When God Calls Your Name

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have been asked why I write about sex all the time, and don’t I get tired of it? Although I enjoy sex, I didn’t begin to write about sex until 2013. I had to move beyond what I thought I needed to be doing and really step into my soul’s purpose.  As a spiritual teacher, healer, sharer of what I know or have experienced; I used to write about Spiritual subjects, Metaphysics, Universal Laws and Truth. I share my secret of what changed for me in this article. 

What is Metaphysics, you ask? Well Grasshopper, this is difficult to define completely, but I will do my best. Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy, which studies the state of being, the world, and all that encompasses it.You could say it is the study of the unseen, including space-time, universal laws, cause and effect, understanding the world and how life works.

Our sexuality is the core of who we are. Humans are sexual beings. We experience God through sex when we have an orgasm. Even those who don’t believe in a higher power, still experience a touch or fleeting glimpse of The Divine at the time of orgasm.

In 2012, while standing in my kitchen in Boulder, Colorado, I was told “Write a book about sex.” I said, “You must be kidding me! Why sex? I help people love themselves.” Then I was told: “Millions of people are motivated by sex. They will come to spirituality through sex, your way is not reaching enough people fast enough!” 

I had studied the Akashic Records in Bali, several years before and learned to channel information from The Divine Mind. Who told me? It was not my guides, it was not a deceased ex-husband or friend. It was not my father. I have and continue to communicate with those on the other side. But this was a different voice. I have only heard this voice three other times. I felt it to be the voice of God. 

The Voice Of God?

When people ask me, how can you tell the difference? Here is what I know. My guides speak to me in gentle soft tones. They whisper to me. Their voices are suggestive, offering kind hearted, loving advice. They don’t demand. They don’t command. They show up in my sessions with my clients. Often my client’s guides speak to me as well. Their words float in and out quickly. If I don’t share them immediately, I don’t remember what was said. Think of it, ordinary people back in biblical times heard the voice of God. Do you think that God has stopped speaking to people, because it is no longer being recorded? 

What I Know Of God

God is everywhere in everything. In a tree, a bunny, a flower, a particle of dirt. There is no place that God isn’t. God is in a newborn baby, the man dying in the street, the homeless man begging on the street corner. God is everywhere. God is always

present, always growing. God learns and grows through our experiences. Each and everything that we experience God does also. God is infinite, ever expanding and ever loving. God wants us all to experience, grow and evolve. God does not want us to suffer, but allows us to have our own experience of life. God does not judge, criticise or condemn. God LOVES. God is.

God flows through us all

When I hear God speak it is commanding, strong and very powerful. Do I have to do what God tells me to? No. But that would be really stupid. When we follow our guidance we are affirmed, and rewarded. When we don’t, we suffer the consequences. When God speaks to us it is only of things that are really important. Life changing, earth shattering or devastation. I have written about the times that God has spoken to me. Here they are again:

Alpharetta, Georgia – For Heaven Scapes, Ltd.

  1. Get rid of your stuff or we will do it for you!” I used to be a packrat. I was bogged down by papers, files from over 30 years, photos, belongings, clothing stuffed into closets, dressers and boxes, furniture, equipment, memorabilia, wedding photos from several marriages….. plus a barn full of more equipment, landscaping materials from old projects and jobs. I heard this warning from several psychics, then very loudly in my head.

    All this stuff was dragging my energy down. I was being prepared for several big moves to get me out of Georgia, to Colorado and then California. I could not possibly have made those moves dragging all that paraphernalia. I would never have dropped it all or sold it in the time I had. (More on this in my first blog. Manic Move To The Mojave Part II The Magic Begins) When we hoard stuff, we also are an emotional hoarder, handing onto old hurts, pain, suffering and keeping score. That was the old me.

  2. Move your truck and trailer before you leave today.” I moved my truck and trailer as told. Got out and asked, “Is this okay?” I was told, “We can work with that.” My truck and landscaping trailer had been parked under three 100 year old oak trees. I had just picked up some beautiful dry firewood for the winter. My daughter and I were about to visit our friend, Diana (now on the other side). Diana lived 70 miles away in the North Georgia mountains in Sautee. We were spending the night with
    Author Diana Davis

    her that night, leaving my dogs at home. When we returned the next day. There had been a terrible storm, so bad that two of the big, old oak trees fell upon the house, knocking the house so hard, one of my dogs jumped out of the window screen. Had I left my truck and trailer where they were parked, they both would have been destroyed. As it turned out one tree narrowly missed my truck and trailer by 6 inches. 

  3. “BOULDER! BOULDER! BOULDER!” After losing everything I owned, because I DID NOT get rid of all my stuff, so they had to do it FOR ME….. I was living in a small basement apartment with furniture that my ex husband loaned me. I heard the words, Boulder three times. They were also shown to me in big block letters to that I would get it. I was very stubborn back then. I was afraid of what my ex would say. He was very determined to say the least and wanted our daughter to be educated at this pristine high school in Milton, Georgia. It was a very affluent school, that I never liked because Ariel fell through the cracks. She was neither affluent, nor gifted. She was seemingly “challenged.” She did not fit the

    Milton HS profile. She was told by a counselor that she would never go to college, at Milton. She was also humiliated by another counselor in front of her whole class, after moving to our little basement apartment just a week before, I left for Bali. She did not know her address and the counselor made her cry for being so, “Stupid!” “At her age, how could she not know her address!” Within 2 weeks Rich and I both moved independently of each other, after living in Georgia for almost 30 years. He went to North Dakota to work in the oil fields. I was concerned at that time, that this move and work would kill him. It did.

In my early 20’s, before I really embarked upon a spiritual path (so I thought) I was flaky and fearful. I was insecure. All over the map. I didn’t have a focus. I was unclear as to my purpose and certainly not connected to God, or my guides. I saw spirits but was terribly fearful of them back then. My mind chatter was incessant. When mind chatter fills the recesses of our mind, we can’t hear our guides. We certainly can’t hear God. 

It was at this time that God called my name. It was very loud. I thought it was my father. Because when I asked myself, who was that, the answer in my head was, “your father.” I was standing out in the middle of a field in Ontario. My parents had 10 acres attached to a track of land, where I could walk for miles. I ran back to my parent’s house asking did dad call me? My mother said, “I don’t think so.” I found my father and asked him, “Did you cal me?” “No,” was his response. I continued to ask him, c’mon Dad, I heard you!” “No, it wasn’t me!”


One of the questions we are told all the time is, never ask why? Will I ever learn why God called me back then. Yes, but then it won’t matter, will it? So it is not a question I focus on. Most likely, I was called because I was not doing what I needed to do. I was not focusing on me. I was focused instead on what others were doing, saying or had. Instead of being focused on the inner, I was completely focused on the outer. I missed the point of life. I did not recognize my own worth, purpose or Divinity.

Once in California, I had been given the title for my new book, Orgasm For Life. I sat in meditation. I told you I was stubborn. I asked, “God if you really want me to write a book about orgasm, please give me a clear sign. I stepped outside and looked up into the sky and this is what I saw. I don’t think it could have been any clearer than that!

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How We Are Guided

We are guided by outside circumstances and situations as well as our inner guidance. When a door closes in one direction, we turn and a window opens somewhere else. My landscape business was slowly becoming more challenging for me in many ways. I had mold in my house and lost everything. I had very little in the way of personal possessions after that. When I was told to move to Boulder, Colorado, I did so. Sometimes we go somewhere thinking we are there for one reason, when the actual reason is something entirely different. 

When we trust our guidance we find that there are multiple reasons for doing the things we do, not just one. 

I now know, I was led to pull Ariel out of school in Georgia because that school was diminishing her self esteem. She did not belong there. She needed a stronger spiritual grounding and real friends, which she found in Boulder.  We moved to Boulder, Colorado so that my daughter could have as much time with her father before he passed away from the physical plane as possible. It was not to be the successful business person, I thought. I had difficulty making money in Colorado. It was very

Boulder Canyon, Boulder Colorado

expensive. It was after I moved to California, that everything really began to fall into place. I was told over and over again, “COLORADO IS NOT YOUR HOME!” Even though I loved Colorado. Even though two of my children now live there. I am not supposed to live there. 

I do what I do, because it is what God wants me to do. It is not a vocation I chose for myself. It was chosen for me. Yes, you could say it was Divine! It is Divine! A triple Scorpio, married four times who loves sex, who had been molested, traumatized, non-orgasmic for most of her adult life, now healed, loving herself completely, teaching other women and men how to live fully expressed in all that they do. Yes, sex is my vocation. It is Divine! 

Jennifer is guided in all she does, says and teaches. Her sessions include guidance from the other side, angels, guides, Ascended Masters. She is a coach like no other. Without a personal agenda, she is guided to assist you be the best YOU that you can be. In all things be true to yourself. The more authentic, honest and fully grounded in the spiritual you can be, the happier you will be with your life. Jennifer teaches meditation, how to trust your own guidance, using hypnotherapy, energy healing, Neurolinguistic Programming and of course her certification in coaching. She is one who walks the walk and talks the talk. Authentic, compassionate, caring and in touch with her personal divinity, she helps you find the same.

Looking for a guide, a spiritual pathfinder a lover of life who has been in misery herself, and is out of it, to guide you along your personal path of self discovery so that you can find your passion, your love of life and inner joy that is permanent as well. As one of my spiritual teachers, Vasestha used to say, “Growth is a given. Suffering is optional. “

Have questions? E-mail Jennifer about her work here. 

On Lake Rabun, Georgia 2011

My friend, Diana Davis wrote the book God is Here. Her son Forrest is her only living child. He receives the benefit of the proceeds of her book. Forrest and my daughter Ariel both lost parents within months of each other. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. This photo was taken of Forrest and Ariel during happy days after playing on the lake together.

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