Things I Know For Sure

By Jennifer Elizzabeth Masters

It’s Saturday morning, we just experienced an amazing lunar eclipse, Passover began yesterday and millions are attending synagogs, churches and prayer meetings this weekend. On this most holy weekend, the energy is very high. You may have felt it upon awakening this morning. I certainly did. Even as you opened your eyes groggily, you may have noticed a sadness, a welling up of emotion from some unknown source. This is natural. Rather than run away, feel it fully, it will pass. This is old emotion surfacing. You want it to move. So stay with it. Mine did quickly.

Birth and Death

In one of my posts I shared that when I found breast cancer I was taken down the tunnel of light. I had the choice to die, like my ex-husband and leave my daughter, my life and my sons. I chose to stay, live and do the hard work. When I said, “What about Ariel?” I was backed like I was vacuum sucked out of the tunnel. It was like an exhaling. I still have work to do. I am not afraid of the tough part. My whole life has been challenging. Bring it on! Death is easy. Death is not as challenging as living. 


When we are born, we travel through a tunnel. If you notice the babies in this video all have the same reaction. It is a “Holy Shit! expression on their faces, all of them. Why? Because we are all born the same way (unless through cesarian section). Vaginal birth is scary. It might even be painful. Dying for many is scary also, because we are walking into the unknown, it might even be painful. Birth and death take us through a tunnel. We come into the world the same way we leave it. Naked through a tunnel with light at the end. Is there really life after death? I know there is. 

I have experienced it in many ways. My friends and ex-husband who are no longer in bodies on this planet, come to visit me regularly from the other side. They communicate with me. My beloved, John Armbruster spent hours with me on my last trip to Colorado at Christmas, changing my route, from the high road through the mountains, instead traveling the longer, safer route. He probably saved my life.

We are Multi-Dimensional Beings

I may lose some of you here. My hope is that I will stretch you, push you into opening your hearts and minds to see beyond what you see. Move into a more feeling world, where plants and trees communicate with you. Where your animals speak to you. Mine do. You may think I am crazy. My family certainly thinks I am strange. But I am the only one in my family of origin that is truly happy. They all know it too. Which is part of why they think I am crazy. Who is truly happy these days? Think about that for a moment. My kids come to me to help them manifest. Because they know what I can do. I teach them so they can do it for themselves.

Where Does Happiness Come From

Happiness is a choice. We can wake up in the morning and be pissed off at the world, our spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, cats, dogs, bosses…… you get the picture. Or, you could do what I


do each and every day – CHOOSE. I choose to be happy. Our life is filled with choices.

Happiness comes from within. Bad things happen. We have challenges. Loved ones leave us, people die. Our children grow up and don’t call, or become sick, addicts or have their own issues to deal with. We can still be happy. They afterall are having THEIR own experience. We don’t live through our children.


It is no wonder we love to orgasm. We have been given this beautiful gift of wonderment and ecstacy. Wanting to experience it as often as possible should be no surprise. There are some people however, that prefer to suffer. They prefer and are attached to their pain. Don’t believe it? You should be in some of my coaching sessions. Some people need their pain. They are addicted to it.

The Point Of Orgasm

Orgasm is the closest we can come (sorry for the pun) to touching Creator, Source or The Divine. Over 80 centers of our brain light up. Read about it in my book, Orgasm For Life. Our kundalini rises

from our root chakra (the energy center located between our genitalia and anus  – the perineum). This energy rises, traveling up our interior column located inside the spine into the frontal cortex of the brain. 

Next time you experience an orgasm be the witness. Experience the traveling of this incredibly Divine energy. Experience it fully. Move that energy up into your heart center and raise the experience even higher to make it a spiritual experience – completely expanding in the process. Maybe you will even laugh, cry, or just bliss out.

Why Women Say No

One of the reasons we say NO!

Women historically have not been the recipient of the orgasmic feelings to the point that their male counterparts have. More men orgasm all of the time, than women do. It is a fact. If you spend your entire adult life without experiencing orgasm, or rarely experiencing it, you might feel a little pissed off with your man. You might even say, I’d rather do it myself, at least I’lll get off!

Penis In The Vagina

Most men are really stupid when it comes to women. Yes, I will admit that most of us women are completely crazy as George Carlin used to say. Men don’t learn how to please a woman, preferring to do the same thing over and over again getting the same results – maybe men are a little crazy too! 75% of women DO NOT ORGASM THROUGH A PENIS IN THE VAGINA! Why am I shouting? Because some of you just don’t get it. Women need stimulation of the clitoris, the G-spot and other body parts to even become warmed up to the idea of sex. We are not ready to go as soon as your penis is hard. We need time to adjust to the idea of sex. 

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Women tend to hold grudges. If we don’t hold grudges, we certainly remember. If you were mean, disrespectful, didn’t appreciate us, forgot our birthday, anniversary, or didn’t put the toilet seat down, you can forget all about sex. There are other reasons as well. If you don’t help with the housework, have a job, take care of the animals, kids, cars……  we’ve got a million of reasons why not to have sex!

Be Kind. Be Appreciative and Say You Are Sorry!

Yes, women can be mean and unappreciative too. But remember we are the ones with the vaginas, right? If you want sex, be the better man. Be kind, be appreciative and show her how to treat you. If you have been an ass, say you are sorry! A heart-felt apology will get you more sex than being an ass hole! The kinder you are, the better to you she will be (except in real hard cases.) Remember it only takes ONE person to heal a relationship. Be the love you wish to have!

Give and Take

In many long-term marriages there have been many issues on both sides. There are hurt feelings, poor communication and often it appears as if there is no love. I am here to tell you that one of the

things I know to be sure is that if there was love there once, it can be rekindled. You just have to choose to do the work. 

Feeling Life Is Hard?

Wherever you focus your thoughts is what you create more of. I know that if I begin to complain, I feel worse and become even more negative. I have chosen NOT to complain. It doesn’t do me any good anyway! I have had many challenges and difficulties. I choose to focus on the joy, my internal peace and connection with nature, God, Source energy, all the good things in my life. My happiness is not dependent on another. Yours isn’t either. Choose to be happy. Choose to live fully. Even if you are retired and your wife won’t have sex with you, you can find a way to live a better and happier life. I know  you can do it. 

Time Marches On

Things change. We change. Our bodies change as time passes. We don’t have to focus on growing old. I certainly don’t. I still feel like I am 18 inside. Only when I look at myself in the mirror with my reading glasses on do I see the true passage of time. I still choose to

You don’t have to stop having sex!

feel young. I choose to be healthy. I choose to take care of myself and eat well, get outside and exercise. My mother is 92, and still getting around, living alone, cooking for herself and driving – except when she doesn’t process emotion and gets hit with a three day migraine. 

Get creative. Just because you can’t have sex in a traditional way, does not mean you can’t hold each other, masturbate together, or just hold each other. Be kind, touch, kiss, be gentle. But above all, be loving! If your wife doesn’t want to have sex, don’t spurn her. Instead give her MORE LOVE! Remember what Einstein said, “You can’t change something with the same energy that created it.” Be loving!

Our Attitude and Perception Is Everything

I choose to feel happy. I choose to look at the bright side of every situation. I choose to live each day in the moment now. If I don’t I will surely miss the incredible magic and miracles that occur each

and every day. Some of them are so small, that we can miss them if we are looking down, being negative and focusing on how difficult life is. That woe is me attitude is where I began my life. Lounging and wading in self pity will keep you in misery. That is not where I live and breathe. I prefer joy. I prefer love. I prefer to give and receive with an open heart. What about you?

If you liked this article and have thoughts about it, please post below. I would love to hear your perspective. I am grateful for you being here, reading my posts. So get involved. Let me know what you like, don’t like and when you feel I am full of the brown stuff. I won’t take it personally, unless of course you call me a child molestor, like someone did recently.

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That is something I healed from. I stopped the generational molestation. My children did not have to experience that pain in their lifetime. Thank God Goddess and all the angels! Now after writing, I will meditate with a lovely new client, then take my dogs to the beach. Enjoy your day and weekend like it is your last day on earth! You never know when it is.

I love you! Thank you for being here. Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Day! 

With Love,

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