Losing Your Erection

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

My weird sense of humor was coming through while writing this title. I was hearing the song, “Losing My Religion.” Maybe losing your erection and losing your religion are similar. Both feel leave you feeling sad, frustrated and lost. 

Although I have never lost an erection, I have talked to many men who have. The frustration over not being able to get a body part to cooperate can create a slew of issues within your relationship. Most women will be kind, considerate and loving. We move on quickly to something else. Men however, linger, obsess and beat themselves up.
Little Blue Pills
I am not a fan of little blue pills to fix anything. I prefer natural methods, herbs hypnotherapy, and Neurolinguistic Programming. I use several different methods to help men overcome anxiety about a penis malfunction. I recommend two to three sessions. One session can fix the issue – usually temporarily. Many men think they are good and then come back to me later, “You were right, I need another session!”
It is not about being right. The mind can obsess about an issue, plaguing you further and creating lost sleep and stress over something that needs to be let go of, rather than an issue to continue to beat yourself up over. 
One Little Thought
Sex for many becomes all about technique and style. Am I good enough? Am I big enough? Will I be hard enough? All these queries cause doubt in your mind. LET THEM GO! Easier said than done? Meditate. Focus on seeing yourself full, engorged and erect, rather than focusing on petering out, so to speak.
One thought begets another, then another, and your thoughts create a spiral you can’t get out of. It is better to stop what you are doing. Massage each other, or better yet, put a robe on and go get something to eat. A change of activity can be all it takes. Your woman may very well come up with a new idea that takes your big head out of the game, so your little head can erupt.
What To Do?
The more you fixate on their being an issue, the more issue you create. Like with any type of manifesting you have to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Here is a way to get you out of this self defeating spiral.

  1. Change your venue. Moving from one room to another, feeding each other sexy juicy fruits, or giving her a massage can be all you need to get you out of your head. Doing something that mimics sex, will ignite the fire. Sometimes taking a walk – getting out of the bedroom and watching a movie is a better idea than banging away with a soft penis. Just stop. The more you try, the less it works.
  2. Think of things that turn you on.
  3. A sexy mouth, dripping with fresh strawberry juice, a hand massage, a red lipsticked mouth sucking on your fingers, thumb or toes can do the trick also.
  4. Watch a sexy movie together. Soft porn watched together can be a real turn-on. Some women, though are not into porn at all. There are movies that can turn a woman on, without being


  5. Read erotica together. Having someone read to you, can get you to turn off the mind chatter and focus on something exciting, titillating and completely different than what your negative thoughts were creating. I intentionally wrote a section in my book. Orgasm For Life will turn you both on – get your copy here on Amazon.com
  6. Remember where you focus your energy creates more of the same. I know it is hard (sorry for the pun) not to think of the elephant in the room. A soft penis is much more embarrassing for the man, than it is for the woman. She has already moved
    on, why don’t you as well? Loving thoughts, rather than beating yourself up.

Shift These Three Things

Willingness: be willing to think in a new way.
Courage: Have the courage to think differently. 
Faith: Have faith in the value of stepping out of your comfort zone
           and do things differently. 


Great Sex

Great sex happens when you are totally in the moment, connected on all levels, rather than worried about are you big enough, good enough, or is your technique amazing? Get out of your head and into your heart for great sex. Move into your heart. Get into the feeling rather than thinking about technique. Blood pressure medicine, anti-depressants, diabetes and statins can all interfere with a man’s ability to keep it up. 

Read my post below on meditation. Meditation can shift you, raise your spirits and calm your mind. Your mind is not your friend right now. The thoughts you are thinking are helping to perpetuate your issue.
My purpose is to bring you the latest information to assist you and your partner have the best experience you can, while deepening your connection and the intimacy between you. 
The best sex is when love and a powerful connection are present. Moving sex into the realm of sacred is my mission. If you enjoyed the article, please share it with your friends. 
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach, healer and author. She helps women heal trauma and past events, so that they can attract loving supportive relationships where unconditional love and acceptance is the underlying foundation. She also helps women and men with PTSD and addictions. You can contact her here for your personal discovery session for free. Spend 30 or 40 minutes with Jennifer to discuss what your intention is, what you are looking to achieve or heal. 

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