I Was A Last Resort

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When I first moved to Boulder, Colorado, I remember my daughter being swallowed up by a warm and accepting group of friends. While my daughter was at school and having fun with her friends, I spent my days alone, walking the trails with my dog, Karma. One day while walking, I asked for a friend. “God please send me a friend to walk with, that loves dogs as much as I do.” That very day, Leslie arrived. Leslie was warm, loving, kind. A married woman and mother of two teenage boys. She was spiritual as well, creating a loving environment for her family in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We hit it off instantly. 

On my last day in Colorado, my daughter and I were busting our butts to get ourselves packed up before the snow hit. Leslie, generous as always, showed up in the nick of time to help us with the final packing and took three loads of our discards to Goodwill so we could get out of town. If we had to make those drops to Goodwill with the trailer, we would never have gotten out in time to narrowly miss the blizzard that hit the day we left. Ariel and I both were given information about snow coming in on October 22nd. We knew we had to be out by noon that day

After we moved from Boulder, Leslie gave us a place to stay, whenever  we returned to Boulder. She was always giving with an open heart. She recently asked me to house sit for her while she and her husband traveled to Los Angeles to look at colleges with their youngest son in California. Her dogs knew me well. Her departure

date coincided with me leaving another place which allowed me to rest a little longer while taking care of her dogs and house. 

Upon my arrival in Boulder Leslie texted me that her older son (we’ll call him “Hunter,”) who was a complete vegan had a terrible rash. She had taken Hunter to the doctor who gave him a Prednesone shot and prescription none of which worked. He could not work because of the irritation and had not slept in two weeks. The itch was profound and literally making him feel insane. He was emotional and in despair. In desperation, she also took him to a Biofeedback Practitioner in Boulder and spent over $200 on the session and herbs.  

Even Worse

After spending several hundred dollars with no results, and a more profound itch, she texted me. Could I help? Of course, I texted back. 

Over the course of that Saturday, I did three clearings. One total clearing and two emotional clearings. I found that he was being triggered by the fact that his younger brother was about to embark on a new and exciting journey. Even though Hunter had had his own, traveling to Israel twice in recent months and doing an internship there. 

How Fast?

Leslie asked me how quickly my clearing would help, I told her immediately. A remote clearing can be done anywhere in the world with profound results. It does not matter if you live in Bali, and I am in California, energy patterns, blocks, limiting beliefs and trapped emotions can be cleared. Within an hour Hunter was fast asleep and slept for 12 straight hours. He woke up itching again. I

cleared him twice more and he has been fine ever since. I also did an in person hypnotherapy session on Hunter which helped him see that he did not have a plan, focus or purpose in his life. Self love was the thing lacking. He was beating himself up because he was not in college. With his brother about to attend, he was feeling tremendous pressure to achieve and be successful.

Emotional Triggers

Each time I brought up the subject of his younger brother, Hunter would begin to cry. He did not realize prior to my questioning how much his younger brother going to college in the fall was affecting his self worth. Once I compassionately pointed out that he needed

to have a purpose for his life, so that he could be productive and give back in some way, he felt more peaceful. I had him focus on what he loved about himself, what he loved to do and what he was passionate about. Once I questioned him about his passion, photography came up. He was very excited about photography.

A Gift and A Lesson

Because of the clearing that was done, Hunter received an amazing offer to be an assistant for a prominent Boulder, photographer. He had called her two weeks prior, but she had not returned his call. His emotional state was not allowing this new job to materialize. Once I cleared the blocks, the job came through within days, easily and effortlessly.

Life Purpose

Everyone has a life purpose or soul path. If we are not living our life purpose (soul path) we can feel lost, and broken. When we are in alignment with our soul purpose, happy with ourselves and our lives, we become much more accessible to our partners. If we don’t have a partner, once we are happy with us, we become infinitely more attractive and positive, therefore the love we feel for ourselves bubbles up and magnetizes love to us.  Once we feel complete love and acceptance for ourselves, amazing synchronicity begins to unfold for us daily. 

Soul Blueprint

We each have a soul blueprint. We come into our family of origin and are imprinted with their DNA and blueprint. Sometimes the imprinting of our families is so burdensome that we can’t seem to

make headway. Having a clearing done to eliminate the negative programming and underlying blocks that our family has had for generations, can free us to live our higher purpose. 

Often our families have a tremendous amount of baggage that we can hoard and carry with us. Generational clearings help both you and your ancestors to be free of this negative programming and Karma. Sometimes, families have a history of financial lack, poverty and challenges that repeat with each generation.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a Master energy healer, author and certified Life Coach (as well as a natural born catalyst for healing). Her radio show, All You Need Is Love, is about to launch on BBM Global Radio. She has been a certified Hypnotherapist since 1998, an energy healer since 2007. She has worked with Spiritual leaders, famous authors, clearing and assisting thousands of people since 1998. In 2014 alone, she cleared 1,500 people. She also assists businesses to clear blocks to success. She recently cleared a catering business in Atlanta, Georgia so that they could get their new restaurant opened in three weeks. Blocks, limiting beliefs, negative energies and DNA/Karma can all be healed.  The owner remarked that he had the best night’s sleep the day I cleared him in years!

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