Why Me God? Why Do I Have To Suffer?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Pain is a terrible thing to endure. When we are in pain everything is difficult. We find work arduous. Often pain is so profound we can’t function. We can’t focus, think or do the most mundane tasks. We can’t love our families, friends, children. We certainly don’t find joy in the midst of all this pain. We can look at others and see them living a life free of pain and suffering while we are in the trenches, gutting it out, in agony. Pain can be emotional, guilt, shame, unforgiveness, resentment, anger, grief, sadness or depression. It can be a feeling of emptiness, longing or a void.

Pain can also be physical. 

Pain is A Vehicle
We experience pain when the universe is trying to get our attention. Perhaps we have been avoiding looking at our issues a lifetime. Maybe we have been suffering since birth. No matter the length of

time we suffer, you can be sure, pain is there to teach something. 

Ways We Avoid Pain
Some of us have sex or masturbate when we are in pain. Others reach for a beer, drink, food substance, sugar, or “help others” to avoid feeling our pain. Others work to avoid their pain. No matter the drug of choice, avoidance of pain will not make the pain go away, it only sidesteps it, numbing it briefly till the drugs, sex, or substance wears off. No matter whether you read for a drink, pornography or food, the end result is the same. You are numbing yourself so you don’t have to FEEL.
You may say, you don’t have an addiction, or drug of choice. If you have pain you do something, maybe even shop, cook or eat to avoid feeling it. You may take prescription medicine to push it down deep into your cells. 
Or maybe, you like me, have done all of the above AND rescued every stray animal in the universe to “help them,” in order to evade feeling the depth of your despair. Animals are a really great way that we hide our feelings and put our attention instead on something sweet, soft and furry that will love us back, when we can’t completely love and accept ourselves. 
Serial Monogamy
Others jump from relationship to relationship trying to avoid feeling the pain they are having. 
The Purpose of Pain
Pain has a purpose? You betcha! Pain gets your attention when nothing else the universe/God/Allah/Mohamed/ has tried to show you. Pain is the last resort. When situations don’t do it, you keep repeating similar experiences of trauma, chaos, suffering in different ways to expose the truth. Instead of running away, you need to stop avoiding and focus on you. Until you stop, and feel the feelings fully, you will continue to suffer. Suffering is avoidance of pain. Suffering will continue until the beatings stop. The Universal beatings is what I am talking about. Pain is to move you off center. Pain is to get you out of this rut you are in. Pain is a catalyst for your healing. It was what did it for me. I finally said, “I am done with this suffering, I will do whatever it takes to move it and feel joy.” Now, I don’t suffer any more. Divine Grace flows in where the pain once was. It is like a miracle.
Why Do We Experience Pain?
Pain gets our attention like nothing else. The purpose of pain is to get our attention. Other methods have been tried, and pain is the last resort. 
The key is focus. Focus on this pain. Sit with it. Revel in it. Feel it completely. 

A River In Egypt?

River of De Nile?

You like to be an adventurer? You may be such an adventurer that you spend time boating up the river of denial, which is not actually a river…. it is that place where you say to God and whoever else is looking on, “I don’t have issues, you’re the one with the issues!” 

Other Methods?
What other methods have been used to get your attention, you ask? Well Grasshopper, you might have searched outside of yourself for love. Instead you found abuse, heartache, disrespect, lying, cheating or some other painful experience. So you tried another relationship and found more pain and suffering. What gives? You’re a good person? Why do bad things keep happening to me? You ask. You look again for a relationship to fulfill you and found instead someone who really takes you for a ride, steals your money, your children, your heart……  get the picture? 

Each relationship is more difficult, challenging and hurtful than the one before, because you missed the signs, the red flags and the lessons. 
All these events were designed to get your attention so that you would look INWARD, instead of outside of yourself for relief. The pain won’t go away until you stop running away from it. You have spent half your lifetime running away from the very person who can bring you true love and happiness – YOU!
How Can You Begin Right Now?

  1. Stop running. Move towards the pain. Step forward into it. There is nothing to be afraid of. Breathe. Feel the pain fully. See this guy to the right here – he is experiencing and feeling fully. He may be feeling pleasure, but feeling pain is the same thing. Just stay with it. You may cry. You may scream. You may swear. Stay with the emotion until it subsides. I promise you it will. 
  2. Move your body. Walking is a form of meditation. Leave your cell phone in your car, home or somewhere safe. Don’t be talking on the phone while doing this work. All of the aforementioned are avoidance tools. Walking out in nature is a great way to move through emotion. By the end of your walk and talking with your team of angels, guides and God, you will feel better.
  3. Meditate. Sitting in quiet reflection in meditation will move emotions fast! I have been angry and sat in meditation thinking nothing will move this and POOF – it is gone! 
  4. Do a mantra if you can’t get your mind quiet. I use RAMA RAMA RAMA…. it works well. You can also use…. “I LOVE ME.” Below are several mantras that will help you shift energy. Some are in Sanskrit because it is a powerful language of healing. I have provide both English and Sanskrit. Mantras heal. Mantras give your mind something to do and help you focus your energy. 
  5. Use a mudra. A mudra is a hand position that also heals. I have provided a couple that work well to move emotions and heal the emotional body. 
Hansi mudra for anxiety
Mudras For Healing
Mudra translated from Sanskrit means gift of joy. Mudras can bring you into a state of joy. So use them when you meditate. It will enhance your experience and bring you higher states of consciousness. Each mudra has a purpose.
The Hansi mudra is a good mudra to use for anxiety. It accesses a state of bliss. Anxiety often is a result of suffering and pain. 
Apan Vayu mudra “Savior of Life”
The Apan Vayu mudra can save you from a heart attack. It is called the “Savior of Life,” for th very reason. It increases vitality, relaxes muscles and relieves pain. 
The Udana mudra focuses on the vocal chords. This is important because most people have issues speaking their truth. This comes from a lifetime of having to swallow words you want to say keeping them inside you. The more you can speak your truth with unconditional love, the more your throat chakra will open up. This mudra also heals the respiratory system and the kidneys. Many of us have anger issues and healing the kidneys is part of letting go of the past. This mudra looks more complicated than it is. Leaving the pinkie finger and ring finger extended, bring your index finger and thumb together. Touch the middle finger to the fingernail of the index finger.

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With Love,
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an authentic, compassionate and empowering healer, life coach and author. She lifts you up, encourages you and helps you to see things from a different and softer perspective. Her books are available on Amazon. Orgasm For Life is a guide for unbridled bliss and connected sex, deepening intimacy and creating happier relationships. The core of the work Jennifer does is self love. A lack of self love is the gap that causes all ailments, addictions and sadness. You can e-mail her here to set up your discovery session to see if her work is a good fit for your goals. 

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