Raise Your Vibration With Your Food

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Food is one of the ways we can increase our vibration quickly. Fresh greens, fresh organic fruits and vegetables help keep us healthy and balanced. A concept that my daughter brought to light many years ago was, that she said my cooking was always so good, because I put so much love into it. I loved to cook and spent a great deal of time shopping for the best quality vegetables, fruits and meat. Then I spent a considerable time, as you most likely do, preparing and then cooking meals for my family. My daughter’s comment brought to light the vibration of the food. At the time, I was not consciously adding LOVE to my cooking. I began to do so with an awareness. 

Here is what you can start doing right now to raise your vibration and that of your food.

Everything Is Energy

If everything is energy, food is energy also. If we are angry, upset or resentful while preparing our meals, that negativity goes into the food. Then we ingest the negetive energy with our food. The emotions we are feeling whether negative or positive are then transmitted down into our minutest of cells and atoms, while that food is being digested by our body.

Why Not Make It A High Vibrational Experience?

Have positive thoughts and a good attitude while peeling, chopping preparing or cooking your food. Bless the food while cooking it. Praying over your food or saying a mantra, like, “I love me,” while peeling the vegetables and preparing the food, imbues it with love.

Mealtime Conversations

Sometimes mealtime conversations can be upsetting. We might get irritated with our children or partners. Do your best to avoid confrontations and angry or upsetting discussions while consuming or preparing food. Try not to rehash the negativity of the day’s events over a meal. Do that at another time, if you must.

Our bodies are approximately 65% water. Dr. Emoto the Japanese Scientist experimented on water droplets, freezing them and imbuing them with different words like, gratitude, love, kindness made beautiful shapes of crystaline. While imbuing the water droplets and freezing with a negative word or energy created ugly formless shapes.

If loving and positive words have such an impact on a droplet of water, imagine what loving and positive words and thoughts over your food will do to your vibration as well? Conversely, negative and upsetting words or emotions will be vibrating through our entire bodies while the food is being digested depending on our emotions and words as to the vibration of the food.

My personal side note:

My father used to read the newspaper from cover to cover. He regularly discussed the latest food that caused cancer. From peanut butter to bacon, he often talked about cancer during mealtimes. Guess what he died of…….  Yes he did – leukemia. It makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Watch Your Words, Thoughts and Emotions 

Every day, we need to do our best to keep our vibration high. Being

in a state of gratitude is one of the fastest ways to raise our vibration above the LOVE mark. (I used this chart of consciousness in my first book, from Power Versus Force from Dr. David R. Hawkins.)

More on Dr. Masauro Emoto

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
 is a passion and love coach. She empowers women and some men to love themselves fearlessly. Through this work all your relationships are healed. Love is the foundation for our lives. Without it, we can live our lives feeling depressed, lonely and alone. You can e-mail Jennifer privately, here to set up your discovery session to work with her. 

To have love, we have to give it to ourselves first. Jennifer guides you gently, kicking your ass, lovingly to drop the baseball bat and magnifying glass of perfectionism to focus with a soft lens rather than critiquing and loathing. If you have anger issues, cancer, anxiety, body pain, all these issues come from an emotion component first. All disease comes from a thought, then emotion around the thought that creates a block in our bodies. This block continues to be energized by more thoughts of not being good enough, not being worthy of love, not feeling loved. 

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