12 Ways to Raise Testosterone Without Destroying Your Liver

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Let’s face it a healthy sex life is the focus of most men’s minds. When testosterone levels drop, an erection may be impeded, sex drive diminished and depression may result. 


Testosterone and good cholesterol must remain in delicate balance for healthy sex drive and function. As men age, they often gain weight, which can cause high blood pressure and forgo daily exercise. Taking testosterone shots can cause serious liver malfunctions which will also cause eyesight to be reduced. In this article I will provide you with 5 natural ways to raise your testosterone levels and help you slow the aging process.

The liver filters everything we put in our mouths. If we take one Advil every day for pain, or a headache, the liver filters it. I don’t take pain medication or prescription drugs for this reason. I suggest you do the same, if you want to live a long life and keep your liver healthy. Taking testosterone injections puts a strain on the liver and causes damage. Here is a link to healing the liver with artichoke.
1. Exercise

Regular exercise that includes resistance training at least three times a week will keep your testosterone within healthy limits. Without regular exercise hormone levels can drop especially with weight gain. Whether you are a man or a woman, regular exercise with light weight lifting will increase your self esteem, keep your body healthy and raise hormone levels. Lifting five pound weights will not raise your hormone levels. You need to lift a heavier weight you can only lift five times. Do three repetitions with one minute intervals of rest in between. A Finnish study showed that this type of weight training produced the highest increase in testosterone levels.


Stick To Tough Exercise

It has been scientifically proven that squats, bench presses or back rows increase testosterone way more than bicep curls or push downs, even though the effort seems the same.

2. Rest Harder Than You Work Out

Burning the midnight oil, watching porn or chatting with friends on the Internet reduces testosterone levels. You need a full 8 hours of sleep for healthy testosterone levels. Most people work too hard, without enough rest. Your mood will also improve with sufficient sleep. 

3. Healthy Diet
Eating a healthy diet that is low in sugar, high fructose and free of fast food will also help to maintain a healthy body weight. Lots of green vegetables (kale, spinach, broccoli) with, fruits that are also low in sugar will help to keep your body youthful and healthy. 
The body needs 30% good fats such as coconut oil, olive oil and some animal fats. We were previously cave men, remember? We hunted for our food and did not eat breads, muffins or cookies. The paleo diet is a good place to start. If a cave man didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t either. 
4. Watch Your Protein Intake
A balanced diet is the healthiest. Men need to have 30% fat in their diet to produce testosterone. Many men think if they bulk up on protein, they will bulk up on testosterone as well. Not so. It has been proven that a diet too high in protein will drop your testosterone levels, not the other way around. If you weigh 170 pounds, 2 chicken breasts and 1 can of tuna is all the protein you need in one day. 2 eggs in the morning works well. 2 eggs contain 13 grams of protein as well as the monounsaturated fat needed for healthy testosterone production, by the American Journal of Nutrition. 

5. Fenugreek Proven To Raise Testosterone Levels

Fenugreek is a little known plant that naturally raises the FREE TESTOSTERONE, which helps a man, well – be a man. Simply put a few fenugreek seeds in a small glass of water over night. In the morning, drink the water. In India Fenugreek has been known for it’s aphrodisiac and anti-diabetic effects for hundreds of years. You can make a tea with it, or soak it overnight. Large amounts will make your urine smell like maple syrup, which could be a fun side benefit! You can spend your hard-earned dollars on a supplement that has Fenugreek in it, or make it yourself. 


6. Nuts For Your Nuts

Men who eat diets rich in monounsaturated fats (especially the kind found in peanuts – legumes) have the highest testosterone levels. Make nuts your

midnight snack, instead of chips, or nachos. Just make sure you guys avoid almonds. Almonds and soybeans are estrogen producing. Estrogen is what causes some men to have man boobs and a drop in testosterone levels. Avoid almond milk and all soy products. Packaged foods just need to be off limits. If a cave man didn’t eat it, remember? You shouldn’t either.

7. Morning Sex
German scientists have found that having an erection raises your testosterone levels. Men’s hormone levels are at their peak in the morning, having sex can boost it a little higher. 

Another option that may seem strange to you pleasure seekers: You don’t have to have sex, but can just raise your sexual energy. Each time you release your sexual energy (ejaculate) in less than an hour, you leave your body depleted. The body takes 3 days to recover from one orgasm, more for men over 50. Prolactin is released when a man ejaculates which can lead to sadness or depression after ejaculation. 
8. Tantra
Learning the practice of Tantra can help you move your sexual energy up and out of the genitals into your heart, brain, and other parts of your body, so that you can have multiple orgasms like your partner does. When a man keeps his sexual energy up for an hour or more he also increases longevity and vigor. Tantra helps on other levels as well. Most people either suppress their need for sex, or crave it. The practice of Tantra will reduce the craving for sex. It incorporates spirituality into the sex act embracing our sexuality, making sex sacred. It uses our sexual energy to increase longevity and health. 

9. Lower Your Alcohol Intake
Alcohol may be good for taking the edge of a woman’s inhibitions and raise her hormone levels, but drops men’s testosterone. Sorry fellas. Alcohol is not good for the gonads!
10. Avoid Sugar and Sugar Substitutes
Sugar does two things. It places stress on the pancreas which makes insulin, and also raises the bad cholesterol. This bad cholesterol can break off in the bloodstream and cause blockage in the arteries obstructing healthy blood flow,

which is needed for healthy erections to occur. Remember beer and other alcoholic drinks are loaded with sugar.

Skin Tags and Insulin Resistance Syndrome
Get rid of that flopping belly. Not only will you increase your self esteem, but you will also reduce the risk of heart disease in the process. Men who have a fat belly have lower testosterone levels. Midriff bulge and skin tags are signs of insulin resistance. What does this mean? You probably ate too many sweets, maybe still do, which has caused your body to resist the insulin is makes. Watch weight gain, sugar consumption and get yourself back on track before you end up with type 2 diabetes. Insulin Resistance Syndrome puts you on track for getting diabetes if you don’t change your behavior and habits NOW!
Healthy systems are needed for healthy libido. It just makes sense. One bad habit leads to a drop in healthy bodily function.

Cinnamon and Honey

There are many benefits to taking cinnamon and honey in combination, including lowering triglycerides and diabetes. The combination of honey and cinnamon can be included daily to lose weight, reduce the signs of aging and increase longevity. 

11. Coffee and Testosterone

Coffee has been proven to push the adrenals which in turn increase the production of testosterone. Coffee is present in many pre-workout drinks for this very reason.

I have personally given up coffee after seeing a sign on a local Starbuck’s in California stating that coffee causes cancer, however, as a woman I am not concerned about my level of testosterone. Instead I make homemade masala chai tea. I use organic whole milk, rather than 2% or skim. Chai contains spices that are good for gum disease, diabetes, cholesterol and increasing longevity. Since I began making my own and working out every other day, I have seen an increase in feel good hormones and my skin and face seem to have plumped up…..  collagen has increased naturally. I was in a store yesterday and told I looked beautiful by a complete stranger. Now that is something. When I was drinking coffee I felt depleted, rather than nourished. Chai nourishes.

Remember to take care when losing weight. You don’t want to lose more than one pound a week. Anything more than that causes too much of a strain on your organs and endocrine system.

12. Regular Meals

Guys you need 3 squares! Skipping meals is never a healthy thing to do. Going for long stretches without eating prevents the body from being able to

Yes oysters increase testosterone production

produce testosterone.

Testosterone Injections

Resorting to injections makes your body stop making it’s own testosterone, relying on the injections. Testosterone injections can damage and eventually destroy the liver as well as your eyesight, as the liver and eyes are connected. Stay safe and do it naturally. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life, which

has been proven to raise men’s and women’s hormone levels as well as turn them on! She is a catalyst sex and love coach, working with men and women for happier, fulfilling lives. She has helped thousands of men and women clear limiting beliefs, addictions and codependency. If you keep attracting the same type of person or can’t seem to move beyond pain, suffering, apathy or anxiety, Jennifer is the one that can help you move beyond being stuck, depressed or in pain. Jennifer is compassionate, authentic and direct. 

After healing her own codependency and self esteem issues, Jennifer became enlightened in 2012. She has been on a spiritual healing journey for over 30 years. Her radio show, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE is on BBM GLOBAL NETWORK

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