How Adventures and Travel Can Uplift Your Soul

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Today I embark on a 19 hour drive to Boulder, Colorado. My trip takes me through Los Vegas, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and so many beautiful sights. I travel alone with my dogs. It is one of the ways I connect with God and my guides. They speak to me
when I am away from my house, in the quiet of the road. My dogs love to travel with me, because we always walk along scenic paths, mountain trails and see many wonderful wild animals.

I share this with you because part of my joy comes from these adventures I go on. I have traveled all over the world alone and I am not afraid. On some occasions, I have gone on retreats with others. Travel lifts the soul. It opens you up to new ways of living, cultures and distant lands. 
Please share my blog with your friends and loved ones. It is here to help us all grow and evolve. I love hearing from you about what you like, or don’t like about what I write. I would love to hear from you. Here is my e-mail if you have a question or a special request.
For the next two days I will be driving. When you have a moment, send me a prayer, to keep me awake, alert and safe on the road. I always do before I leave. But it doesn’t hurt to have others pray for you as well. There is so much power in numbers. Speaking of prayer, I do prayers for clients, those who need special help, are suffering or depressed. Prayer does heal. Prayer is powerful. On the road, I pray. I pray for my readers, my clients, my family and myself. I pray that I can get my message of love out into the world in a bigger way. If sex is the way that carries this message – then I am

good with that.

I love you,
Next time you hear from me, I will be in the mountains revelling in the beauty of God’s wondrous place. 

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