It’s The Small Things That Matter

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Your head aches, your feet hurt, and he brings you a steaming cup of your favorite tea without being asked. He sets your tea on the table, picks up your legs lovingly, sits down with you. If that wasn’t enough to warrant the name, Mr. Wonderful, he tops it off by rubbing your feet. These small things are what matters in a relationship.  Kindness, consideration and being cared for when we need it. Having a partner who does acts of loving kindness, for you without being asked, and without an agenda, aw that feels amazing! 

You can breathe a sigh of relief, this is not an article about penis size.

Do men like this exist? Of course they do. I am here to tell you that all it takes it one person to shift a relationship. Women can take their men and partners for granted just as easily as men do to women. Going the extra mile, and giving with an open heart is needed for a relationship to thrive. 

It is easy to bitch and moan about our spouses or partners. We can complain about all the things they do or don’t do. Complaining does not help. Complaining perpetuates the negativity you want to eradicate. 

Here are some ways to focus on the little things. When you begin to pay attention to the small things, you will find the bigger issues begin to take care of themselves. You don’t have to call attention to

Sexy man!

what you are doing. Just make a point to take better care of your partner, showing them how much you appreciate them with YOUR actions. True appreciation is done out of kindness, rather than looking for something in return. Women will be far more likely to want to have sex when they feel appreciated, respected and treated like more than a room mate or housekeeper. Men too need to be appreciated. They work hard, bring home the bacon, and deserve a little something something every once in a while as well. Appreciate how hard he works. That he cleans up after you mess up the kitchen. Tell him how much that means to you, instead of complaining about what he didn’t do.

  1. Find a way each day to appreciate your mate. Tell her/him that they look amazing!
  2. Put a note in his or her car, purse or on their towel in the morning. 
  3. Leave a rose on her pillow in the morning before you leave with a note. “I will be thinking about you all day long.” 
  4. Guys, put the toilet seat down. She will love you for it. She might not notice it the first time, but she will in the dead of night!
  5. Clean the bathroom sink after you use it. 
  6. Walk together holding hands. Did you know that men get a rush of oxytocin just by holding hands. Men! So why aren’t you doing it more often, guys?
  7. Link arms when you walk across the parking lot. 

  8. Open her car door when you arrive. I may be old fashioned when it comes to chivalry. Honestly, if you can’t treat her like a lady, why would she want to be with you? 
  9. Say Thank you! When someone does something for you, thank them. Expressing gratitude is an important part of life, never mind relationships. It is important. Show them how much you appreciate that they are in your life. Thank them for what they do for you.
  10. Find ways to touch, kiss flirt. Flirting does not have to stop because you have been together a long time. In fact, that is when we need to really pay attention, let them know you are still interested. You still find them hot!
  11. Give your partner a massage without expecting sex afterward. No agenda, remember? If they offer, or suggest it, that is another story. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach. She empowers men and women to become heart-centered, passionate and happy. She has healed her own codependency, and sexual issues to help others heal theirs. With a compassionate heart and intuitive mind, she is connected, dialed into the truth of who you are. She helps you find you. The real you, that is so utterly amazing! E-mail her now for your discovery session to see if her work fits your intention for growth and happiness. 

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