Cannabis In A Sexual Lubricant For Women

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I am passionate about helping people increase pleasure in their lives. Pleasure comes in many different forms. Happiness certainly is pleasure. That is what I desire for each of you. to be happy with yourself, your life and love your relationship. Each of us has a hot button. A pleasure dome, if you will. A connection with your partner will certainly increase the amount of pleasure you experience in your life. But what if your partner has difficulty letting go, or getting turned on? Or maybe even vaginal pain, what then?

If you, like me, have tried heating lubricants and maybe even sex toys to increase her pleasure you will find this information quite enlightening. Most women with sensitive tissues prefer something that doesn’t burn their lady parts. Heating oils or lubricants don’t work for many women as they can cause tissue sensitivity and even pain. I am a big fan of the healing benefits of coconut oil, so I thought I should share this interesting information with you.

Foria with you. Although I have not personally tried it, I have done my due diligence and feel it has a place. You don’t get

high using Foria on your lady parts, or even performing oral while using Foria.

Foria allows women to completely relax. The tissues inside a woman’s vagina become more soft and pliable, connecting and surrounding her partner while making love. Known to have strengthened women’s orgasms, causing some to experience a 15 minute orgasm with a deep emotional release like a man has, this may be the inroad to some really incredibly connected and intimate experiences with your partner. Who wouldn’t want a 15 minute orgasm?

Foria is a coconut based oil lubricant that is infused with marijuana. I have to share that marijuana is now legal in Washington state, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska for both medical and recreational use. Medical marijuana is now legal in 20 states.

A review is available on Elephant Journal, by several different women who tried the product. As with everything, everyone is different. 

The key is that both coconut oil and the canabinoids in marijuana help alleviate pain, allowing many women to really let go and experience a much deeper pleasure than they have ever been able to before. 
My purpose is to bring you the latest information to assist you and your partner have the best experience you can, while deepening your connection and the intimacy between you. 
The best sex is when love and a powerful connection are present. Moving sex into the realm of sacred is my mission. If you enjoyed the article, please share it with your friends. 
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach, healer and author. She helps women heal trauma and past events, so that they can attract loving supportive relationships where unconditional love and acceptance is the underlying foundation. She also helps women and men with PTSD and addictions. You can contact her here for your personal discovery session for free. Spend 30 or 40 minutes with Jennifer to discuss what your intention is, what you are looking to achieve or heal. 

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