5 Powerful Ways To Shift Loneliness

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I live alone, in the middle of the Mojave desert, yet I never feel alone or lonely. My children live in different states over 1,200 miles away from me. My extended family is scattered across Canada. I have not been lonely since January, 2012. The longing that I once felt is totally gone. I feel whole, complete and at peace. I share my experience and the way I did it with you. 

I have been married and had relationships in the past and at times felt so totally alone and lonely within those relationships, it was unbelievable. I have heard similar things from some of my clients. Being married or in a relationship, does not mean you won’t feel alone, or lonely. Whether you are in a relationship or not, being fulfilled, at peace and happy with yourself is a tremendous gift, one that I am grateful for every day. On top of being at peace with my life, I am passionate about my work, writing and helping people through my coaching programs. My work fulfills me.
I want to state here for the record that a new word needs to be added to Webster’s Dictionary. REALATIONSHIP. A real -lationship is one that encompasses two people who are completely loving and accepting of themselves. That is a REAL – lationship
Here are five powerful ways for you to feel at peace with yourself whether you are in a relationship or not. If you follow this protocol, you will eradicate loneliness permanently. If you desire some help, this is what I help others do.

I would love to hear from you about your issues, or challenges, so comment below.
1. Be Grateful

Sounds simple enough. But how can gratitude fill you up to overflowing so that you feel happy? Gratitude opens up your heart, plain and simple. Gratitude allows you to recognize all the good things that you have already. It also opens you up to receive more. Until you are grateful for your health, physical body, eyes that see, heart that feels, legs that work and incredible brain that thinks you will not receive anything further. Add one other, remember to be grateful for the love in your life. This will have an amazing shift on your consciousness. You may not believe it at first, but it will filter through – eventually. “Thank you for the love in my life!” – every day!

Walk outside in nature. This is the fastest way to connect with all that is, God, your higher self. Leave your cell phone in your car, and just be. Walk without an agenda. Notice what you see. Notice what you feel. 
Emotions and Sadness
If you feel an emotion come up, allow it to. Feel into it completely, then it will move through you. Alcohol, food, sweets, pot, masturbating and sex can push feelings away temporarily, but they will only get stuffed further down and plague you from their hidden place forever. I have been clearing my energy and that of my clients since, 2007. This is the single biggest and fastest way to raise your vibration and get rid of old patterns, beliefs that don’t serve you and old negative energy, resentment and suffering. 

2.   Energy Clearings
Having an energy clearing can leave you feeling incredibly lighter, more focused, unburdened, infinitely more positive and happier. An energy clearing can eliminate mind chatter, fears, worry, depression and even suicidal patterns. Patterns of feeling undeserving of love, unworthy of love or being unable to receive love when cleared, can shift you tremendously.

I cleared a woman named, Nicole Harrington, once and within 30 days she was free of an intense drug addiction. She had not been able to shake it no matter what she had done, previously. A woman who had attempted suicide 12 times, was cleared of her proclivity for suicidal thoughts and stopped attempting after one clearing. She had 23 past lives where she had committed suicide. No wonder she kept wanting to escape that way.
Other Things To Be Grateful For
When we take simple things for granted, like a home, a relationship, children that are healthy, food on the table, we miss the point. There are always people with much less than you. Yesterday, I was walking through the desert with my dogs. I came upon a recessed area with bits of carpet, shrubs around the perimeter and a piece of plywood on the bottom. I realized that two people were living out there without even as much as a roof over their heads. We all have much to be grateful for.
There will always be someone with less than you have. Be grateful for what you do have. It is the only way you will receive more. Not to mention the wonderful way it opens your heart. Let go of the negativity, complaining and resentment. Resentment towards someone only serves to create cancer in your body. Let it go. Forgive instead!

3. Forgive Everybody

We can choose to perpetuate unforgiveness and end up in an early grave, or we can let it go. My oldest brother holds resentment towards our parents for the way we were raised to this day. He missed out on the sweetness of life by holding onto this resentment. It is no surprise that 3 years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes. My next brother, same thing. Resentment and anger towards our parents. Diabetes also. Yet, no one else in our entire family has had diabetes going back three generations.

You can’t find unconditional love when you feel resentment for an ex. You can’t find unconditional love when you are still angry with your last lover.

Forgiveness is for YOU, not the other person. I unburdens you of the attachment of resentment, vengeance etc.
Easiest Way To Forgive:
Do this Ho’oponopono prayer for yourself first. Spend 20 minutes on you first, repeating the prayer. Why forgive yourself? Trust me on this, we beat ourselves up in so many ways, we need to forgive ourselves for all the bad relationships, terrible work environments and criticism we have put ourselves through. When you feel complete with yourself, move on to the others.Think of all of those people you have hurt. Forgive yourself for hurting others.
Then think of each person that you feel has hurt you and forgive them also.
I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you.
4. Meditate Daily
Meditation can shift your mood faster than taking an upper. Faster than smoking pot. Meditation lowers blood pressure, changes thoughts from negative to positive, and relieves stress. Meditation changes your brain waves from incongruent to congruent, which also makes your body more alkaline. An alkaline environment is what your body needs to heal from cancer, prevent cancer and other disease (arthritis being one of them).
Meditation calms you down, slows your brain waves, lifts your spirit and helps you live longer. Meditation is the way to set your intention for a fabulous day. You don’t have sit in the lotus position. I sit on my bed, pillows behind me. I light a candle and

burn some incense which is a little ceremony to set the tone for what is about to occur. Your body will begin to relax in anticipation and you will find it easier and more effortless to get into deeper states. 

Each time you meditate it builds on the previous day. Eventually, your body and mind will wait for it. As soon as you assume the position, and begin your deep breathing, you will find it becomes second nature.
How can sitting alone shift loneliness you ask?

Answer: Well Grasshopper, I am glad you asked this excellent question. The reason you feel lonely and alone is because you feel disconnected from Source. 


You feel disconnected from your Divine Self. Yes, we are talking about your God self. Remember Jesus said, “This you can do and more!” Needless to say, people like Buddha, Socrates (said to be another form of Jesus) Confucius, Lao-tse, Zoroaster, Muhammad all achieved this Divine connection while in a physical body. It is important to note, that we all can do the same. Meditation is the best way to connect with our higher Divine Self.

When you connect to your Divine Self, your perspective changes. You feel one with all that is. You recognize that life is just a game, here to further our evolution. That God, The Universe are all working to assist us to evolve and connect with our Divine Selves. Enlightenment connects us to our higher states of consciousness all the time. We no longer feel disconnected from Source – it is permanent. 
Are all products of the disconnection from Source energy. Our ego diminishes when we are enlightened. It no longer runs the show. 

5. Loving Positive Thoughts Toward You and Everyone Else

Self Love is the key to happiness.Self-love is also the fastest path to enlightenment. It was how I did it. When you love and accept yourself, you no longer need to have someone in your life to make you happy. You recognize that nothing other than your love of you can do it for you. No relationship, car, home, money or any amount of success will bring happiness to you that lasts. The only thing that can is complete self-acceptance. When you love you, you will also stop judging and critiquing others. Self acceptance is key to having a loving accepting partnership with another person. Without it, you will keep attracting people who will hurt, disrespect and cheat on you.

Whatever is going on inside of you is projected in your outer world. 

If you keep saying, “I AM ALWAYS ALONE.” You are right, you will be. The Universe will make you right. The fastest way to find love is to give love to you first!

Life Is A Gift



Every day we have on this planet is a gift. Devout Christians can’t wait to die so that they can be in heaven. The problem is, they are missing the point entirely. Heaven is here on earth. Life is what you make it. Why not make it great! You are the one creating this reality. Allow me to help you co-create the life you love are passionate about and have always dreamed of.


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She was a successful business woman, in fact an LA producer. During the time we worked together “M” went from being insecure, confused, needy with incessant mind chatter, insomnia, to having the beautiful man she always dreamed of having. In fact, the man she in now in relationship with was someone she would never have dreamed of being with before!


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She kept re-creating with the patterns created in childhood! Patterns of betrayal, abandonment, disillusionment. When we cleared her energetic patterns and shifted her belief systems she was able to attract the guy who was everything she ever wanted.

Their relationship is uplifting, supportive, committed and loyal. Do you realize how amazing this is? She could not have done without the work we did together. If you

are tired of being unhappy, lonely and confused by Internet dating, shoot me an e-mail.  The love that you always dreamed of. Let’s get started so you can have what you know you deserve.

M’s comment to me, “I owe it all to you!”

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