Gratitude and Generosity

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Writing a blog for one’s own purpose is self serving. When I began this blog back in 2012, my ex-husband had just died. I had a huge shift in consciousness and awakening. I thought I had arrived! Whoa! We are always and in every way changing and growing. If we are not constantly looking within, releasing and working on ourselves, we become stagnant and stuck. In the three years I have been writing, I have listened to your feedback and I hope that this blog is something that continues to stir your heart, mind and soul. 

Writing for myself, isn’t the same as writing for others who read and get something out of what I write. I do hope you will e-mail me suggestions for new articles, or even questions you have that you think I might have the answer to. If I don’t know, I will research and find it, or refer you to someone who does know. My gratitude today is for you. I had planned on posting something on Face Book about passing the word around about my blog, as on Sunday we were just shy of 60,000 hits. Today when I looked, there were 60,300 hits! This I owe to you! I am grateful for your time and following me.
My promise and commitment to you, is to do my best to be on top of news, studies and information that can assist you to heal, grow and evolve in your life and relationships. Passion is what compels me. Without my passion, I would feel half dead. If I can help you be more passionate, in love with yourself and your life, then I have done a good job. Being happy with you is the greatest gift you can give yourself. This is where I live and breathe. If there is anything I can do for you it is to help you heal the parts that feel broken, unworthy or undeserving. I can help you release the stuck emotion that keeps surfacing because you don’t know how. 


What I have discovered about generosity is that when we feel in need, it is more difficult to give generously. When we are generous with our time and our money, we are much more generous with our love. Each of us is constantly working on our own issues, improving each day. (Hopefully)
Our Inner Child
As a life coach and healer, I use many different modalities in my work. The one thing I feel does the most good is inner child work. Over the years, I have seen men and women stuck in a paradigm. Whenever they get upset they revert to the little child that was hurt from an emotional trauma that we can’t remember, or don’t realize is still bothering us. If we don’t do this inner child work, we continue to revert to this place of wounded child. When we get upset or into arguments with our partners, lovers or children, our wounding is what guides us. We are not able to be rational, loving and kind when we feel wounded. Instead we lash out.
Wounded People Wound Others

When we are wounded we lash out. We say things that hurt other people. It is like the little child who yells at his friend who has just

said his mother wears army boots. “Well then your mother is mean!” We just don’t know what to say, but we want to hurt the other. We just can’t help ourselves. It is an auto-response. 

Check in today with your inner child. Ask him or her what it is they need. Play, connect and have fun with your inner child and tell them you are sorry you ever put them in harms way. This deep work will help you resolve the issues you still deal with today. The work I do is guided, gentle, loving and compassionate. Sometimes I am still wounded. I am still working and growing too. After all, I am as human as the next guy. I am not perfect, but I sure am happy. I have healed the dependency, the addictive personality, the obsessive worrier. I can help you do the same. 

For the next 30 days I am offering a special 6 session deal. E-mail me to ask me about it. Tomorrow I travel to Colorado and will be

there for 10 days. I will be seeing clients in Colorado in person while there. While there I will be creating some new videos. Let me know what subjects you are interested in hearing about. This is for you! 

Much Love,


Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a coach, empowering women and the men that ask to feel happier more connected and find their spiritual purpose. When we live our life on purpose rather than allowing life to happen to us, everything shifts. Jennifer is a compassionate coach who lovingly roots up your issues and will call you on your crap when you are standing on a very large pile of it. If you are stuck, depressed, unhappy, not sure of what the heck life is all about, Jennifer will guide you into living a life fully expressed in joy in each and every breath! Click here, to be connected with her private e-mail to set up your first session or discovery session now.
Jennifer has been studying Metaphysics for over 30 years. She has been on a spiritual path since she was 16. 
Certifications: Jennifer is a certified Life coach, hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Trainer, NLP trainer, Master energy healer and reads the Akashic Records. She also does Avatar work with her private clients to release past trauma. Jennifer’s early childhood trauma caused her to search for answers and happiness within. She found it and now helps you do the same. Her work is deep, healing and permanent, if you do the homework and mantras suggested by her guides for you.

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