t get enough of your love, babe. I don’t know why. I get the same old feeling….across the room… I scream your name…… I can’t get enough of your love babe.”


Maybe you want a more direct approach, like Marvin Gaye. Let’s Get It On! WOOOHOO! We are all sensitive people, with so much to give…. I won’t push you baby, C’mon baby stop beating around the bush….. Let’s get it on! You know what I’m talking about…. Let your love come out!”

Music can heat up a moment, or turn the heat down just as quickly. R& B artists have a knack for capturing the scintillating mood. I would love to hear your favorites. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, sex coach and empowerment coach. Her website is  You can e-mail her for a private

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