The Morphogenic Field

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sometimes the reasons we are attracted to one another escape us. Two people come together for a multitude of reasons, only one of them is to procreate. We come together from different backgrounds, countries and environments. Attraction seems to have no bounds. Relationships are infinitely complex. Sexual attraction is part of our experience, but of course, not the entire relationship. We must be able to relate on other levels. 



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When a couple is seemingly at odds with one another people come to me for help. Clearing the mutual energy field or morphogenic field can make the difference between a couple being able to connect, communicate and work things out, or end the relationship. Our entangled issues can cause us endless strife, where clearing of the morphogenic field of the couple can eliminate the disconnect, helping with communication on all levels.

Each of us has a morphogenic field, or energy field. You can sense it, if you are sensitive to energy. We often refer to it as our personal bubble. Depending on the person, the field can expand up to 15 or 20 feet away from an individual. My friend who passed away in 2012, Diana Davis used to say, she always knew when I was

arriving, because my field arrived before I did. She felt my presence before my car even drove down her street. Diana lived out in North Georgia near a top of a mountain. She was highly intuitive and evolved.

Each person’s morphogenic field transmits how they are feeling out into the world. Which is why we can often tell someone is upset even before they begin to tell us what is happening in their lives. Sensitive people can also detect illness, distress, and other details from tapping into someone’s energy field.

My daughter recently came to me asking for my help with her significant other. There had been two huge misunderstandings in recent months and her guy wanted nothing to do with her. After clearing their mutual field (I got his soul’s permission first) they began to talk last night. Clearing their morphogenic field game them a chance that they would not have had otherwise. People going through divorce could use a morphogenic clearing, to allow the love that is still present to be felt, and understood. It would also allow greater communication and the possibility of reconciliation.

A women came to me from India years ago, who became a client. She wanted help, as her father was about to arrange a marriage and she wanted love, not just a marriage. This woman was intelligent, a homeopathic doctor with a successful business. I told her to break up with the man she was dating, as she did not love him. We worked together to increase her self esteem, so that she loved and accepted herself fully. Within weeks she met a man that she fell for, right before he returned to the United States. 

She was heartbroken. We talked multiple times. She asked if I could work with him as well. I cleared his field, after speaking with him and had a vision of the two of them being married. He had unfinished business in Virginia with his girlfriend. My client was afraid he would stay with her. I explained he was a man of honor, would she want anything less? She of course realized she wanted a man of good character. I told her how he treated other women was how he would also treat her. 

Over a three month period she came to me in fear that she had lost him. I would do another clearing for her. I told her to leave him alone. That if she hounded him in fear it would only send him packing. Fortunately, she listened and trusted me. When Awais returned to the States, he proposed. 

Then their troubles really began. Awais’ mother did not like Falak, as she was a professional woman, a modern woman. She preferred a stay-at-home Indian girl for her beloved son. I did work on Awais’s mother’s field as well. Falak and she had several past lives which were causing issues for all three of them. Falak had taken away Awais’s mother’s man. She was resentful and angry with Falak lifetimes later. These energies stay in our bodies until they are cleared. 

Falak and Awais
After I did the clearing of all concerned, they were happily married.  Although I was invited to their wedding, the timing was challenging and I was not able to attend. They traveled to California two years ago and we met in person for the first time. I told Falak then, she would have a baby very soon. She was delighted, as she was worried she would have difficulty getting married. They are now the happy parents of a beautiful little boy. Life is good. Without the energy clearing Awais and Falak probably would have had too many challenges to make their relationship work. A morphogenic clearing was what helped all of them live happier connected lives.

Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST – 9:00 PM EST
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I invite you to join me Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM EST – 9:00 PM EST for a group clearing of the blocks holding you back from receiving love, blocks to success and wealth as well as trapped emotions. This clearing will be 45 minutes in length, live and recorded. If you cannot attend, I will send you the recording to keep. Once your payment has been received, I will send you the link for the call. It will most likely be a phone in conference. If you are unable to attend, I will send you the recording link.

Listening to the recording will clear your energy field and that of anyone who listens to it. I caution you to NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING. It may cause you to go into a deep state of THETA healing. Many report falling asleep. Insomnia, anxiety, fears, worry and mental chatter will be cleared in the process. This is a great opportunity to see one small aspect of the work that I do for a nominal fee. My coaching clients pay me $150 for an energy clearing. Getting a full clearing for $20.00 is an amazing gift! If you would like a particular block cleared, you can e-mail me privately here:  Below are a few testimonials from past clients. Jennifer has performed over 1,500 energy clearings in just 2014 alone.

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Jennifer is a gifted and awakened healer, author, speaker and educator. She is deeply connected and lives from her heart. If you would like to set up a private session with Jennifer you can contact her through her private e-mail. If you have questions

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about her work, you can contact her as well. Jennifer is certified to teach Hypnotherapy and in 5 different modalities. She is guided every step of the way by Universal truth and Divine Guidance. Her website is undergoing some changes but can be viewed here:

Praise From Jennifer’s Clients

From famous authors to Spiritual leaders, Jennifer has worked with and continues to spread her light into the world. If you have the opportunity to work with this delightful woman, do it! Francis Stratton, Toronto, Canada

I am so amazed at how much time and effort and love Jennifer infuses into her healing work. I can’t thank you enough for your clearings, advice, suggestions and the changes you are creating in my life.  J.S. Sydney Australia.

Just brilliant! A beautiful emissary of love and light… 🙂 Robert Beno

Many thanks. Look forward to working with you again. A lot of what you said has really resonated and I do definitely feel lighter. I have had several clearings over the past couple of years but yours is the most comprehensive. Much appreciated Sharon

I worked with Jennifer as my personal coach for 30 weeks. She is gifted, compassionate and saw me, in a way no other human has. During that time, my life became happier. I know that a large part of this is due to the energy clearings that she did for me. NA, Georgia

Thank you very much Jennifer for the work you have done for me, it feels amazing and I did feel a lot lighter today without knowing you worked on my energy and aura. I am a lot calmer and more peaceful. I will come back again. Thank you, Ramona.

Amazing healing and changes. So gentle, deep and powerful. Feeling very light and clean. Thank you. M. Thacker

Thanks Jennifer! My income increased for the first time in a long, long time after your first clearing so I decided to do another! I look forward to even more abundance after this clearing. Wanda St. Hilaire

Wow she does a lot of stuff!!! very recommended!!! If you want a bunch of stuff cleared call her!!!! Brian Osiris

In March, 2012, I began coaching with Jennifer. For years I got my heart broken repeatedly and I didn’t know why. After several clearings, I discovered that I had past life issues that needed to be cleared to attract the love I wanted and knew I deserved.  Jennifer helped me to set goals and helped me realize my thoughts were focused in areas that did not support me. I found myself through Jennifer’s coaching. I became this strong woman that was buried deep inside me. I have found my confidence and inner power through my work with Jennifer. I knew what I wanted and Jennifer helped me to discover that I deserved it. After 3 months with Jennifer I called her to say HE had arrived! He was someone I had always known, but never noticed before. We started to really connect. It was like magic. It literally happened overnight. He is everything I have been dreaming of and I know this man is here for me forever. He is so into me and says all the things to me that I had prayed for.I am a much stronger woman and have learned so many great tools from Jennifer that I will continue to use every day. I’m confident, strong, happy, peaceful and healed (finally). Thank you Jennifer will continue to do clearings with you when things in life come up. Blessings Cindy McLelland. Knightsen,CA

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