Are You Finding The Love That You Want?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

In this 5: 35-minute video you will find out how to attract the love you want. This video was created for Digital Romance TV. I hope you enjoy this video. Share it with your friends.

Finding Love


What do you need to do to attract a REAL lasting love? Get to know you first. What do you like? What do you love to do? We spend so much time getting to know the people we are dating – and don’t even know ourselves! We have to know ourselves before we get to know a new partner. 


  1. Fall in love…… with you first. 
  2. Forgive everyone for past relationships. All ex’s old partners. Do the Ho’oponopono Prayer starting with you.
  3. Relationship Matrix. This is what made me realized, way back when that I was not a victim. Write down your significant relationships (names) on the left. Then right the issues in each of the relationships across the top. Look at all of your relationships and see what the commonalities were. This is not about blaming your ex’s. You are not a victim, remember. Release each one with love. 
You can reach Jennifer for your discovery session (here)  to see if her work is a good fit for your intention to heal your life and relationships. Jennifer is a compassionate, loving catalyst who will get to the root of your issues, call you on your crap and keep you loving and honest with YOU! The number one person in your life from now on!
Much Love,


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