The Clitoris DeMystified

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Nature’s replica of the female form

Ah the female form. It is lovely, beautiful, fragrant and absolutely Divine. Our body parts are delicate, tender and as different from one lovely woman to the next. Each woman is different. No two are alike. No two women like exactly the same type of stimulation. The clitoris is the female penis, only better! No! Really? How could it possibly be better, you ask? You are in for a pleasant surprise, but please don’t get jealous. It has twice the number of nerve endings that the male penis has.

Exquisite Pleasure
The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings. The penis has 4,000. These amazing nerve endings in the clitoris affect 15,000 other nerves exciting and spreading through the pelvis, connecting the kundalini to the brain. 
Most people are unaware that the clitoris is far more sensitive than a man’s penis. It is protected by a hood of skin that almost conceals it from view. It does not giggle when we walk, nor does it’s form deny our arousal when clothed. The female form is as secretive, inward and almost covert as women can be. 
Where Is The Clitoris?

The clitoris is located above the opening to the vagina, on the outside of the body. Moving from the navel towards the vagina it is the first moving part that can be caressed, played with and excited to bring a woman to orgasm with a well-practised tongue, finger or

vibrator. If you look at the orchid above, it depicts the positioning of this delicate and lovely body part. It is located between the two large petals of the flower, but slightly above and outside the most delicate inner flower. For more pictures and descriptions of the clitoris

Sitting slightly above and outside the vagina, the clitoris can be seen as tiny. Yet, only one quarter of the clitoris is visible. The root of the clitoris is found in the incredibly sensitive G-spot located beneath the clitoris on the upper vaginal wall. 
It Keeps Getting Bigger!
The clitoris grows over time. When a girl reaches puberty, the clitoris begins to grow. By the time a woman is 32, the clitoris has grown almost four times the size it was in puberty. After menopause a woman’s clitoris may be seven times as large as it was in puberty. Which could account for the reason why so many middle ages women report such hot sex.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to tuck it in to hide it as you age. Older women also should know their way around their own body. If you are wondering why your penis has shrunken while your woman’s clitoris has grown, read this
What Is The Clitoris For?

Can you say, PLEASURE? Yup, the clit is the only part of a woman’s sexual parts that is solely for her pleasure. It is the fastest way to get a woman off and most women know it. Most women do not orgasm through penile penetration alone. They need the friction

of the clitoris to get there. They need the stimulation of the G-spot to ejaculate. If your woman doesn’t ejaculate, you have not sufficiently stimulated her. It is not that she doesn’t have a G-spot. Do you see men walking around without a penis? I rest my case!

Locating The G-Spot
If you insert your finger gently inside a woman’s lubricated vagina, curl your hand upward and use your finger in a come hither motion, you will touch the G-spot. The G-spot article will follow the clitoris, as it should (next). 
The clitoral orgasm is intense and final. In other words, after a woman experiences a clitoral orgasm she may be complete, done finito! She may twitch when you attempt to touch her elsewhere. Give her time, she could be ready to go in another minute or two. Remember, that every woman is different. A clitoris has several pleasure centers. The one most often talked about is at approximately 1:00 if you are looking at a woman from below, or between her legs. 
How To Stimulate A Clitoris

Placing the tip of your finger on the clitoris, gently add pressure inward, making concentric circles slowly at first, adding pressure and speed as you go. If you use too much lube you will totally piss her off! The clitoris can be stimulated gently without lube for heightened pleasure. The key is that women need to feel the rubbing, circles of pleasure and lubrication often gives you too much skidding – without the needed pressure. (Read my book about this.)

Oral Sex

Most women will tell you that they love a good tongue lashing, myself included! However, too much saliva causes too little friction. Whatever you do, don’t stop in the middle of oral sex, you might get kicked, yelled at or who knows what else. Once she begins to moan, keep up whatever you are doing. Don’t stop to ask for directions! You know you don’t when you are driving, so don’t now!

The Best Way To Find What She Likes

Ask a woman to show you how she stimulates herself. Watch what she does. Don’t think you know better. Listen to what she says. A woman that has self stimulated will be able to tell you exactly what feels good. Listen to what she tells you. It is not a penis. 
It Never Gets Old

Unlike the male penis which can shrink and sag with age, the clit never does. No matter how old a woman is, she can still orgasm through stimulation of her little love bud! Isn’t it time you got to know yours, intimately! If you have never brought your woman to orgasm through the clitoris, you are missing a very big boat. You may be up a creek without a paddle ….. read my book, Orgasm For Life. Find out more about how to pleasure a woman, completely. 

For more information about the clitoris and some enlightening pictorals check out Wikipedia here.

The clitoris in some cultures is removed to prevent their women from experiencing pleasure. The underlying reason is to keep her from experiencing pleasure with others. Why would you want sex if there was no pleasure for you in it? This surgical removal is cruel, misogynistic.

This video was created by Paul Joannides Psy D. author of The Guide To Getting It On. I’ve watched it, and consider it great! Enjoy!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach, author, hypnotherapist Master energy healer and reads the Akashic Records. She was non-orgasmic due to sexual trauma in childhood. She details her experiences in her books, found on Jennifer’s foundational work is healing codependency and addictions. Work that she did on her own, which led her to become a hypnotherapist, love and passion coach energy healer and author. For a free discovery session to work on an issue, or see if her work is a good fit for your recovery and happiness, e-mail her here


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