Testosterone Shots Found To Cause Strokes and Risk of Heart Attack

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters



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Our health is important. Taking responsibility for our own diet and exercise is a big part of this equation. When we gain weight and become inactive, the results are not pretty for any of us. The less activity, the more depressed and unhappy we often become. For men, the aging process has some unexpected surprises. 52% of all men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.


Most men want sex. Some want it so badly that they will go to great lengths to perform for their woman. Most doctors are hesitant to push, or suggest testosterone shots because of the high risk of prostate cancer and heart attacks. 2.3 million prescriptions for testosterone were written in 2013. Recent deaths attributed to testosterone injections have caused a subcommittee of the FDA to do a full-blown investigation into testosterone injections. 


I urge you to read all the facts before you take or continue to get hormone injections of any kind. 

Of the men who were taking testosterone injections for “low T,” in this study, nearly half were also taking cardiovascular medication to treat high cholesterol, blood clotting, high blood pressure and chest pain. All of these cardiovascular prescriptions can cause issues with erectile dysfunction. Anti-depressants have a similar effect on men and women as well. A loss of libido can result to the point where neither gender is interested in sex at all. Hopefully, if this occurs, your relationship has enough substance and love in your foundation that you understand and act compassionately towards one another.

Aging causes changes in our bodies. Both men and women experience changes. It is a well known fact that women go through menopause. During per-menopause, women experience  a drop in estrogen and progesterone. Fatigue, mood swings,

weight gain, loss of libido and depression are symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause. Knowing what is happening can help us understand, it is normal. 

Men also go through hormonal changes that cause their body to gain weight as well as lose muscle mass. When women take hormones, they run the risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer and even lung cancer. Men run a higher risk of prostate cancer with testosterone shots. 

Other known side effects of testosterone injections are kidney failure and even loss of vision. Yes blindness may result from long-term testosterone treatments.

Healthy Diet
The cornerstone of good health into our Golden Years is a healthy diet consisting of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Meat needs to be eaten in limited quantities, especially red meat. Hormones in meat today have created a food supply that has been tainted and changed to create an overweight society where diabetes and heart disease run rampant. Choosing healthy foods that we cook ourselves, rather than fast foods, and prepared or packaged foods is a healthier way to go.
Keeping our bodies moving does more than keep our weight gain in check. Exercise also keeps our joints fluid, reduces stress and helps bring oxygen into our blood stream. The more sugar and sweet foods we eat, the more out blood clumps in our blood stream. Food additives that cannot be digested have no where to go, but our digestive tract and colon. They sit there waiting, brewing a concoction of toxins you would not want to swim in.
I recommend steering clear of packaged foods, fast food chains and sweets. Use healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil and clarified butter over margarine or “butter substitutes.” Read labels and avoid anything with corn syrup or high fructose. Our body cannot digest it – and it contributes to diabetes. Soft drinks and anything with sugar substitutes cause cancer. Avoid them all.
My family stopped drinking soda 15 years ago. Mexican soda is the only thing we Americans can get that does not have a sugar substitute in it. Foreign countries have banned the very ingredients that the FDA has approved for our consumption. We have to be

smart and read for ourselves. Just because it is easy does not make it good for you.

More greens, less sugar! Cook for yourself instead of rushing and just grabbing something to shove into your mouth. You are worth it. Treat your body as though your life depends on it, because it does!
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